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Bedok Ria
Jalan Nipah, 488836, Bedok / Upper East Coast (D16)


Project Name

Bedok Ria

project type

Terraced House


Far East Organization




S$ 1,526 - S$ 1,968

Completion Year


# of Floors


Total Units

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Bedok Ria

Bedok Ria is a 2 storey freehold terraced house development. Located in the heart of city in District 16. Exact location is 88, Bedok Ria Crescent, Singapore. The property is located near Tanah Merah MRT Station. Completed in 1993, it is also located within the close proximity of landmarks like Newater Visitor Centre and Singapore Expo. The property comprises total 178 units.

The property is developed by Far East Organization, a well-known and trusted name for property development in Singapore. Far East Organization is one of Asia’s largest real estate groups together with its Hong Kong-based sister company Sino Group. It is a limited company by shares as well as operating as private development and investment companies through different sister concerns of the group.

Bedok Ria – Unique Selling Points

Amicable environment, appropriate commuting system and equitable prices make the Bedok Ria spectacular and most sought to all the home stalkers who are looking for properties. The sophisticated terraced house comes with the most pleasant looking surroundings, modern appliances and comfy amenities. Well-to-do living and effortless movement which have to be on top of anyone’s wish lists if they are here to know about this property and reckon to own it. Private 2-storey terrace house with spacious and efficient layouts, Close to numerous recreational and dining options in the East Coast, Short drive to renowned local and international schools are also the important unique selling points of this property.

Bedok Ria – Accessibility

Bedok Ria is accessible through the nearest train stations such as Tanah Merah, Sungei Bedok MRT Station, Downtown Line which is due 2024, and Bedok South MRT (TE30) Thomson-East Coast Line due 2024. It is well connected to the nearest expressways and numerous bus stops. Bedok Ria is just a few minutes drive to Orchard Road and the Central Business District.

Bedok Ria – Amenities

MRT Stations near Bedok Ria:
  • EW4 Tanah Merah MRT Station
  • CG1 Expo MRT Station
  • DT35 Expo MRT Station

Super Markets and Shopping Malls near Bedok Ria:
  • Cold Storage - Eastwood
  • Giant Super - Bedok Market Place
  • Cold Storage - East Village

Schools and Educational Institutions near Bedok Ria:
  • Bedok South Secondary School
  • Alps Academia
  • Bedok View Secondary School

Medical Facilities near Bedok Ria:
  • Woods Medical Clinic Pte Ltd
  • Nyam Family Clinic
  • Prodental (Bedok) Pte Ltd
  • Sheng Clinic
  • Nuffield Dental Simpang Bedok

Bedok Ria – Project Details

Bedok Ria is a freehold terraced house. Completed in 1993 and comprises 178 units. All the units are 3 storey high. Bedok Ria is an enormous landed property. Most of the Bedok Ria houses are situated at Bedok Ria Crescent. The representative floor plan of a Bedok Ria terrace house is about 1765 to 5866 sqft and includes at least one car parking space.The units are 3 bed, 4 bed, 5 bed, 6 bed 7 bed and 8 bed units.

  • Project Name :Bedok Ria
  • Project type :Terraced House
  • Tenure :Freehold
  • Completion Year :1993
  • Total Units :178

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Buildings Details

Building # Floors # Units
Building @ 31 Jalan Nipah 488836N/AN/A
Building @ 33 Jalan Nipah 488838N/AN/A
Building @ 0 Bedok Ria Crescent 489000N/A178
Building @ 5 Bedok Ria Walk 489699N/AN/A
Building @ 6 Bedok Ria Walk 489700N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Bedok Ria Walk 489705N/AN/A
Building @ 1 Bedok Ria Terrace 489726N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Bedok Ria Terrace 489728N/AN/A
Building @ 5 Bedok Ria Terrace 489730N/AN/A
Building @ 7 Bedok Ria Terrace 489732N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Bedok Ria Terrace 489736N/AN/A
Building @ 12 Bedok Ria Terrace 489737N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Bedok Ria Place 489763N/AN/A
Building @ 8 Bedok Ria Place 489768N/AN/A
Building @ 10 Bedok Ria Place 489770N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Bedok Ria Place 489771N/AN/A
Building @ 15 Bedok Ria Place 489775N/AN/A
Building @ 17 Bedok Ria Place 489777N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Bedok Ria Place 489780N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Bedok Ria Place 489781N/AN/A
Building @ 24 Bedok Ria Place 489784N/AN/A
Building @ 26 Bedok Ria Place 489786N/AN/A
Building @ 28 Bedok Ria Place 489788N/AN/A
Building @ 30 Bedok Ria Place 489789N/AN/A
Building @ 489790N/AN/A
Building @ 489791N/AN/A
Building @ 36 Bedok Ria Place 489792N/AN/A
Building @ 42 Bedok Ria Place 489795N/AN/A
Building @ 46 Bedok Ria Place 489797N/AN/A
Building @ 2A Bedok Ria Place 489798N/AN/A
Building @ 2 Bedok Ria Crescent 489818N/AN/A
Building @ 4 Bedok Ria Crescent 489820N/AN/A
Building @ 5 Bedok Ria Crescent 489821N/AN/A
Building @ 6 Bedok Ria Crescent 489822N/AN/A
Building @ 8 Bedok Ria Crescent 489824N/AN/A
Building @ 12 Bedok Ria Crescent 489828N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Bedok Ria Crescent 489832N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Bedok Ria Crescent 489834N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Bedok Ria Crescent 489836N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Bedok Ria Crescent 489837N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Bedok Ria Crescent 489839N/AN/A
Building @ 25 Bedok Ria Crescent 489841N/AN/A
Building @ 27 Bedok Ria Crescent 489843N/AN/A
Building @ 29 Bedok Ria Crescent 489845N/AN/A
Building @ 30 Bedok Ria Crescent 489846N/AN/A
Building @ 32 Bedok Ria Crescent 489848N/AN/A
Building @ 35 Bedok Ria Crescent 489851N/AN/A
Building @ 489853N/AN/A
Building @ 38 Bedok Ria Crescent 489854N/AN/A
Building @ 40 Bedok Ria Crescent 489856N/AN/A
Building @ 42 Bedok Ria Crescent 489858N/AN/A
Building @ 44 Bedok Ria Crescent 489860N/AN/A
Building @ 47 Bedok Ria Crescent 489863N/AN/A
Building @ 49 Bedok Ria Crescent 489865N/AN/A
Building @ 52 Bedok Ria Crescent 489868N/AN/A
Building @ 54 Bedok Ria Crescent 489870N/AN/A
Building @ 55 Bedok Ria Crescent 489871N/AN/A
Building @ 56 Bedok Ria Crescent 489872N/AN/A
Building @ 58 Bedok Ria Crescent 489874N/AN/A
Building @ 60 Bedok Ria Crescent 489876N/AN/A
Building @ 61 Bedok Ria Crescent 489877N/AN/A
Building @ 63 Bedok Ria Crescent 489879N/AN/A
Building @ 64 Bedok Ria Crescent 489880N/AN/A
Building @ 65 Bedok Ria Crescent 489881N/AN/A
Building @ 69 Bedok Ria Crescent 489885N/AN/A
Building @ 489888N/AN/A
Building @ 74 Bedok Ria Crescent 489890N/AN/A
Building @ 79 Bedok Ria Crescent 489895N/AN/A
Building @ 83 Bedok Ria Crescent 489899N/AN/A
Building @ 84 Bedok Ria Crescent 489900N/AN/A
Building @ 85 Bedok Ria Crescent 489901N/AN/A
Building @ 86 Bedok Ria Crescent 489902N/AN/A
Building @ 87 Bedok Ria Crescent 489903N/AN/A
Building @ 90 Bedok Ria Crescent 489906N/AN/A
Building @ 92 Bedok Ria Crescent 489908N/AN/A
Building @ 93 Bedok Ria Crescent 489909N/AN/A
Building @ 94 Bedok Ria Crescent 489910N/AN/A
Building @ 95 Bedok Ria Crescent 489911N/AN/A
Building @ 97 Bedok Ria Crescent 489913N/AN/A
Building @ 99 Bedok Ria Crescent 489914N/AN/A
Building @ 103 Bedok Ria Crescent 489916N/AN/A
Building @ 105 Bedok Ria Crescent 489917N/AN/A
Building @ 107 Bedok Ria Crescent 489918N/AN/A
Building @ 109 Bedok Ria Crescent 489920N/AN/A
Building @ 110 Bedok Ria Crescent 489921N/AN/A
Building @ 111 Bedok Ria Crescent 489922N/AN/A
Building @ 104 Bedok Ria Crescent 489926N/AN/A
Building @ 106 Bedok Ria Crescent 489927N/AN/A
Building @ 489999N/AN/A
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