Hougang is one of Singapore’s most established housing estates. As such, the residents include a good mix of young and old as well as multi-generational families with school-going children. Not surprisingly, this has attracted a significant number of good schools that call Hougang home, including Serangoon Junior College (to be merged with Anderson Junior College). The junior college was officially decommissioned on 7 December 2018 due to Singapore’s declining birth rate.

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Schools in Hougang


What sets Hougang apart from the rest of Singapore is the availability of mental health care right at your doorstep. Located at Buangkok Green Medical Park, the institute offers a range of treatment to treat disorders as well as other mental health issues from children to the elderly. With the government emphasising the importance of mental health, this has helped de-stigmatise the issue and is no longer seen as something taboo. Meanwhile, Hougang Polyclinic and Hougang Family Medicine Clinic @ Ci Yuan Community Club offer a comprehensive range of medical services under one roof for everyone.

Photo: Buangkok Green Medical Park, Singapore (Photo: User:Sengkang, Wikimedia Commons)

Photo: Buangkok Green Medical Park, Singapore (Photo: User:Sengkang, Wikimedia Commons)


Hospitals and polyclinics in Hougang


Various local and international banks can be found in Hougang to provide residents with banking and finance facilities. Branch outlets can be found at Hougang Avenue 1, Hougang Central, Hougang Mall and Kovan Heartland Mall.

Banks and ATMs in Hougang


Residents in Hougang will be spoilt for choice when shopping for their daily groceries as there are many supermarkets. From shopping at Giant Supermarket to NTUC FairPrice, the freshest produce is right at your doorstep.

Photo: Hougang Festival Market, Singapore

Photo: Hougang Festival Market, Singapore


Supermarkets in Hougang


Post offices and Popstations in Hougang