Tips on home viewing

PropertyGuru Editorial Team
Tips on home viewing
Finding your ideal home should be a joyous occasion. Use these tips to ensure a stress-free home-viewing trip!
Begin your research online. There are plenty of property listings available for viewing online. Some of these listings may even have virtual tours, so that you can narrow down your list of homes to visit.
If necessary, engage the services of a real estate agent. Make sure that you select an agent who understands your purchasing needs and is willing to accompany you to view eligible homes.
Before you go out to view a home, make sure you bring along a digital camera and spare batteries. When you start taking pictures of the homes you visit, be sure to begin each series of photographs with a shot of the front door, where the housing unit number is clearly visible. This will help you later to distinguish between the various sets of photographs you have taken.
If it is a landed residential property that you are viewing, take a picture of the exterior of the house.
Take notes as you visit each home. Note down any unusual details about the places you are viewing, especially features that you like or dislike. Be as detailed as possible.
Check that the location of each home you visit is somewhat ideal. There should be a good range of shopping and leisure amenities nearby, as well as a clinic and a school, if you have children or are planning to start a family.
The place should also be well serviced by public transport services, be it buses or the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT).
When visiting each home, pay attention to its surroundings. For example, do you like the people living next door? You should ensure that you are comfortable living in that environment.
After leaving each location, rate the home on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the highest score.
Once you have decided on a few options, review them again. You might spot some features which you didn’t on your first visit that could determine your decision.
While it is acceptable to take your time to review your options, do not hesitate too long, especially if you have already found a home that you like. Chances are, you are not the only one who thinks it’s perfect and its seller may have already received a few offers for it.
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