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  • 6 December 2016


Project Name: Parc Riviera

Address: West Coast Vale

Type: Condominium

Site area: approx. 203,532 sqft

Tenure: 99-year leasehold

District: 5

Configuration: 752 units in two towers of 36 storeys each

Unit types: 120, 1BR units (463 sqft)

4, 1BR w/ private roof terrace (484 sqft)

4, 1BR w/ double volume ceiling (667 sqft)

136, 2BR executive (603 sqft)

4, 2BR executive w/ PES (624 sqft)

4, 2BR executive w/ double volume ceiling (926 sqft)

196, 2BR premium (646 – 710 sqft)

6, 2BR premium w/ PES (667 – 732 sqft)

6, 2BR premium w/ double volume ceiling (969 – 1,033 sqft)

60, 3BR executive (906 sqft)

2, 3BR executive w/ private roof terrace (926 sqft)

2, 3BR executive w/ high ceiling (1,335 sqft)

68, 3BR premium (1,012 sqft)

2, 3BR premium w/ PES (1,033 sqft)

2, 3BR premium w/ high ceiling (1,442 sqft)

128, 4BR (1,152 – 1,184 sqft)

4, 4BR w/ private roof terrace & PES (1,195 – 1,227 sqft)

4, 4BR w/ high ceiling (1,679 – 1,711 sqft)

Est. TOP: Aug 2020

Project Details

Propshort: The units shown are rather well-designed, with proportionate spaces all around. The high ceilings for the higher floor units opens the home up and allows for more variation in the types of furniture used. The smaller units are also well-designed and topped off with a balcony that is just the right size. 

There are two units available for viewing at the showflat: 4BR at 1,679 sqft and a 2BR at 969 sqft. Both come with high ceilings and are therefore representative of units on the uppermost floors. Typical units have a ceiling height of 2.95m.

4BR Type d1-R (1,679 sqft)

As the unit has a high ceiling, the inclusion of things like hanging lights and even chandeliers help make the living space pop. Even without those things, the living room can accommodate a moderate sized dining table that sits six people and a couch for relaxing without the space appearing cramped. Part of this is helped by the balcony which can serve as an extension of the living area.

4BR living room

4BR living room

Much of the space in the first half of the unit (from the main door) is taken up by the living room. As a communal area that encompasses living, dining and balcony areas, this make sense. The kitchen may come across as a bit smaller than expected for a 4BR unit but it’s actually of a good size. It is compact without being cramped.

Also, its L-shaped layout does make it comfortable for a couple of persons to be in the kitchen at the same time.

4BR kitchen entrance

4BR kitchen entrance

Appliances like the washer, dryer and fridge are not provided while the cabinets, hob, hood and oven are. At the end of the kitchen is the utility area with a WC. It can be used to hang clothes in or you could put the washer and dryer there so the entryway to the kitchen is more open than what is currently shown at the showflat.

The kitchen is bright and spacious despite all this which is a good thing for cooking and visibility. The kitchen is after all, considered the heart of the home so it’s crucial that it is taken care of.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets

As for the bedrooms, EL Development has done a good thing here by designing each bedroom to show different styles. The first bedroom looks like a small home office albeit with the built-in cabinet. The ID bookcase may make the room feel smaller but this is quickly diminished by the fact that as a high ceiling apartment, there’s vertical space to play with.

4BR 1st common bedroom

4BR 1st common bedroom

In the second bedroom, the furniture deck does not come with the unit but it is a good design choice you can make toward manipulating as much of the available space as possible. The room can be used by two people or just one person. Either way, it looks cosy.

4BR common bedroom 2

4BR 2nd common bedroom

The third bedroom is indicative of what a typical bedroom will look like. With a big bed, it may not have enough space for anything else but as shown by the other bedrooms, this is only the case if the resident insists on using the biggest furniture possible.

4BR 3rd common bedroom

4BR 3rd common bedroom

On the flipside, it does show that a big bed can fit into the room, which as a scale for size is a pretty good move. Especially since the other bedrooms show various styles of living. More developers should be presenting their bedrooms like this in the showflats.

The master bedroom is much larger as it comes with its own bathroom. The bathroom is similar to the common one, with a wet and dry area where the shower portion is glassed off with a door to keep water out. It’s a good look and a spacious area by today’s standards.

2BR Type B2-R (969 sqft)

The 2BR is quaint and similar in terms of look to 2BR units in other condominiums. It differs slightly here in the placement of the kitchen, which is next to the door.

2BR main entrance

2BR main entrance

However, being closer to the main door does keep things convenient. On one hand, you don’t need to rely on the hood for ventilation- just open the door. Still, with the induction cooker, heavy cooking isn’t ideal, though certain foods can generate plenty of smoke. The hood will suffice with the main door and balcony providing ventilation.

Though the living room and kitchen are connected, they’re reasonably far enough from one another.

Parc Riviera 2BR living room

2BR living room

The living room proper is cosy and next to the balcony. The balcony isn’t too large, but can still be used as an extension of the living room. A few chairs and even a coffee table would fit nicely on it. As for the common bedroom, it benefits the most from the high ceiling. This show-bedroom was developed with a ladder that goes quite high up to the furniture deck above.

2BR common bedroom

2BR common bedroom

The deck is not provided so if the resident wants to take advantage of the high ceiling, the costs of installing one will come from their own pockets. However, to not make use of the high ceiling is a missed opportunity.

If sleeping so high up is a problem, the bed can be at the bottom and the top can be used as a library or a study area. The great thing about a high ceiling is that it offers avenues of design that would not be possible in a room with a regular ceiling height.

The master bedroom is more spacious than the common bedroom and though it also has the double ceiling height, it’s less feasible for a room where a queen size bed is usually the minimum to be included.

2BR master bedroom

2BR master bedroom

With that said, the double volume helps the room feel airier and in sync with the walking space, gives the master bedroom a type of breadth not commonly felt in modern developments. This space is also felt in the master bathroom, while similar in looks and design to the common bathroom, is just larger and all round more spacious.

It does feel like some of that space could be cut back and added to the master bedroom proper but this is a symptom of almost every development than a fault of Parc Riviera.

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Propshort: West Coast Vale is an area that is up and coming and Parc Riviera is the first to take advantage of the future benefits. With an MRT extension expected to be developed within walking distance, the location of West Coast Vale is surrounded by schools. The nearby highways also make travelling to places like Vivo City easy and quick. In addition, Jurong and Clementi MRT stations are a couple of bus stops away so residents here have the convenience of travelling to the nearby malls, without suffering the crowd on any given day. 

West Coast Vale is a new extension off West Coast Road that borders the AYE (Ayer-Rajah Expressway) and runs parallel to the Pandan River.

Parc Riviera main entrance

Parc Riviera main entrance

In and around the area are private properties and HDB estates including schools, one of which, Nan Hua Primary, considered to be a reputable school, is within 1KM of where Parc Riviera is being developed. Other schools include a Japanese kindergarten, Qifa Primary and Tanglin Secondary.

These three are along West Coast Road toward the West Coast Highway. Roughly two to three stops away, they’re convenient enough for children to take the public bus to and from school.

Alternatively, if the school provides shuttle bus services to and from the residence, travelling would be even more of a breeze.

The actual location of Parc Riviera is at the end of West Coast Vale. The showflat is situated at the mouth of the new road so the trek to the development is about four-minutes past it, toward the AYE.

Parc Riviera showflat

Parc Riviera showflat

In 2015, the government announced that there are plans to extend the Jurong Region Line to connect more of its disparate zones together. While the location isn’t confirmed, there is a good chance that the new MRT extension and station would either be where the showflat currently is or somewhere close by.

When the land sale was made, it was done so with caution than the usual aggression due to the location being seen as less appealing when compared to more matured districts.

West Coast Vale

West Coast Vale

While part of this is true, it also means that with a tender at $551 PSF, prices for Parc Riviera would project lower. However, a stipulation of the land sale made by the government required EL Development to adopt the prefabrication method which, according to research done by PropertyGuru is actually more expensive for the developer than the typical method.

In this regard, EL should be commended for managing to keep their quantum relatively modest.

Parc Riviera commands a huge plot of land and dominates much of the sky as well. The AYE roars next to it however so AYE facing units start on the 5th floor to mitigate the noise. And because the units are above the car park, residents who live in 3rd floor units have direct access to the 3rd storey of the carpark.

Residential development site

Residential development site

Although Parc Riviera will have a shuttle bus service that will ferry residents to either Jurong or Clementi (the developer is still debating the location) for the first year, there’s a bus stop about a three-minute walk from the development that goes to Jurong East. The MRT station and mall is three bus stops away. There is an overhead bridge to the bus stop that goes to the opposite side to Clementi. This is also where residents will alight at to cross over on their return to Parc Riviera.

Other than JEM (Jurong East Mall) and Clementi, there’s VivoCity about a 14-minute drive away. West Coast Road is connected to Pasir Panjang Road and West Coast Highway so getting to Vivo isn’t difficult. The Keppel Viaduct connection is also a good route to take when going east, to places like Bedok or Tampines.

Nearest bus stop to Parc Riviera

Path to nearest bus stop to Parc Riviera

Finally, as there are plans to develop a new coast type city in the old Harbour along West Coast Highway, residents of Parc Riviera can benefit as new businesses pop up in and around the area. The West Coast has long been mandated to be gentrified so as to decentralize the current CBD.

So while the location may appear less than appealing now, it is very much a promise for the future. Parc Riviera is certainly worth looking at seriously as it is expected to benefit greatly from the coming update to the area.

There’s plenty of potential that will be reaped here and Parc Riviera is merely the first step toward that brighter future for the area.

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According to recently released URA data for transactions pertaining to Parc Riviera, 99 units were sold, with an overwhelming majority coming from the regular 463 sqft 1BR units. Despite EL’s one-tier pricing scheme, many investors and buyers alike seem to have played it safe with their purchases.

Source: URA, PropertyGuru

Source: URA, PropertyGuru

Sales for Parc Riviera are actually quite good all things considered. It’s not within walking distance to any MRT station but it is a few bus stops away from either Jurong or Clementi. Since the developer is also planning to offer a one-year shuttle bus service to one of those stations, it’s already softened the impact. In the future, there would be a new MRT station as part of the extension of the Jurong Line, nearby and that in turn will help future residents.

As a result of the one-tier pricing scheme, psf values for the purchased units (at time of writing) are exceptionally attractive:

Source: URA, PropertyGuru

Source: URA, PropertyGuru

El Development reported that due to their one-tier pricing, units on the higher floors were offered last weekend at a steep discount. These high floor units are mostly double volume ceiling heights so residents who managed to secure one for themselves got it at a steal.

Some unit types like the 1BR w/ private roof terrace are fully bought out (there were only four available) while most of the unit sales were with the 1BR, 2BR executive and 2BR premium units. The different unit types may be confusing to buyers but the one-tier pricing scheme would have helped to streamline that choice.


West Coast Vale is a new road that is somewhat close to West Coast Park where older properties like Botannia and The Infiniti can be seen. Those properties TOPed in 2009 and 2008 respectively so yearly inflation would make their minimum psf inaccurate where Parc Riviera is concerned. But as West Coast Vale is still under development, the median rental psf for neighbour West Coast Park will be used as a guide.

According to URA, this median psf is $3.15. Taking the smallest unit, a 1BR at 463 sqft, monthly rent averages out at $1,750 per month after adding a 20% new build premium. With a transacted price of $550,000, median annual rental yield is 3.8%.

While that number does look good, it is important to note that it is too good for West Coast Vale right now. Median rental yield for the other areas is around 3.3% so the high yield now is likely a result of the one-tier pricing scheme affecting the calculations.

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Parc Riviera has potential but it faces an uphill battle against public perception. EL Development played it smart by having the one-tier pricing promotion exclusively for its launch weekend but due to its slightly out of the way location, people approached it with trepidation.

Unless EL brings back the one-tier scheme, it is unlikely for wait and see buyers to ever get a deal as good as that again, for this development. That ship should logically have sailed as the promotion would have affected the overall health of sales for the bigger units on the higher floor. Though the land was bought at $551 psf, the prefabrication method will have cost EL significantly more, in which case, it is in the developer’s interest and their right to make some profit.

That aside, prices are still expected to be attractive. Rental is a key component of this part of Singapore since it’s close to NUS, the Science Park and the International Business Park.

Parc Riviera

Parc Riviera

When West Coast Vale is completely done up, it will present an attractive development for people who drive, since the AYE is so close by, non-drivers as there are buses to both Jurong and Clementi MRT station and families as there are several primary and secondary schools in the vicinity.

Parc Riviera is an opportunity for the future. It has potential that is currently untapped so while it may appear unattractive now, it is positioned to experience a radical change of fate in the coming years.

Nothing ever stays the same in Singapore so there’s no reason to think the location will continue to be as limited as it is now, a few years down the road.

When this comes to pass, early adopters will benefit in the near future.

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