Source: Servcorp

Special Advertising Feature: Servcorp has been at the forefront of the shared-office business for more than four decades. In that time, they have consistently been pioneers in how we work, and just as importantly in today’s world, in how our business is perceived by clients and prospective clients. It is no longer simply a case of renting out square footage in sought after postcodes however.

The company, formed in Australia by current COO Marcus Moufarrige’s father, is looking to be the catalyst that helps small businesses achieve their potential.

Driven by a desire to make small business big

Like with many things in life, first impressions are crucial when it comes to succeeding in business. In those first few seconds when a potential client is weighing the benefits of one company over others, the business address can make a huge difference.

Especially when at that stage, they have very little external knowledge or information to go on. Success or failure can be determined in those couple of seconds, or as Moufarrige says, “a recognizable address creates a great impression of stability, of strength and permanence.”

Those three things are precisely the traits that are lacking, or certainly perceived to be lacking from new businesses and start-ups.

By hiring office space, a desk or a virtual office at a recognised address – somewhere they can’t currently afford in the traditional business model – a business can in all practical terms, fast forward their development and leap frog over their competitors.

In research carried out by Roy Morgan, more than 80% of people quizzed stated that their decision to go with an organisation would be based on whether that business has an address or local phone number instead of brochures and advertising.

Source: Servcorp

Source: Servcorp

Even more startling, four in six respondents said they would not even consider doing business with a company that did not have a recognisable address in their city.

It is not just about the postcode and image however. New businesses struggle in making the leap from a one-man enterprise to suddenly needing staff and bricks and mortar. Those do not come cheap, and for a fledgling organisation, that extra expense can be an absolute killer. Coworking or serviced offices sometimes aren’t simply the best alternative, but the only one.

Local Address, Global Coverage

If you have an office in Servcorp, you have the keys to the Servcorp kingdom, with 160 locations across the globe. In Singapore itself, there are choices for five prestige offices.

Two are in the heart of the CBD, another is located in the Marina Bay Financial Centre, an area that has been described as Asia’s best business address. One more occupies level 42 of Suntec Tower Three, while the fifth is situated in the iconic Metropolis Tower Development in Buona Vista.

Being a member of Servcorp means that even if your entire business consists of just yourself and your laptop, you have access to prime office space in the world’s most glamourous and buzzing cities. Cities across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America. It is the easiest, most affordable way and least intrusive way to give your business a global presence.

A Happy, Professional Environment

There may be a perception regarding shared offices – particularly when it comes to coworking space, that it is all trampolines, table football and people swanning around in board shorts and flip flops.

That could not be further from the truth when it comes to Servcorp’s offices.

Servcorp understands that the number one reason people want to rent their office space is to work and present a professional face to the world.

Source: Servcorp

Source: Servcorp

Servcorp, though it has changed the design of some of its newer offices with a nod to modern tastes, will always have business and professionalism at its heart. Coworking for grownups, is how they describe it and that sums it up perfectly.

That is not to say that their spaces are not populated by happy, energised people. They certainly are, and networking and interaction is a huge part of the experience. It is just that that interaction and networking is done around a table with a latté, not on a seesaw with a nerf gun.

Dedicated Support

As an organisation grows there is suddenly the need for help. The whole process of searching for, interviewing and hopefully getting your chosen person in is not just incredibly time consuming and expensive, it is also a risk.

Being able to walk into an office with a professional dedicated support network already available for you is an incredible benefit. That is not just the case for start-ups either. Whether it is IT support, a receptionist or someone to answer your phone calls, they are all invaluable pieces of the jigsaw in making your business as successful as it can possibly be, while at the same time allowing you to do what you do best – grow your business.