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S$ 4,000,000 S$ 8,450,000
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S$ 1,200 S$ 11,900
Sennett Estate
Jalan Kemboja, 000001, Macpherson / Potong Pasir (D13)


Project Name

Sennett Estate

project type

Semi-Detached House






S$ 1,146 - S$ 2,622

Completion Year


# of Floors


Total Units

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Transport Accessibility
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Sennett Estate

Valuably nestled along Kee Choe Avenue, Balestier / Geylang (District 12), is a very beautiful freehold semi- detached housing estate. Upon completion in 1996, it is home to many residents who enjoy living amidst the green picturesque landscape overlooking the Woodleigh Park. Bordering many recreational parks, its fresh and invigorating air beckons through the entire estate with such crisp and tranquility. Several interesting landmarks are located just within the vicinity such as Balestier Plain, Former Queen's Theatre, Singapore Flyer and Police Heritage Centre.

Sennett Estate – Unique Selling Points

Living in close proximity with a few forest reserves promotes healthy activities such as jogging, calisthenics and also subconsciously encourages residents to partake and to live healthy lifestyles. Besides that, the inhabitants of this incredibly vast estate have the luxury of enjoying and living in a substantial living space. Children can play, learn and discover life in a much more conducive environment. Parents on the other hand, will have the assurance and security of knowing that their children are growing in a guarded and round the clock security force. Besides that, potential buyers are always on the radar to secure assets as it would make a very healthy investment and returns too. Sennett Estate is also beneficial for families who intend to keep pets as there is sufficient land space for exercise. Besides that, potential buyers mainly have their eyes on this development due to the fact that landed estates are almost a rare commodity in the nation and it is refreshing to grow up in houses that are built on solid ground and have sufficient living space.

Sennett Estate – Accessibilities

Although located within urban city centers, Sennett Estate is somewhat magically tucked away in another realm where it appears to be surrounded by the awe inspiring beauty of nature. Even so, it is still easily accessible and of great convenience too. There are several modes of transportation getting to and from Sennett Estate. Plenty bus stops are within range and is particularly good for residents who enjoy getting their daily dose of cardio. Apart from that, the nearest MRT Stations are NE10 Potong Pasir MRT Station, DT24 Geylang Bahru MRT Station and NE11 Woodleigh MRT Station; all of which connect and transit to the rest of Singapore as well. Alternatively, residents are also able to drive to a few shopping malls where a host of amenities await them such as various dining outlets, financial institutions, supermarkets, entertainment facilities, clinics, post offices, and many more. Basic needs and demands are easily met and are of tremendous comfort and convenience.

Sennett Estate – Amenities

Dining near Sennett estate
  • Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant
  • Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen
  • Pasumpon Restaurant
  • River South (Hoe Nam) Prawns Noodles
  • Delifrance Singapore - Macpherson NTUC

Shopping malls / supermarkets near Sennett Estate
  • The Poiz Centre
  • Appollo Sellappas
  • Fresh City Mini-Supermarket
  • Hao Mart

Schools and education institutions near Sennett Estate
  • St Andrew's Secondary School
  • Saint Andrew's Junior School
  • Cedar Girls' Secondary School
  • Canaan Church Kindergarten (sccc)
  • Stamford American International School

Recreational Parks near Sennett Estate
  • Siang Kuang Avenue Interim Park
  • Dog Park at Upp Serangoon
  • Michael's Playground/Park
  • Beng Wan Road Playground
  • ABC Waters @ Kallang River (Potong Pasir)

Places of worship near Sennett Estate
  • Charis Full Gospel Centre
  • Philos Assembly of God
  • Moriah Assembly Of God Limited

Sennett Estate – Project Information

Prior to Sennett Estate even being in existence, Alkaff Gardens- owned by the wealthy Alkaff Family was opened to the public in 1929. It was designed by a Japanese architect and included artificial hills and man-made lakes, as well as a Japanese teashop to add to the quiet splendor of the garden. It was likened to The Gardens by the Bay of its time just that the government had no say in building it. The Gardens would only see a brief period of fame as it would disappear with the fortunes of the Alkaffs. The Alkaffs did badly after the Japanese conquered because they were seen as too chummy with the Americans and British and therefore dangerous. Trade declined, as did real estate. The Gardens did fine though, the Japanese liked it and kept it intact. But with the poor economic situation after the war, the Garden became seen not as a public good but a luxury vanity project that was draining much need funds from other places. The Alkaffs were never to be the influential family they once were. The Garden was sold to the Sennett Realty Company in 1949 and was converted into residential property known as the Sennett Estate. Today, Sennett Estate is a quiet, laid back middle class private residential estate surrounded by public housing estates (Potong Pasir and Macpherson).

  • Project Name: Sennett Estate
  • Type: Semi -Detached Housing Estate
  • District: 12

Unit Types:
  • 4- bedroom 2-bathroom (1350 square feet, S$2.4 million)
  • 5- bedroom 3-bathroom (1500 square feet, S$2.7 million)
  • 6- bedroom 7-bathroom (3417 square feet, S$5.9 million)
  • 5- bedroom 6-bathroom (1819 square feet, S$3.9 million)
  • 4- bedroom 5-bathroom (2425 square feet, S$4.2 million)

Sennett Estate – Nearby Projects

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Facilities & Amenities


  • Car Park
  • 24 hours security

Buildings Details

Building # Floors # Units
Building @ 0 Jalan Kemboja 000001N/AN/A
Building @ 0 Belimbing Avenue 340000N/AN/A
Building @ 10 Willow Avenue 347503N/AN/A
Building @ 10A Willow Avenue 347506N/AN/A
Building @ 10B Willow Avenue 347507N/AN/A
Building @ 11A Wan Tho Avenue 347539N/AN/A
Building @ 21B Wan Tho Avenue 347550N/AN/A
Building @ 27J Wan Tho Avenue 347565N/AN/A
Building @ 7A Siang Kuang Avenue 347925N/AN/A
Building @ 15 Siang Kuang Avenue 347933N/AN/A
Building @ 27 Siang Kuang Avenue 347946N/AN/A
Building @ 110 Siang Kuang Avenue 348002N/AN/A
Building @ 116 Siang Kuang Avenue 348005N/AN/A
Building @ 62 Pheng Geck Avenue 348257N/AN/A
Building @ 2 Pang Seng Road 348304N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Mulberry Avenue 348385N/AN/A
Building @ 96 Mulberry Avenue 348421N/AN/A
Building @ 128 Mulberry Avenue 348437N/AN/A
Building @ 45A Macpherson Road 348470N/AN/A
Building @ 109 Macpherson Road 348500N/AN/A
Building @ 127 Macpherson Road 348511N/AN/A
Building @ 135 Macpherson Road 348515N/AN/A
Building @ 241 Macpherson Road 348575N/AN/A
Building @ 245 Macpherson Road 348577N/AN/A
Building @ 279 Macpherson Road 348604N/AN/A
Building @ 2 Lichi Avenue 348775N/AN/A
Building @ 33 Lichi Avenue 348807N/AN/A
Building @ 41 Lichi Avenue 348815N/AN/A
Building @ 44 Lichi Avenue 348818N/AN/A
Building @ 45 Lichi Avenue 348819N/AN/A
Building @ 52 Lichi Avenue 348826N/AN/A
Building @ 53 Lichi Avenue 348827N/AN/A
Building @ 55A Lichi Avenue 348830N/AN/A
Building @ 61 Lichi Avenue 348836N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Kenanga Avenue 348912N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Kenanga Avenue 348916N/AN/A
Building @ 0 Kee Choe Avenue 349000N/AN/A
Building @ 5 Jalan Wangi 349352N/AN/A
Building @ 35 Jalan Wangi 349367N/AN/A
Building @ 1 Jalan Kemboja 349415N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Jalan Kemboja 349416N/AN/A
Building @ 19 Jalan Kemboja 349424N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Jalan Kemboja 349425N/AN/A
Building @ 35 Jalan Kemboja 349432N/AN/A
Building @ 49 Jalan Kemboja 349439N/AN/A
Building @ 53 Jalan Kemboja 349441N/AN/A
Building @ 35 Chempaka Avenue 349648N/AN/A
Building @ 40 Sennett Estate 349713N/AN/A
Building @ 72 Cedar Avenue 349729N/AN/A
Building @ 17 Butterfly Avenue 349782N/AN/A
Building @ 86 Butterfly Avenue 349832N/AN/A
Building @ 96 Butterfly Avenue 349837N/AN/A
Building @ 55 Butterfly Avenue 349867N/AN/A
Building @ 0 Butterfly Avenue 349900N/AN/A
Building @ 39 Belimbing Avenue 349911N/AN/A
Building @ 42 Belimbing Avenue 349914N/AN/A
Building @ 44 Belimbing Avenue 349916N/AN/A
Building @ 51 Belimbing Avenue 349922N/AN/A
Building @ 53 Belimbing Avenue 349923N/AN/A
Building @ 57 Belimbing Avenue 349925N/AN/A
Building @ 14 Angsana Avenue 349961N/AN/A
Building @ 28 Angsana Avenue 349968N/AN/A
Building @ 0 Macpherson Road 368001N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Sennett Estate 466711N/AN/A
Building @ 1 senette close 466995N/AN/A
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