With over 4 million Singaporeans on Facebook, it’s no wonder Facebook advertising is deemed as a ‘must-do’ for many businesses

As a property agent, Facebook can be a powerful and valuable tool for you. However, what makes a property Facebook advertisement awesome?  

In this article, we’ll be sharing 5 secrets you need to know on how to make an awesome Facebook advertisement for your property listing.

1. Use Carousel Ads Format 

The carousel ad format is a perfect way to showcase your property as it is more engaging than still images. 

It allows you to display a series of images that property seekers can scroll through, giving the property seeker a better view/angle of the property you are featuring

A carousel ad also displays a headline, descriptions, and call to action which can direct property seekers to your listing details page.

If you are unsure of how to create a carousel ad, SocialCast, our new feature will help simplify it for you as it uses an ad template that has been optimised.

Here’s how a SocialCast carousel ad looks like in your Facebook News Feed:


2. Pick Your Best 5 Photos

For your property Facebook ad to stand out, it is very important to highlight your best 5 attention-grabbing photos that features the property you are selling. 

Display areas that property seekers would want to see in a property like a kitchen, master bedroom, bathrooms, living room and don’t forget to at least have a photo of the exterior.   

Use clear, clean and uncluttered photos that allow the property seekers to visualise the property you are selling. 

On Facebook, you have one chance to capture the attention of potential buyers. A good photo will do most of that job for you.


3. Use Appealing Headlines

While images are important to attract the property seeker’s interest, having an appealing headline is equally important as an attention-grabbing headline is what makes property seekers stay in your ad.

Be precise and descriptive by laying down the most important information you want your target audience to know about the property you are featuring.

For example, if you’re targeting families with young children, then the most important information will likely be the nearby schools.

After that, talk about the location, unit size, and condition of the property and the convenience factor of living there.


4. Showcase Your Credibility

When it comes to big amount purchases like property, an agent’s credibility and trustworthiness are super important to customers. 

Brand yourself as a legitimate and trustworthy agent by using a credible platform to feature your Facebook ad. 

With PropertyGuru’s feature- SocialCast, your name, CEA license number, listing headliner and property info are displayed – so customers know you’re a certified real estate professional. 

And to sweeten the deal, your advertisement appears as a PropertyGuru-branded Sponsored Ad, which gives you the backing of our brand too.

5. Clear Call-to-Action

While the above factors listed are important to having an awesome Facebook ad, you should not forget the importance of having a clear and engaging call to action (CTA) for your Facebook Ad campaign. 

CTA tracks the success of your Facebook ad, so the objective of your ad should be what your CTA is about. 

One popular example of a CTA in property is “Find out more”.

A Facebook Ad, can’t possibly hold all the relevant property information on the property you are selling. Thus, your call to action can lead your interested property buyers to a landing page or a listing details page that holds all the important information relevant to the property you are selling.


Once you’ve learned to identify and avoid mistakes of Facebook advertising for property, you’re ready to bring your advertisement to the next level! 

With these 5 secrets behind an awesome Facebook property advertisement, Facebook advertising should no longer be a terrifying experience. If you think these are too much for you, leverage on SocialCast to help you maximise your reach.

In an interview with Thomas Tsang, a PropNex agent, he shared how PropertyGuru and Social Media are what help drive his growing leads. 

“PropertyGuru with the support of social media advertising like SocialCast can help drive more leads to a property listing. -Thomas Tsang, PropNex agent”

Now that you know the secrets behind an Awesome Facebook Property Advertisement, take the quiz below to get more tips on SocialCast, and get some perks!


Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

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