• Christopher Chitty
  • 26 April 2018

Project Name: The Tapestry

Address: Tampines St 86

Type: Condominium

Site area: approx. 233,769 sq ft.

Tenure: 99-year leasehold

District: 18

Configuration: 861 units in seven, 15-storey blocks

Unit types: 120, 1-room (448 sq ft.)

                     149, 1-room + study / 1-room + ensuite study (484 sq ft.)

                     206, 2-room (615 sq ft.)

                       29, 2-room + study (705 sq ft.)

                       59, 2-room premium (717 sq ft.)

                     148, 3-room (946 sq ft.)

                       90, 3-room premium flex (1,153 sq ft.)

                       30, 4-room (1,455 sq ft.)

                       15, 4-room dual key (1,485 – 1,668 sq ft.)

                       15, 5-room dual key (1,765 – 1,991 sq ft.)

TOP: 2021

Project Details

Interested in The Tapestry? Check out the listing here.

Having launched on the weekend of the 24th (March), The Tapestry was expected to be popular; a fact validated by 315 out of its 450 units released being sold on the launch weekend. Early bird specials pegged the psf (per square feet) at SGD1,310.

Let’s take a brief look at why The Tapestry, despite coming in late to the area with a land sale cost about a 17% increase from The Alps, was confident of its ability to sell.

The details

The Tapestry looks bigger than what the actual plot of land allows.

It is suitably impressive, especially when taking the 3D model as a representation of things to come. There are seven, 15-storey north-facing blocks that highlight various views like the swimming pool, the Tampines Quarry and Bedok Reservoir. In addition, all 15th storey units have high ceilings in the living room of around 4.3m/4.4m. Other units have a ceiling height of 2.75m. A haiku ceiling fan is also installed in the living room in every unit. The 4 & 5-room units are dual-key (DK) with private lifts.

The development has several pools; the two main ones being 100m and 50m. The other pools are the Hydrotherapy pool and Adventure Play pool. Additionally, at the grand lobby, there’s a reflective pool which will be what residents and guests see when they enter, near where the concierge (referred to as a host at The Tapestry) is. The hosts provide extra convenience for residents as they’ll be on hand to help receive packages when the resident is away or out of town.

They can also assist with booking cabs and the function rooms (although function rooms can be booked through the development’s app). The gym which overlooks the pool is 24hours. There’s also a pets’ washing corner on the main floor with the facilities and a childcare centre located at basement one.

Free shuttle bus service to Tampines MRT station (downtown and east-west line) will be implemented for the first year with continuation dependent on the formed committee.  

The Tapestry is also a smart home and is the first development in Singapore to include Alexa; a cloud-base voice activated device programmed to connect with the smart features in the home (lights, door lock, air-con).

You only need to verbalise your command to turn on/off the lights, or lock/unlock the door and Alexa will do the job for you. Doors additionally have four ways of locking/unlocking: card, key, pin number or through the smart phone app. Every unit also has a plug & play security camera.

Showflat units (474 sq ft. 1-room w/ ensuite study, 700 sq ft. 2-room premium & 1,130 sq ft. 3-room premium flexi)

CDL approaches all of its developments with a high commitment to quality and The Tapestry is no different.

Porcelain floors in the living rooms and vinyl in the bedrooms gives each home a good blend of bright & inviting and warm & comforting atmosphere.

Full glass, high windows are also installed in every unit. This type of large windows admits plenty of natural light. And with less borders and grills, it also limits the physical and visual clutter in the room.

Another thing all units come with are in-built wardrobes with an attached side-cabinet for accessories.

Source: CDL (An accessories side-cabinet)

Source: CDL (An accessories side-cabinet)

This small addition adds further accessibility, especially in the 1-room unit where every storage space counts. On that note however, the 1-room show unit is immaculately designed to highlight the size. The bathroom is expectantly spacious.

Source: CDL

Source: CDL

This spaciousness is carried forward in the other units; not just in the en suite bathrooms but the common ones too.

At The Tapestry, the 1-room en suite study is a unique addition where a cosy study corner is implemented into the layout of the bedroom. Residents however can customise that space how they want.

Source: CDL (1-room ensuite study)

Source: CDL (1-room en suite study)

Not that there’s much customisation required. The standard of the display unit is high and indicative of a quality product. One need only look at the smallest bedroom to appreciate the commitment to aesthetics and functionality.

The 1-room unit satisfies the need and even goes so far as to capitalise on the modern executive look. It’s a comfortable home for one or two people, especially newly-weds without children.

Source: CDL (3-room)

Source: CDL (3-room)

But if children or at least the possibility of kids are in the future, then any of the larger units are fantastic options. From the 2-room premium to the 3-room premium flexi (which is reminiscent of a penthouse), there’s ample room for a growing family, let alone a growing child. 

Source: CDL (3-room premium)

Source: CDL (3-room premium)

Common rooms are big even with a queen-size bed while master bedrooms are designed with a layout that doesn’t skimp on functionality and space. As for kitchens, the 2-room premium has a cosy U-shape kitchen that keeps everything you need within reach.

It’s not small; just compact and efficient. Alternatively, the 3-room kitchen is big and long, with more cabinets and room for extra people to work inside.

Source: CDL (3-room kitchen)

Source: CDL (3-room kitchen)

Although the 4 & 5-room DK show units weren’t on display, the size on paper and the overall attention to quality for the current display show units presents a rich impression. Especially for the few that manage to score a unit on the 15th storey with the extra ceiling height.

It’s a strong showing for The Tapestry, making this one exceptional project to emulate or beat in the future. But with the bar already being set so high this early in 2018, it’s exciting to see what comes next.

Interested in The Tapestry? Check out the listing here.

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Interested in The Tapestry? Check out the listing here.

When The Santorini and later, The Alps rose from previously empty plots of land, industry watchers began to wonder what the plan for the third plot in the middle was. Would it also be snapped up by MCC Land?

If that had been the plan, consider it scrapped.

Muscling in with an extremely impressive new development is CDL’s The Tapestry; an 861-unit strong condominium with seven blocks that will rise like glossy onyx obelisks with views over the quarry, Bedok reservoir and the upcoming Green Shoot.  

In four short years, St 86 has seen tremendous transformation; at least where residential developments are concerned. Along Ave 10, it’s a hive of activity the further up you drive. St 86 where the two-way road separates the stretch of condominiums and BTOs, is certainly far more vibrant now than it was in 2015.

GreenLace and GreenFlora

GreenLace and GreenFlora

Much of the new life can be attributed to the BTO estates – GreenLace and GreenFlora – that were under construction around the same time as Santorini. Both are now complete with residents having moved in.

Most importantly for future residents of The Tapestry this means having nearby eating options at the hawker centre at the estate diagonally across from Tapestry (or directly behind Santorini). There are also shops in Q Bay Residences, adding another layer of convenience for residents of The Tapestry. At the empty plot of land along St 86, a place of worship, likely a church, is expected to be built.

Also, along Tampines Ave 5 and less than five-minute drive out from Ave 8 is Tampines Central CC. There’s a FairPrice, a food court and a few other things like an ATM.

As the gentrification of St 86/Ave 10 trudges on, the rest of Tampines are not exempt from evolution. Our Tampines Hub is completed and sitting along Ave 5.

Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub

In addition, the Tampines Downtown line is up and running and connected with the old Tampines Interchange; also within walking distance to the east-west line and the many shopping centres like Century Square and Tampines Mall.

Downtown line and Tampines Interchange

Downtown line and Tampines Interchange

By car or cab, the Tampines hub is less than a 10-minute drive away. Do note that The Tapestry showflat is situated opposite the Hitachi Square, not on-site.

Interested in The Tapestry? Check out the listing here.

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Interested in The Tapestry? Check out the listing here.

Since launch day, The Tapestry’s sales have steadily gone up to 337 units sold. There has been a minimum of one unit sold per day since 24th March until 8th April. For a Phase One release of which only 450 units were put on sale, this is around a 70% subscription.

With the success and 2018’s current property climate, it is conceivable for The Tapestry to follow the pattern of business of the year; that is, re-launch with a higher price. Especially in 2018, where people are strangely more bullish toward the market despite prices increasing everywhere, this may be one strategy CDL employs for Phase Two and beyond.

For now, let’s look at how they’ve done.

Source: URA, PropertyGuru (data as of March 2018)

Source: URA, PropertyGuru (data as of March 2018)

The smallest unit sold is 441 sq ft. with 56 transacted. Quantum began at SGD595,200 with a median transacted of SGD643,600 and a median PSF (per square foot) of SGD1,458. The highest transacted is a SGD2.2M 1,765 sq ft. 5-room DK unit on the 14th floor.


Median PSF for district 18 in the past quarter (Jan – Mar 2018) is at SGD2.50 per month. Using the 441 sq ft. unit as an example, monthly rent with a 20 percent new build premium added comes up to SGD1,323. Keep in mind this excludes other bills like utilities, maintenance etc. From this, rental yield averages at 2.5%. This is lower than when The Alps first launched as the median PSF calculated by Realis in Q3 2017 was higher.

Therefore, the takeaway is that rental yield isn’t an exact indication of value.

For The Tapestry, common sense dictates that with time the value will rise. Once the commercial developments come in to augment the area. Until then, expect median PSF to fluctuate as it is wont to do.

Interested in The Tapestry? Check out the listing here.

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You can’t go wrong with The Tapestry.

It’s a well-thought out and expertly executed development. Of course, things tend to change upon completion, but given CDL’s history there’s little cause to doubt that the project will be anything but exemplary.

And with the existing wealth of quality projects along Tampines St. 86, The Tapestry is a rare gem among jewels.

The Tapestry perspective

Source: CDL sales brochure

With the upcoming MRT stations, commercial developments and Green Corridor, this is a street to watch. Right now, purchasing a unit here is to prepare for the future. Yet, The Tapestry is priced reasonably; none of that questionable future-pricing stuff.

At the same time however, buying at The Tapestry is very much buying for the future. This is one of those rare projects where if you can afford it, you owe it to yourself to seriously consider a unit.

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