Moving in with your family into a new district is more than just buying the home; you buy the area around the home. Knowing your district inside out is just part of the process. In this guide, we’ll give the necessary information you’ll need. 

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Newton: Family living

Despite being geographically small (it only covers just over two square kilometres) it still packs in a lot, especially when it comes to education facilities. 

Table of schools in Newton (family life)

List of schools in Newton

Though it does have several supermarkets and other amenities, there are many more just on the periphery of its boundaries, particularly to the south along Orchard.

Table of nearby supermarkets in Newton (family life)

List of supermarkets in and around Newton

The POSB Newton Branch is located on Scotts Road just before Newton Circus. As more medical facilities, there are several in and around the area.

Table of healthcare in Newton (family life)

Nearby healthcare in Newton


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Mount Emily Park is a great little green oasis of calm smack in the middle of the city landscape. Its elevated position means it seems to always benefit from a breeze, no matter how stifling it is down on Orchard just a few hundred yards away.

It overlooks the cityscape and the Istana and is an ideal place to catch your breath and enjoy the fresh air and views. For kids there is an excellent playground complete with sandpit.