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  • 31 October 2015

Publique Realty is a joint venture between Capital Development and ZACD Investments.

Project Name: Vue 8 Residence

Address: Pasir Ris Heights (83, 85, 87, 89, 91, 93, 97, 99)

Type: Condominium

Tenure: 99 years leasehold as of 10th September 2012

District: D18

Configuration: 463 units over 8 blocks of 17 storeys (16th & 17th storeys are two storey penthouses)

Unit type: 26 1-bedroom units (474 – 646 sqft)

117 2-bedroom units (700 – 1,087 sqft)

145 3-bedroom units (1,033 – 1,259 sqft)

126 4-bedroom units (1,238 – 1,776 sqft)

13 4-bedroom Dual Key (DK) units (1,615 – 1,690 sqft)

13 5-bedroom units (1,701 – 1,948 sqft)

23 penthouse units (1,873 – 3,391 sqft)

Parking lots: 496 (inclusive of 4 handicap lots)

Expected TOP: 9th June 2017

Expected legal completion: 9th June 2020

Project Details

Construction of Vue 8 Residence is moving along at a steady pace. Already, it looks more than 60% completed and on track for its June 2017 TOP.

The showroom is still available for viewing between 10am to 7pm daily. There is currently no shutdown date yet.

Showroom: Two show units are available for viewing; the 3-bedroom (Type C1) unit and 4-bedroom (Type D3) unit.

3-bedroom: The 3-bedroom unit makes use of its space quite well. From the main entrance, you’ll see the living room and the kitchen.

Vue 8 3-bedroom show unit

Vue 8 3-bedroom showunit entrance

The tiles for the living and dining room are porcelain. Kitchen tiles are homogenous. The kitchen comes furnished with a fridge, washing machine/dryer, cooker hob, built-in oven and stove (gas for 3 & 4-bedrooms, electric for 1 & 2-bedrooms) provided by Teka.

The stainless steel sink (Grohe) is built into a solid surface worktop and framed by built-in kitchen cabinets. There is a utility room, connected to an even smaller bathroom with toilet and shower head.

A see-through glass display allows a two way view between the kitchen and the living room. This adds to the open aesthetic feel to the unit.

Vue 8 3-bedroom kitchen

Vue 8 3-bedroom kitchen

Additionally, it doubles up as a safety precaution for residents with small children. The see-through glass makes it easier to watch the kids playing in the living room while you cook in the kitchen.

All bedrooms come with built-in wardrobes and air-conditioner units. A queen sized bed can fit into the common bedroom for all unit types.

Next to the second bedroom is the common bathroom. It is elongated and the cabinets, sink and toilet are all positioned on one side (left when standing at entrance) with the bath area at the back.

Vue 8 3 bedroom common bathroom

Vue 8 3 bedroom common bathroom

The shower compartment and wash basin with mirror are Grohe branded. The vanity top cabinet is a solid surface. Like all the other rooms, the door is a timber swing door.

From the common bathroom, you can peer into the master bedroom. This room is big and comes with its own balcony and bathroom. The 3-bedroom master bedroom can fit a king size bed.

The path from the bed to the bathroom is through an open closet. The personal bathroom is a lot bigger than the common one.

There is enough space here for two people to stand back to back comfortably.

3 bedroom unit master bedroom with balcony

3 bedroom unit master bedroom with balcony

There is also a balcony in the master bedroom so residents on the higher floors can relax and take in the view.

Residents on lower floors however have some landscaping between the blocks to liven up the view.

Landscaping for units that do not have a view. (Not indicative of actual landscaping)

Landscaping for units that do not have a view. (Not indicative of actual landscaping)

4-bedroom: The 4-bedroom (Type D3) unit is a lot larger than it looks. Once you enter the living/dining room, the unit opens up into a surprisingly large communal area.

On the right is the dining and living area. The living area is connected to a balcony and the first bedroom.

Vue 8 4-bedroom show unit

Entrance to 4-bedroom unit

On the left of the common area is the kitchen. Its large cooking area flows in an L-shape before narrowing into the yard where the fridge and washing machine can reside.

Beyond that is the utility room and the adjoining toilet with shower.

The kitchen comes with the usual trappings; sink, oven, cooking hob and stove.

It has space for an additional counter top or a small dining table against the wall opposite the stove. The kitchen is separated from the common area by a glass sliding door, either with timber or aluminium frame.

4-bedroom unit in Vue 8

L-shaped kitchen in 4-bedroom show unit

A sliding door works better than a regular swinging door since it takes up less space. It is also more aesthetically pleasing for residents with an eye toward a minimalist design.

Most condominiums in Singapore adopt minimalism anyway, due to a shortage of space so the clean lines that divide the spaces are present if you look for them.

Vue 8 4-bedroom dining area

Dining area and ID common room

A queen size bed can fit in and since it is connected to the balcony, you should get some breeze.

Opposite is the second bedroom. Similarly sized, it merely lacks a balcony. The common bathroom is beside it.

Next to the bathroom is the master bedroom and the third adjoining bedroom. Both rooms are connected by a shared balcony and separated by doors.

The separation can be broken down to make the master bedroom bigger however. Families with toddlers can opt to turn the other room into a playroom or a temporary bedroom with a cradle.

Master bedroom and common bedroom combined

Master bedroom and common bedroom combined

On its own, the master bedroom fits a king size bed easily with space to spare and has its own bathroom that is significantly larger than the common one. The entrance to the bathroom is next to the built in open closet.

The bathroom is quite spacious with more than enough room to move around in. In addition to the Grohe fittings, it has a rain shower for a slightly more luxurious feel.

For the stacks facing the sea, you get to look out over the rows of landed housing toward Pasir Ris Park and the sea.

Or you could walk to the balcony, and look out the other side, toward the trees and more sea.

Vue 8 4-bedroom show unit with illustrated view of the sea

Vue 8 4-bedroom show unit with illustrated view of the sea

From the balcony you can get to the other room. If privacy is a big thing, then it makes sense to combine both rooms otherwise you’ll always have to contend with someone else infringing on your space or being within earshot of you.

Besides, having another bedroom connected to the master bedroom is an excellent way of having a study room so close to where you sleep, but not directly at where you sleep.

The room has space for a queen size bed or several computer tables and shelves. Either way, it’s the owner’s choice but the existing layout presents it as a separate room. The showroom merely shows what is possible.

4-bedroom show unit common bedroom

Adjoining room from connecting balcony

The two showrooms do a good job at selling the potential of Vue 8 Residence and while lighting and interior design plays a huge part in creating and eliciting a certain mood, when stripped bare, it’s still rather good.

The layouts are well thought out and space is used intelligently. Unlike BTOs where the common bathroom is way bigger than the master bedroom bathroom (which are a lot smaller in comparison), here, the developer understands that bathrooms need to be of a certain size in order for the resident to be comfortable.

Vue 8 master bathroom in 4-bedroom unit

Master bathroom in 4-bedroom unit

Of course comparing BTOs and condos is like comparing apples and oranges. The point is that the design here better utilizes space constraint and the developer is cognizant of how best to do so with what they are given.

The condo: When the condo is completed, the tennis court will assume the area where the show room currently sits.

Behind are the BBQ pits, children’s swimming pool and fitness corners. The blocks closest to that area, which faces the main road and traffic junction are 1-bedroom units – blocks 19 & 20 – of which only four in block 19 are left (as of 10th July 2015). Block 20 is sold out.

Tennis Court at Vue 8 Residences

Tennis Court will be where the showflat is currently situated

From the 3-D model, it’s hard to determine the scale and distance between the blocks. So you may be surprised to know that Vue 8 is considered low density due to how far the blocks are from one other. Take for example the two stacks separated by the 50m lap pool.

The distance between those two stacks of apartments is about 49m across, roughly the length of the swimming pool that divides them.

Additionally, the sky bridge has a sky gym as well but it is essentially a viewing platform. This move is quite reminiscent of older condominium developments where the space allocated is a lot bigger.

Much of this is achieved because the development is in an area that is not as densely packed as other locations in Singapore. Perhaps in the future, upcoming residential developments will have a smaller space to play with but currently, Vue 8 and its early adopters benefit from the generous size.

Vue 8 Residences 3D model

Vue 8 Residences 3D model

As with other developments, there are several facilities though, with a slight focus on a three generational tier for fitness and fun (children’s swimming pool, adult’s gym, elder’s fitness corners).

Being so close to the park and flanked by a crop of forestry also adds a certain sense of tranquillity to an otherwise marginally out of the way development.

Yet despite this, some of its units are priced quite highly.

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Etymology: First referenced in 1853, Pasir Ris was then referred to as Passier Reis and was believed to be a contraction of Pasir Hiris which means ‘Sand’ and ‘to shred’ respectively, in Malay. Alternatively, it also holds the meaning of ‘white sand’, from which Pasir Ris Town takes its name.

Like most places in Singapore, Pasir Ris was once a low-lying area full of villages known for its plantation estates. The white sandy beach that inspired its name was a popular water skiing resort in the 1950s.

Today, Pasir Ris is a maze of high-rise residential buildings and commercial outlets dominating the north-east of Singapore.

Getting there: Vue 8 Residence is in Pasir Ris Heights, an area that can be considered a residential and school district.

Though appearing far from amenities, Vue 8 is not difficult to access from Pasir Ris Interchange as the station is at the end of the north-east line.

Raffles Place and City Hall are on the same line, so if you’re coming from Chinatown or Marina Bay, then that’s where you transfer trains. If you’re taking the circle line (yellow), Paya Lebar interchange is the closest.

GoogleMaps direction to Vue 8 Residences

Source: GoogleMaps

The bus interchange is connected to the MRT station, and is behind both it and White Sands Shopping Mall.

Walk past the row of bicycles toward the interchange and look for bus 358 (West Loop). Be prepared to wait for about 10 – 15 minutes, during off peak hours.

The actual travel time to Vue 8 is about 10 minutes. Vue 8 is three bus stops away so the total travel time (including waiting) can take around 10 – 20 minutes.

Bus 358 (West Loop) goes to Vue 8 Residences

Bus 358 (West Loop) goes to Vue 8 Residences

There are other buses you can take; 58, 88, 359, 518, 518A, 538 and 4N. All these stop directly opposite the Overseas Family School (OFS) which is the closest bus stop to Vue 8.

The traffic light is a bit further down the road.

During off-peak hours, traffic is at a minimum. This is not a high density location like Marine Parade or Bedok, despite the HDB estates in the vicinity, like Green Oval Park RC which is diagonally across from Vue 8.

On Vue 8’s left (when facing it from the traffic light), is a large forested area. On its right is the OFS.

Vue 8 Residences showflat

Vue 8 Residences showflat

The show flat is along Pasir Ris Drive 3, which is connected to Pasir Ris Drive 12 and accessible from the Central Expressway (CTE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE) via Tampines Expressway (TPE). You can also get onto Pasir Ris Drive 3 through Elias Road from TPE.

There are currently no parking spots available, unless you drive in from Pasir Ris Drive 10 and stop along Pasir Ris Heights (behind the development).

This area will eventually have a road so residents can drive through, but as of now, it’s under development so the only entrance/exit is from Pasir Ris Drive 10.

Vue 8 Residences main entrance along Pasir Ris Heights

Vue 8 main entrance along Pasir Ris Heights

The estate: It is a sea-view property and only if you’re living in certain stacks (85, 83, 99). Other blocks face the forested area, the school or the main road. Generally the units that overlook Pasir Ris Road with OFS on the right have a view of the sea.

There is a connecting sky bridge between stack 83 and 99 on the 13th floor however, so residents of units that face away from the sea can take in the view at their leisure.

Sea-facing stacks

Sea-facing stacks

The stacks on the left have a view of the forested area. It is currently zoned as residential but the land has yet to be released in the GLS program.

Elias Mall is opposite OFS and along Pasir Ris Dr 3. As a neighbourhood mall, it has a wet market and a coffee shop which, given that it is a short walk, is convenient. Another mall, Pasir Ris West Plaza, has an NTUC there. Take a short cut through the Green Oval HDB estate though it is still roughly 15 minutes away.

Alternatively, five bus stops from Vue 8 is Downtown East (DTE) where you catch a movie, eat or shop at. DTE is undergoing a $200m revamp so future residents will have better amenities to look forward to.

Along the way to DTE, you’ll pass by Stratum (condo) and Gallop Stable (a horse riding place).

Vue 8 shares a bus stop with OFS and goes in the direction of Pasir Ris Interchange.

Bus stop between OFS and Vue 8 Residences

Bus stop between OFS and Vue 8 Residences

Wait time for buses are rather long though, despite having four buses (58, 88, 359 & 518) that service the route. Be prepared to wait around 10 to 15 minutes for what is essentially a 10 minute ride to the interchange.

The bus stop is just after the narrow pathway separating Vue 8 and OFS. It leads to Pasir Ris Heights and the park.

Pedetrian path between Vue 8 and OFS

Pedetrian path between Vue 8 and OFS

Future residents will be able to get to the bus stop quickly, via the side gate and the pathway will be done up properly without the barricades and zinc walls.

Eventually, there will also be a road connecting to Pasir Ris Drive 3 but for now, the quickest way to get to Pasir Ris Heights by walking, is through the pathway.

Once you’re on Pasir Ris Heights, there is a single road you can walk through to get to the park and the beach. It takes about five minutes.

Pasir Ris Park entrance

Pasir Ris Park entrance

From the main entrance to the park, it’s about two minutes to the beach. There’s a restaurant nearby called George’s if you’re in the mood for a little sea side dining. Otherwise, it’s rather standard fare here, for a beach in Singapore.

Other than the park though, Vue 8 is surrounded by schools. Siglap Secondary is across from Vue 8 and OFS.

Siglap Secondary School at Pasir Ris

Siglap Secondary across the road from Vue 8 and OFS

Meridian Junior College and Meridian Primary School are between Pasir Ris Drive 1 and the TPE, next to Brontosaur Park while Elias Park Primary School is at Pasir Ris Central, next to the bus interchange.

Hai Sing Catholic School is across the road from DTE, on the same side but across the canal from the Pasir Ris Sports & Recreational Centre. The centre is along the Pasir Ris Central belt as are the bus & MRT interchange and White Sands Shopping Centre.

Additionally, the trinity of mega stores – IKEA, Courts and Giant – are all located in one area and is a 15 minute ride straight down from Pasir Ris Drive 12.

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While location does not really work in Vue 8’s favour, it is still 60% sold out, with close to full occupancy for 1-bedroom and the 700 sqft 2-bedroom units. This includes the sea-facing stack 30, of which all the 2-bedroom units are sold out.

Vue 8’s closest competitor is Stratum, which when comparing against location, scores higher as it is both closer to DTE and Pasir Ris interchange. Does this affect the price though?

Purchase: The data for transacted units is taken from URA. The latest five will be used.

Date Unit area (sqft) Price ($ PSF) Price ($)
12 July 2015 1,033 881 910,000
8 July 2015 1,346 966 1,300,000
7 July 2015 926 913 845,600
4 July 2015 1,033 953 984,520
2 July 2015 1,346 944 1,270,000
29 June 2015 1,313 1,033 1,344,000

The last six units bought consists of two 3-bedroom units (1,033 sqft), three 4-bedroom units (1,313 & 1,346 sqft) and one 2-bedroom unit (926 sqft). The PSF differences are either due to a slightly different layout or more likely, a higher floor.

Stratum, starts at a lower sqft for its smallest units (dubbed suites). At 432 sqft compared to Vue 8’s starting at 474 sqft. The 432 sqft suite unit is last transacted at $561,000 on PropertyGuru.

For Vue 8, the lowest price recently transacted is from a 549 sqft 1-bedroom unit at $689,900. The closest in Stratum on PropertyGuru to match that size is a 561 sqft ‘suite’ transacted at $765,000. Trying to match sqft and pricing between the two projects will be an indomitable task as both aren’t carbon copies of one another.

Stratum scores on proximity to the interchange and amenities but Vue 8 has a lot more space. There are 11 penthouses available but only one has been sold. By their nature, penthouses are more expensive and if the only call to luxury is a sea view, it’s not enough.

However, Vue 8 penthouses are designed a little differently from their conventional counterparts. Most penthouses with double stories have the bedrooms on the bottom level, but Vue 8 penthouses have theirs on the second floor. The psf is higher, but owners get a lot more usable space.

Still, this is a risk as there’s no tangible element, other than smaller showrooms to temper your expectations. If you’re buying it as a home, then the considerations would be more personal. Investment however, is a different thing.

As such, the location and its current cost will determine if this is a smart buy.

Most Pasir Ris residents live there because it is peaceful. The forest that is scheduled for eventual redevelopment has a petition against it. The residents value their greenery and their cleaner and quieter environment so there is a market for selling your property in the future. It’s just a matter of the type of unit and the cost you incurred. Penthouse units are going to be a hard sell.

Rental: The closest benchmark for rental for Vue 8 is Oasis @ Elias. The rental rates are the latest from March to June 2015.

Unit size (SQFT) Bedroom (s) Monthly rental ($)
900 – 1,000 2 2,800 – 3,000
1,100 – 1,200 3 3,200
1,200 – 1,300 3 2,850 – 3,500
1,400 – 1,500 4 3,400 – 3,700

Oasis @ Elias is within walking distance to Elias Mall so rental prices will reflect this on top of the median rental yield.

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Vue 8 is a nice looking, well-thought out and large condominium suitable for residents with children that study at OFS or the other schools in the area. It’s also close to Punggol and Buangkok. Though bus waiting time can be long, there is some hope that once OFS starts in August 2015 that the bus frequency will increase.

However, if bus frequency in a high density area like Marine Parade is already lacking (try waiting for bus 16 during peak and off-peak hours), it’s not recommended to base your decision on something so unstable.

On its own, Vue 8 is attractive for people who fancy living in a quieter part of the island and still be part of the heartlands. The orientation of the blocks take this into consideration as the more premium ones face either the sea or the forest.

Even units that face the road are unlikely to suffer through much noise, given the relative isolation of the location.

The forested area is also a point of contention for the owners as many residents of Pasir Ris are actively championing to leave it alone as it is home to several endangered species of birds.

Whether successful or not, it shows one very important part of living in Pasir Ris; residents here do not mind the distance because a quieter lifestyle at home, surrounded by nature is more important.

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