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S$ 5,000 S$ 7,000
Teacher's Housing Estate
Iqbal Avenue, 780000, Mandai / Upper Thomson (D26)


Project Name

Teacher's Housing Estate

project type

Terraced House




999-year Leasehold


S$ 1,200 - S$ 2,383

Completion Year


# of Floors


Total Units

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Transport Accessibility
Sustainable Building Awards

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Teacher's Housing Estate

Teachers' Housing Estate is located in 00 Tagore Avenue, Singapore in District 26. It is a 999 years leasehold terraced house development. Located on the outskirts of Ang Mo Kio, in the vincinity of landmarks like Singapore Teacher's Union and James Cook University Singapore. The Teachers' Housing Estate was introduced by Singapore Teachers' Union (STU) in 1967 in order to provide teachers with inexpensive housing. The development was completed in 1968, with a total of 256 houses price range between $23,000 and $25,000. In the 1970, new shops were set up in the estate. Earlier, the teachers had to depend on a provisional grocery vanguard. STU built a Teachers' Centre within the estate that was extremely popular as it is well equipped with numerous facilities such as a swimming pool, a library and a canteen. The teaching center also held seminars and taught students’ various skills through courses like cooking and dancing. Nevertheless, the idea of a comfortable teachers' Centre rapidly became inappropriate due to the arrival of modernization - such conveniences became the custom rather than the exception in by the 1990. The site was eventually leased to a private property developer in 2010.

Teacher's Housing Estate – Unique Selling Points

At first this estate was developed to provide teachers with affordable and comfortable housing initiated by Singapore Teacher’s Union (STU). Latter in 2010 the estate was leased to a private development company. Price range is the most important selling points. The estate is located in a prime location of the city. A great number of amenities are available within the close proximity of this property. Well connected with the city centre and business hubs to find lots of amenities like groceries, supermarkets, recreational facilities, renowned schools and many other things. The estate is close to Yio Chu Kang MRT Station. Teacher’s Housing Estate is located just a few minutes walking distance from the useful shopping centres and business hubs.

Teacher's Housing Estate – Accessibilities

As this estate is located in a prime location, access to this estate is easy. It is accessible through the nearest train stations such as Lentor MRT Thomson-East Coast Line due 2020, Mayflower MRT Thomson-East Coast Line due 2020, and Yio Chu Kang (NS15). Numerous bus services are also available. Well connected with the expressways. The site is under further development with more easy and comfortable accessibilities.

Teacher's Housing Estate – Amenities

Dining near Teacher’s Housing Estate
  • Ang Mo Kio Market and Food Centre

Supermarkets and Shopping Mall near Teacher’s Housing Estate
  • Ang Mo Kio Market
  • Kabun Baru Mall

MRT Stations near Teacher’s Housing Estate
  • Yio Chu Kang MRT Station
  • Ang Mo Kio MRT Station
  • Marymount MRT Station
International Schools near Teacher’s Housing Estate
  • Lycee Francais De Singapore
  • Australian International School
  • Gems World Academy (Singapore)

Primary Schools near Teacher’s Housing Estate:
  • Chij St. Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary)
  • Anderson Primary School
  • Mayflower Primary School

Teacher's Housing Estate – Project Details

Teacher's Housing Estate is a 999 years leasehold terraced house development. Initiated by Singapore Teacher’s Union (STU) in 1967 and completed in 1970. In 2010 the estate was leased to a Private Developing Company. It is comprises 256 units. All the units are huge and spacious consisting 3, 4 and 5 Bed units.

  • Project Name :Teacher's Housing Estate
  • Project type :Terraced House
  • Tenure :999-year Leasehold
  • Price :S$ 2,300,000 - S$ 13,800,000
  • PSF :S$ 1,169 - S$ 1,667
  • Completion Year :1970
  • Total Units :256

The units are spacious. Designed with comfortable and elegant lay outs. Each unit has a balcony. The interiors are equipped with sophisticated and modern appliances.

Teacher's Housing Estate – Nearby Project

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Facilities & Amenities


  • Car Park

Buildings Details

Building # Floors # Units
Building @ 0 Iqbal Avenue 780000N/AN/A
Building @ 00 Omar Khayyam Avenue 780500N/AN/A
Building @ 0 Tagore Avenue 787000N/AN/A
Building @ 6 Tu Fu Avenue 787214N/AN/A
Building @ 8 Tu Fu Avenue 787216N/AN/A
Building @ 10 Tu Fu Avenue 787218N/AN/A
Building @ 17 Tu Fu Avenue 787224N/AN/A
Building @ 19 Tu Fu Avenue 787226N/AN/A
Building @ 24 Tu Fu Avenue 787231N/AN/A
Building @ 26 Tu Fu Avenue 787233N/AN/A
Building @ 32 Tu Fu Avenue 787239N/AN/A
Building @ 33 Tu Fu Avenue 787240N/AN/A
Building @ 37 Tu Fu Avenue 787244N/AN/A
Building @ 41 Tu Fu Avenue 787248N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Tu Fu Avenue 787250N/AN/A
Building @ 45 Tu Fu Avenue 787252N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Tagore Avenue 787644N/AN/A
Building @ 5 Tagore Avenue 787645N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Tagore Avenue 787649N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Tagore Avenue 787654N/AN/A
Building @ 31 Tagore Avenue 787658N/AN/A
Building @ 35 Tagore Avenue 787660N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Tagore Avenue 787664N/AN/A
Building @ 45 Tagore Avenue 787665N/AN/A
Building @ 62 Tagore Avenue 787671N/AN/A
Building @ 64 Tagore Avenue 787672N/AN/A
Building @ 70 Tagore Avenue 787675N/AN/A
Building @ 74 Tagore Avenue 787677N/AN/A
Building @ 78 Tagore Avenue 787679N/AN/A
Building @ 80 Tagore Avenue 787680N/AN/A
Building @ 82 Tagore Avenue 787681N/AN/A
Building @ 108 Tagore Avenue 787698N/AN/A
Building @ 118 Tagore Avenue 787708N/AN/A
Building @ 120 Tagore Avenue 787710N/AN/A
Building @ 128 Tagore Avenue 787718N/AN/A
Building @ 130 Tagore Avenue 787720N/AN/A
Building @ 140 Tagore Avenue 787730N/AN/A
Building @ 160 Tagore Avenue 787750N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Tagore Avenue 787839N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Tagore Avenue 787840N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Tagore Avenue 787841N/AN/A
Building @ 1 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788529N/AN/A
Building @ 7 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788532N/AN/A
Building @ 17 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788536N/AN/A
Building @ 19 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788537N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788538N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788539N/AN/A
Building @ 10 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788542N/AN/A
Building @ 14 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788544N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788545N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Omar Khayyam Avenue 788546N/AN/A
Building @ 15 Munshi Abdullah Avenue 788627N/AN/A
Building @ 19 Munshi Abdullah Avenue 788629N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Munshi Abdullah Avenue 788631N/AN/A
Building @ 29 Munshi Abdullah Avenue 788634N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Munshi Abdullah Avenue 788642N/AN/A
Building @ 45 Munshi Abdullah Avenue 788643N/AN/A
Building @ 49 Munshi Abdullah Avenue 788645N/AN/A
Building @ 53 Munshi Abdullah Avenue 788647N/AN/A
Building @ 1 Li Po Avenue 788704N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Li Po Avenue 788705N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Li Po Avenue 788712N/AN/A
Building @ 19 Li Po Avenue 788713N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Li Po Avenue 788714N/AN/A
Building @ 26 Li Po Avenue 788720N/AN/A
Building @ 30 Li Po Avenue 788724N/AN/A
Building @ 32 Li Po Avenue 788726N/AN/A
Building @ 37 Li Po Avenue 788731N/AN/A
Building @ 38 Li Po Avenue 788732N/AN/A
Building @ 39 Li Po Avenue 788733N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Kalidasa Avenue 789391N/AN/A
Building @ 12 Kalidasa Avenue 789392N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Kalidasa Avenue 789395N/AN/A
Building @ 17A Kalidasa Avenue 789396N/AN/A
Building @ 19A Kalidasa Avenue 789398N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Kalidasa Avenue 789399N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Kalidasa Avenue 789400N/AN/A
Building @ 23A Kalidasa Avenue 789402N/AN/A
Building @ 24 Kalidasa Avenue 789403N/AN/A
Building @ 50 Kalidasa Avenue 789408N/AN/A
Building @ 54 Kalidasa Avenue 789410N/AN/A
Building @ 58 Kalidasa Avenue 789412N/AN/A
Building @ 62 Kalidasa Avenue 789414N/AN/A
Building @ 72 Kalidasa Avenue 789419N/AN/A
Building @ 74 Kalidasa Avenue 789420N/AN/A
Building @ 1 Iqbal Avenue 789444N/AN/A
Building @ 6 Iqbal Avenue 789449N/AN/A
Building @ 8 Iqbal Avenue 789451N/AN/A
Building @ 9 Iqbal Avenue 789452N/AN/A
Building @ 10 Iqbal Avenue 789453N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Iqbal Avenue 789454N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Iqbal Avenue 789458N/AN/A
Building @ 27 Iqbal Avenue 789467N/AN/A
Building @ 33 Iqbal Avenue 789470N/AN/A
Building @ 53 Iqbal Avenue 789480N/AN/A
Building @ 55 Iqbal Avenue 789481N/AN/A
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