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  • 21 September 2018

Project Name: The Jovell

Address: Flora Drive

Type: Condominium

Site area: approx. 242,558 sq ft.

Tenure: 99-year leasehold

District: 18

Configuration: 428 units in nine, 8-storey blocks

Unit types: 28, 1-Bedroom (441 – 452 sq ft.)

56, 1- Bedroom + study (527 sq ft.)

56, 2 Bedroom (635 – 646 sq ft.)

128, 2-Bedroom + study (646 – 721 sq ft.)

104, 3-Bedroom (872 – 904 sq ft.)

32, 3-Bedroom + yard (1,001 – 1,033 sq ft.)        

24, 4-Bedroom (1,227 – 1,270 sq ft.)

Expected legal completion: Aug 2026

Project Details

The Jovell is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

The Jovell is a new development by Tripartite Developers Pte. Ltd. (Hong Leong, CDL & TID), situated along Flora Drive, in a quiet, private condominium estate.

Launched on the weekend of the 15th of Sept 2018, The Jovell is a mid-size development with 428 units. It has various sizes however, from 1-bedrooms to 4-bedrooms and the many variants in between.

At just eight storeys, The Jovell is a relatively low-rise development with a 2,700m² leisure pool that starts from near the entrance of the project and meanders throughout. There’s a section designed to mimic a beach with pebbles set up as a segue to the water.

Artist impression of swimming pool at The Jovell

Source: Tripartite Development

This is unique as very few developments in Singapore implement the swimming pool in an integrated manner. Coupled with the man-made beach, it gives The Jovell an interesting aesthetic. Residents who live in ground floor units facing the beach are going to have an immediate resort-like atmosphere.

Artist impression of stone alcove at The Jovell

Source: Tripartite Development

There are several other interesting facilities in The Jovell, such as stone alcove with hot and cold jacuzzi. The emphasis on the water element and natural set pieces gives The Jovell a nice, relaxing ambience; a theme that follows through to its units.

2BR+study (678 sq ft.)

A somewhat conventional layout is elevated by a simple and elegant design that has more space that a bedroom this size has reason to offer.

2-room + study at The Jovell (Developer image)

Source: Tripartite Development

Tiled with ceramic, the immediate area appears bright. Ceramic tiles are durable, water-resistant and easy to maintain due to their hardness. They’re also generally cold to the touch which, given Singapore’s scorching weather, is a good thing.

The open kitchen benefits from this extra space since it makes the area look bigger and less constrained.

Photo of 2-room + study's open kitchen at The Jovell

2-room + study’s open kitchen

Outfitted with all the bells and whistles (fridge, oven, sink etc.), the kitchen nook will be a great place to whip up a quick meal before settling down at either the dining table or living area.

Photo of study area from The Jovell's 2+1 unit

Study area of 2+1 unit

The study area isn’t blocked by a door. This gives it a little more width to play with while ensuring that the space still feels usable and complimentary to the rest of the unit without making it feel cramped.

Situated in between the two bedrooms and after the bathroom makes it a good location to turn into a temporary nursery, a library or just a cosy entertainment room where members of the family can hang out in.

1BR+study (527 sq ft.)

For a small unit, it’s crazy how there are struggles to properly execute on a functional yet unique layout. The Jovell’s 1+1 unit however, is a great offering.

The Jovell's 1+study unit

Source: Tripartite Development

The kitchen, instead of lining the wall of the corridor upon entering the unit, is situated on the left after the corridor, facing the living area. This saves spaces while removing the eye-sore of having a kitchen meet your guests every time. It also lets you furnish that short hallway with small shelves or picture frames.

Also tiled with ceramic, the 1+1 is expected to be a popular choice among investors and young couples. It’s a fantastic, cosy apartment with a generous open kitchen and good layout.

The Jovell's 1+1's master bedroom and bathroom

1+1’s master bedroom and bathroom

The bathroom and bedroom are just after the kitchen and behind where the living area is. Fairly spacious on their own, they’re sufficient for a single or a couple moving into their first private property.

The bathroom is lined with ceramic floor and wall tiles while the bedroom has timber flooring. It’s an attractive visual that’s also durable and easy to maintain.

3BR (904 sq ft.)

A bigger space allows for a wider welcome area as it’s better to receive guests, then bring them to the main area.

Photo of The Jovell's 3-room hallway from entrance

The Jovell’s 3-room hallway from entrance

The ceramic tiles under white light gives the entire unit a brighter and wider feeling. It also helps that the 3-room is generally bigger.

With the balcony providing a larger source of natural illumination and ventilation, the 3-room unit is comfortable and attractive.  

Photo of 3-room unit at The Jovell (Developer image)

Source: Tripartite Development

One of the more unique things about the 3-room unit is that the location of the master bedroom and common bedroom were switched. Now, the master bedroom and the en-suite bathroom are opposite the common bedroom and bathroom while the third bedroom is situated at the head.

Photo of The Jovell's 3-room floorplan

The Jovell floorplan / 3BR

This layout essentially turns the other common bedroom into a junior master minus the bathroom. It allows for a bit more privacy. At the least, it can be made into a family room without the hassle of attempting to accommodate the en-suite bathroom.

Overall, The Jovell, as a low-rise development has good-looking units with unique layouts and all-round excellent execution. The Jovell is a great addition to Flora Drive.

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The Jovell is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

Flora Drive is a part of Pasir Ris that has seen Tripartite developments crop up over the years, beginning with Azalea Park and working down the alphabet until Jovell. It’s a quiet neighbourhood which, while still connected to the neighbour hubs and amenities, has more emphasis on peace and seclusion.

Distant from the chaos of the malls, MRT stations and traffic points, what Flora Drive lacks in unfettered convenience it delivers in spades a serene and uncluttered atmosphere.

Photo of Flora Drive where The Jovell showflat and actual site are located

Flora Drive

A rarity in Singapore, Flora Drive’s relaxed vibe is not an insignificant thing. Given the numerous condos in the area and the current median value there, many people that agree.

Besides, Flora Drive remains accessible regardless. There’s two bus stops less than five-minute walk from The Jovell from which residents can get to places like Changi City Point, Loyang Point, Changi Business Park, Downtown East, Pasir Ris Park and even Changi Airport.

Nearby schools include, East Spring Secondary School, Dunman Secondary School and Tampines Junior College.

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The Jovell is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

The Jovell opened its showflat on the weekend of the 15th of September and is due to launch very soon. 




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The Jovell is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

With an area composed mostly of developments from Tripartite (Hong Leong, CDL & TID), The Jovell is coming into august company. It’s a well-designed and elegantly executed project but more importantly, it’s mid-population count and low-rise buildings makes it stand out more.

In a time when condos are built higher and denser, having a home with less people and closer to the ground (giving you more sky and fresh air) can make a world of difference.

Check out The Jovell; it’s a good project in a peaceful neighbourhood. In a country where chaos is an ever-present entity, The Jovell represents a rare opportunity to own a home in a quiet place.


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