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Project Name: The Tre Ver (pronounced Tree Ver not Trevor)

Address: Potong Pasir Ave 1

Showflat address: Youngberg Terrace (behind Woodleigh MRT station)

Type: Condominium

Site area: approx. 201,405 sq ft.

Tenure: 99-years leasehold

District: 13

Configuration: 729 units in five tower blocks (three 20-storey & two 19-storey blocks) and four garden, 8-storey blocks comprising seven levels of residential units & a facilities deck + a 2-storey carpark and ancillary facilities

Unit types:  159, 1BR units (484 – 506 sq ft.)

                      109, 2BR units (614 – 646 sq ft.)

                      272, 2BR premium units (689 – 797 sq ft.)

                        36, 3BR units (1,012 sq ft.)

                      126, 3BR premium units (1,055 – 1,109 sq ft.)

                         27, 4BR units (1,335 – 1,378 sq ft.)

Est. TOP: 2022

Project Details

The Tre Ver is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

The Tre Ver makes bold claims of being a unique condominium with selling points not commonly seen in the market. It’s easy to take all of this with a pinch of salt – after all, which developer won’t trumpet the most basic of things as a feature to the condominium?

But The Tre Ver’s claims aren’t merely lip-service. From the 3D model and later, the showunits, it is immediately apparent that UOL has put their money where the mouth is. There aren’t any lofty declarations of grandeur. What is proclaimed as unique fits the bill.

The Tre Ver 3D model

The Tre Ver pool view

First, the development. Already its’ appearance is unlike what has come before. The tower blocks, said to be a surprising 40m apart from one another are oriented in a slant to facilitate maximum airflow.

This expansive distance from the neighbour blocks also affords the homeowners a larger measure of privacy. It also enhances the manicured greenery and swimming pools in the development by allowing more verticality and space; in essence, a breathable environment.

The Tre Ver's 3D model of amenities

The Tre Ver’s aerial view of amenities and greenery

Running behind those tower blocks are the garden blocks; a series of four, 8-storey blocks comprising seven levels of residential units totaling 61-units interconnected with a rooftop garden that spans the length of these four low-rise blocks. The garden block units are also implemented in a way where the owners either get a view of the pool and the Kallang River or of Woodleigh Park and the upcoming Bidadari Estate from behind.

UOL has said that 80% of the units get either swimming pool view or river view while the remaining 20% gets an unblocked view of Woodleigh Park and the aforementioned Bidadari Estate. 30% of the total units have a view of both the swimming pool and river. 

In essence, while one side-facing certainly sounds better, the opposing view is a different kind of good.

The Tre Ver's 3D model view of Kallang River

A view of the Kallang River

The beauty of the development isn’t in question, and the fact that it feeds holistically into the natural environment – 220m of riverfront and 12 conserved rainforest trees within The Tre Ver – grants it more than just an air of serenity but a subtle charm often missing from modern homes.

This consideration of building a development to embody holistic values of family, functionality, health and beauty is made manifest in The Tre Ver’s showunits. UOL was true to their word in delivering well-proportioned and carefully planned/coordinated space be it for a single person, a couple or a family unit.

The Tre Ver's tower blocks

Tower blocks

There are four showunits at The Tre Ver showflat; 3-room Premium (1,098 sq ft.), 2-room Premium (743 sq ft.), 1-room (506 sq ft.) & 4-room (1,378 sq ft.).

In most developments, the show-stealers are the big apartments while the smaller apartments tend to be viewed mostly as investment potential. Not so at The Tre Ver. The 2-room and 1-room units are incredibly lavish and spacious. By market standards and in a time of rising costs, such things struggle to exist, let alone be more than just minimally functionally. You’ll find those same units at The Tre Ver being more than that. 

2-room Premium (743 sq ft.)

A personal favourite, the 2-room at a glance differentiates itself mightily from its cookie-cutter ilk. First; The Tre Ver’s main unique selling proposition – the green foyer.

Where the conventional layout from the main door opens into the corridor or in some instances, offer a view of the air-con ledge to returning residents, the units at The Tre Ver welcomes the homeowner with a garden.

Picture of 2-room unit at The Tre Ver

Balcony view of the living area

From the entrance, the garden outside is visible through large windows. It’s a unique and beautiful addition to the home. Natural beauty and light that will flow into the entire unit from this one section brightens and enhances the home.

The quality of the unit is apparent; from the L-shaped kitchen counter with a large window admitting plenty of natural light, to the marble flooring for the common spaces and American oak timber for the bedrooms, plenty of thought was put into crafting a space one would be proud to live in.

Picture from the 2-room's L-shaped kitchen and living room

The L-shaped kitchen and living space

Even the balcony has protection from the rain, and solid walls on both sides to facilitate the mounting of a shelf, hooks and whatever else the owner wants. It’s not so big that it eats into the living room space, but it’s spacious enough to have a couple of chairs inserted to act as an extension to the living room.

All common bedrooms in every unit can take a queen-size bed. For the 2-room unit, the common room was turned into a sort of entertainment/study zone.

Developer pic of common bedroom in 2-room

Source: UOL

And with American oak flooring for the bedroom, you get durability, longevity and the additional quality of cosiness that wood flooring brings to a home. It certainly looks larger than and capable of holding more furniture than a standard common bedroom. That it is also elegant in design is important. 

This level of elegance and space is displayed prominently in the master bedroom.

Developer image of 2-room master bedroom

Source: UOL

Large windows, contrasting colours and warm flooring can sell a lifestyle, something the 2-room does so in spades.

1BR (506 sq ft.)

When it’s said that the 1-room unit can be mistaken for a 2-room unit, it’s not an exaggeration.

Pic of 1-room living room

The 1-room apartment

Many developments in Singapore can give the impression that the 1-room is an afterthought to include for measure, while lapping all the quality into the larger, more premium priced homes.

At The Tre Ver, this quality is consistent and proportionate to the size.

Pic of 1BR living, kitchen and bedroom

1-room living, kitchen and bedroom

And what a generous size it is! With reflective marble floors and wide common spaces, the 1-room is impressively spacious and large. And perhaps that’s the one negative is that it’s hard to show just how spacious it is from a picture.

Developer picture of 1-room, master bedroom

Source: UOL

Do yourself a favour; visit the showflat and stand in this showunit at The Tre Ver. It’s the best way to appreciate it.  

3-room Premium (1,098 sq ft.)

The entrance to the 3-room unit is lined with natural scenery; a statement no development in Singapore can accurately claim.

Green foyer at entrance of 3-room apartment

3-room green foyer at entrance

By bringing the garden in and having it appear as part of the household (it’s maintained by the condo), adds that special bit of greenery that goes a long way toward beautifying the home and improving mental health.

It’s certainly a far better thing to see than just walls. The ledge is perfect for decorations or if you have a pet, then it’s likely this will be its’ favourite spot to relax in the house while waiting for you to return.

3-room kitchen with large windows overlooking the green foyer

3-room kitchen with a view

The Tre Ver also emphasises on windows; a thing seen in the other units but since the 3-room is bigger, the kitchen has large windows that overlook the garden. There’s also a window in the pantry with the same view.

A great view and a fantastic medium for natural light to filter in, not to mention air; the kitchen is unique because of this.

3-room living room and balcony

Living room and balcony

The living room also benefits from this wealth of natural ventilation. The balcony overlooks the amenities or even the river making for an idyllic view. As for the bedrooms, they’re similarly well-designed, with large living spaces.

The bathrooms for selected units are outfitted with a modular-type of shelf that can be pulled out from behind the vanity mirror. It’s designed in a way that allows owners to attach their own modular trays to the surface.

Master bathroom with large windows and modular shelves

3-room Master bathroom

In addition, slide that shelf in and there’s a window behind. You can either open it and leave it thus or slide the shelf back and have air flow in through the small holes. All bathrooms in 3-room units also come with a large window in the shower area.

Picture of 3-room common bathroom with wood-like wall tiles

3-room common bathroom with warm colour scheme

These bathroom windows are planned to be part of the development and as a result, are large and centred instead of small or misaligned.

As for the master bedroom, throw a king-size bed in there and you’ll still have ample space for additional bits of furniture.

3-room Master bedroom

3-room Master bedroom

Overall, a great unit that is both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing.

4-room (1,378 sq ft.)

The 4-room unit is certainly luxurious and spacious. Take for example the dry kitchen counter. It looks roughly 10% bigger than what is commonly seen; with the stone worktop extending well beyond industry standards.

4-room premium kitchen and dry kitchen

Source: UOL

The extra space might, on paper, seem superfluous, but it’s actually ingenious. You have the additional width and length to add permanent décor without worry that the functional space is taken up by it. In addition, the extension lends the entire unit the mentioned layer of luxury.

Pic of dry kitchen and large counter top

Dry kitchen’s large and lavish counter overlooking living room and balcony

The length of the living room, matched by the balcony running parallel to it helps bring out the opulence. Reflecting marble floors, warm lighting and dark curtains do their part.

Developer pic of 4-room premium master bedroom

Source: UOL

Like the other units, the 4-room has a bright, airy and open atmosphere. The good sense deployed toward the design ensures that the units feel expansive and livable.

The Tre Ver is shaping up to be one of, if not the most, popular new launch in Singapore with a design ready to win awards.

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The Tre Ver is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

The Tre Ver at Potong Pasir is a 729-unit condominium developed jointly by UOL & SingLand with a design spearheaded by the renowned WOHA Architects, the brains behind the award-winning PARKROYAL on Pickering.

The Tre Ver is a portmanteau of tree and river. This name is more emblematic than metaphor as The Tre Ver is designed with green in mind, and not in the lip-service sort of way. One of the reasons this is done is to take advantage of the natural flora of the area, brought to life by the neighbouring Kallang River.

The flora and river guarantee a serene location, but The Tre Ver does not compromise connectivity for a relaxed environment. It’s roughly 800m to Potong Pasir MRT station but along the way, there’s a MacDonald’s, Potong Pasir Community Club, NTUC Fairprice and Broadway Food Centre. People who’d rather not walk need not worry as there’s a bus stop near the development.

Kallang riverfront transformation

Kallang riverfront transformation

Furthermore, there are several notable schools in the vicinity, a few of which are also within walking distance, like St. Andrews’ Village with St. Andrew’s Secondary, St. Andrew’s Junior School and St. Andrew’s Junior College.

Other schools include Stamford American International, Cedar Girls’ Secondary, Cedar Primary, Maris Stella High School and Nanyang Junior College, Pei Chun Public School, St Gabriel’s Primary and Australian International School.

Potong Pasir is around a 9-minute train ride to Dhoby Ghaut Interchange which puts places like Orchard, Novena and City Hall within a 30-min travel time frame (not considering peak periods or train breakdowns).

As a city-fringe development, having the best of both worlds is a unique offering. The Tre Ver is a holistic development, that puts buyer satisfaction at the forefront. 

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The Tre Ver had its first VVIP preview phase last weekend (21st July 2018) While no units were launched yet, there was, as expected, large crowds who were impressed with WOHA’s approach to design with The Tre Ver. The living, breathable architecture was a hit. It’s price-points are also rather attractive, given the high-quality of the product and the surrounding amenities/views. 

UOL pic of crowd at The Tre Ver on 21st July 2018

Source: UOL (Taken 21st July)

Indicative prices were released. Tentatively also, the actual sales launch is set to occur the week before National Day (4th August 2018).

1-bedroom – $738k onwards

2-bedroom – $898k onwards

3-bedroom – $1.538m onwards

4-bedroom – $2.08m onwards

Price analysis will be updated once transactions volumes are released. 

The Tre Ver is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

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Even without the price analysis, it’s already easy to see how and why The Tre Ver will be popular. While its competition in Woodleigh are Park Colonial and the upcoming integrated/mixed development by Kajima and SPH are strong, The Tre Ver is actually distant enough from them to occupy and command its own area.

However, it can benefit from their presence, especially the integrated development which may offer more in terms of amenities and transport options to residents. 

Balcony view of 2-room apartment

2-room balcony view

The Tre Ver launches in a good place with quality furnishing and a new, interesting and sustainable design. That it’s a relatively smaller-scale project with around 700 units is a strength because on one hand it creates demand for a limited product and on the other hand, it allows for more utility in the space without worry of overcrowding. 

2018 will be known as the year when property developers pull out all the stops in light of the increased costs to wow consumers with massive and beautifully designed condos and The Tre Ver will be right at the top. 

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