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Changi Heights
Changi Heights, 500000, Changi Airport / Changi Village (D17)


Project Name

Changi Heights

project type

Terraced House


Tuan Huat Investment Co. Pte Ltd




S$ 1,355 - S$ 1,386

Completion Year


# of Floors


Total Units

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Transport Accessibility
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Changi Heights

Changi Heights is a freehold landed estate development that located at 1 Jalan Sinar Bintang in District 17 (Changi, Loyang, Pasir Ris) of Singapore. This development are consisting total of 60 units and completed in 2002. It is a home away from the hustle and bustle of citylife with the 3 storey landed house tastefully done. Residents can head down to the nearby Loyang Point or Tampines Mart for amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, eating establishemnts, and more. There is a few feeder bus services are available near Changi Heights. It is also minutes ride to several elite schools.

Changi Heights is developed and built by Tuann Huat Investment Co. Pte Ltd (Springleaf Homes) which is a is a small-sized real estate organization held privately, and it has undertaken around 2 real estate projects in Singapore.

Changi Heights – Unique Selling Points

Changi Heights is a development is made up of 60 resort experience landed residences. This development offering a spacious master room and 3 bedroom all ensuite on the second and the third level. Beside that, it was also have the long big spacious kitchen on the ground floor that fully stocked and ready for the home cooked meals. It was also provide the private garden concept facing the living room and the extended patio roof cover. This development was also proximity to most of the megamart such as Giant, Ikea, Courts and etc. Other than that, this development also near to the lots of the family fun to the Pasir Ris Beach Park, Aloha Sand Resort and Theme Park.

Changi Heights – Accessibilities

Changi Heights was located at the stregically location that the residents can effortlessly get their regular groceries and essentials from Giant (Loyang Point), Sheng Siong Hypermarket (Loyang Point) and Giant (Tampines Mart). All of them are within short walk from Changi Heights. Shopping around Changi Heights is simple with Loyang Point as well as Jewel Changi Airport in proximity. Besides that, Changi Heights is accessible through the nearest train stations such as Loyang (CR3), Pasir Ris East (CR4), and Changi Airport (CG2). The nearest primary schools are White Sands Primary School, Pasir Ris Primary School, and East Spring Primary School. For vehicle owners, driving from Changi Heights to either the business hub or the bustling Orchard Road shopping District takes 20 - 25 minutes, via Pan Island Expressway.

Changi Heights - Amenities & Attractions

Dining near Changi Heights:
  • The Bark Cafe
  • The Coastal Settlement
  • Saltwater
  • Caprilicious
  • Coachman Inn Restaurant
  • Curry Times
  • Lots Gourmet

Schools and Education Institute near Changi Heights:
  • One World International School
  • Oversea Family School (Ofs)
  • United World College Of South East Asia (East)
  • White Sands Primary School
  • Pasir Ris Primary School
  • East Spring Primary School

Clinics and Hospitals near Changi Heights:
  • Changi Medical Center
  • Lloyd Leas Medical Clinic
  • Advances Dental Clinic Pasir Ris
  • The Woman Clinic & Surgery
  • Jubilee Family Physician

Shops near Changi Heights:
  • Loyang Point Supermarket
  • White Sand
  • Tampines Mall
  • One Tampins

Changi Heights - Project information

Changi Heights is a freehold development that are 60 units available at this project.

  • Project Name: Changi Heights
  • Type: Terrace House
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Configuration: 60 residential units
  • District: 17

Unit types for Changi Heights :
  • 3000 sqft, 1733 sqft (land) (4 bedroom 6 bathroom)
  • 3000 sqft, 2218 sqft (land) (4 bedroom 5 bathroom)
  • 3000 sqft, 2537 sqft (land) (4 bedroom 4 bathroom)
  • Expected TOP:

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Facilities & Amenities


  • Children's Playground

Buildings Details

Building # Floors # Units
Building @ 88 Jalan Sinar Bintang 506954N/AN/A
Building @ 65 Jalan Sinar Bulan 506957N/AN/A
Building @ 0 Jalan Sinar Bintang 507000N/A60
Building @ 59 Jalan Sinar Bintang 507030N/AN/A
Building @ 61 Jalan Sinar Bintang 507031N/AN/A
Building @ 67 Jalan Sinar Bintang 507034N/AN/A
Building @ 71 Jalan Sinar Bintang 507036N/AN/A
Building @ 73 Jalan Sinar Bintang 507037N/AN/A
Building @ 79 Jalan Sinar Bintang 507040N/AN/A
Building @ 81 Jalan Sinar Bintang 507041N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507042N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507043N/AN/A
Building @ 25 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507044N/AN/A
Building @ 31 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507047N/AN/A
Building @ 33 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507048N/AN/A
Building @ 35 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507049N/AN/A
Building @ 37 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507050N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507053N/AN/A
Building @ 45 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507054N/AN/A
Building @ 49 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507056N/AN/A
Building @ 51 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507057N/AN/A
Building @ 53 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507058N/AN/A
Building @ 55 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507059N/AN/A
Building @ 59 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507061N/AN/A
Building @ 62 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507063N/AN/A
Building @ 64 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507064N/AN/A
Building @ 68 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507066N/AN/A
Building @ 70 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507067N/AN/A
Building @ 72 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507068N/AN/A
Building @ 74 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507069N/AN/A
Building @ 76 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507070N/AN/A
Building @ 84 Jalan Sinar Bulan 507074N/AN/A
Building @ 2 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509207N/AN/A
Building @ 4 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509208N/AN/A
Building @ 6 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509209N/AN/A
Building @ 8 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509210N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509215N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509216N/AN/A
Building @ 28 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509220N/AN/A
Building @ 30 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509221N/AN/A
Building @ 32 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509222N/AN/A
Building @ 34 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509223N/AN/A
Building @ 36 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509224N/AN/A
Building @ 38 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509225N/AN/A
Building @ 42 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509227N/AN/A
Building @ 44 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509228N/AN/A
Building @ 46 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509229N/AN/A
Building @ 48 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509230N/AN/A
Building @ 54 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509233N/AN/A
Building @ 58 Jalan Sinar Bulan 509235N/AN/A
Building @ 5 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509237N/AN/A
Building @ 7 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509238N/AN/A
Building @ 9 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509239N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509240N/AN/A
Building @ 17 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509242N/AN/A
Building @ 19 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509243N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509244N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509245N/AN/A
Building @ 25 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509246N/AN/A
Building @ 27 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509247N/AN/A
Building @ 31 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509251N/AN/A
Building @ 33 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509252N/AN/A
Building @ 1 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509253N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509254N/AN/A
Building @ 13 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509255N/AN/A
Building @ 35 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509256N/AN/A
Building @ 37 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509257N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509260N/AN/A
Building @ 45 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509261N/AN/A
Building @ 47 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509262N/AN/A
Building @ 49 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509263N/AN/A
Building @ 51 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509264N/AN/A
Building @ 53 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509265N/AN/A
Building @ 55 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509266N/AN/A
Building @ 57 Jalan Sinar Bintang 509267N/AN/A
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