Kids can bring much joy and energy to the home, delighting the entire family. But maintaining order and minimising clutter in a home with young children is often a Herculean task. Here are a few design considerations for a family-friendly interior.

By Derrick Tan

1. Safety first

We have heard of horrible freak accidents involving home furniture. But you can easily create a safer home environment for your children by choosing items such as tables with rounded edges, or upholstered ottomans. Keep electrical cables out of your kids’ reach, cover all power outlets, and avoid having furniture with sharp edges.

Interior designer: Swiss Interior Design

2 A trusty foundation
Stains and spills are common in a family home, and regular cleaning is unavoidable. But you can prevent slips and falls by choosing washable and reliable flooring types, such as texture tiles, or wood. If you prefer carpet, you might want to consider carpet tiles, which allow you to clean individual squares whenever necessary.
Interior designer: DB Studio Pte Ltd


Smart storage for little ones
Having ample storage space is vital, but kids have a tendency to be messy and disorganised, especially when they lack allocated compartments for their possessions. Provide such spaces and teach your children to use them whenever they are done with their toys, books or other belongings. This will ensure your home is clutter-free and therefore, more presentable.
Interior designer: Posh Living Interior Design


2 Multifunctional furniture
Sufficient storage space isn’t important only in kids’ rooms but all over the house. To minimise clutter in every single room, get furniture like storage trunks and side tables with drawers to safely stash items that are not in use.
Interior designer: Carpenters Design Group


A clean slate
Living with kids means worrying about food splatters and quite possibly doodling on your walls. As such, it would be wise to choose an easily washable paint formula that makes cleaning the walls a breeze. Semi-gloss colours are particularly easy to clean, usually requiring nothing more than mild soap and a damp cloth. If you prefer a matte finish on your walls, washable flat paint colours are a good alternative.
Interior designer: ACE Space Design

Article and images contributed by HomeRenoGuru and Nippon Paint.

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