Macpherson, Potong Pasir (District 13)

The streets of Macpherson and Potong Pasir have come to define District 13 as a quiet environment for one to live in. However the district has been developed into a thriving housing estate over the years, with Macpherson’s industrial area at Circuit Road that makes it convenient for the residents of the district to travel to and fro. Upcoming residential and commercial developments can also make potential property buyers anticipate further enhancement to the district.

Considering the rapid changes and development that District 13 has undergone over the years, it is surprising as we consider its historical backdrop: that Macpherson and Potong Pasir had been plagued by poverty and destitution. From 1910 to 1937, Potong Pasir was filled with sand-quarries, hence resulting in the name Potong Pasir that means “cut sand” literally in Malay. Later in the 1950s Potong Pasir became one of the locals’ essential vegetable plantation areas that utilized traditional forms of planting. Farmers then were poor and lived in old rickety attap houses because vegetable farming could not reap huge profits.

District 13 is now served by the North East Line (NEL) and Circle Line, making it accessible to other parts of the island and key areas of the city. In addition, a range of future developments are already underway for the district, including The Venue Residences and Sennett Residence. The first and foremost ‘The Venue Residences’ is a mixed development located at Tai Thong Crescent which allows residents to enjoy connectivity to the rest of Singapore via major expressways and public transport. Sennett Residence is also a key residential property that would capture the attention of families for many schools are located in its vicinity, including St. Andrew’s School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School and Cedar Primary School.

Macpherson, Potong Pasir (District 13)

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Chiltern Drive

6000 sqft

S$ 16,300,000

The Tre Ver

The Tre ...

64 Potong Pasir Avenue 1

1109 sqft

S$ 2,350,000

The Commerze @ Irving

The Commerze @ ...

1 Irving Place

431 sqft

S$ 550,000

Jalan Anggerek

Jalan Anggerek

Jalan Anggerek

7500 sqft

S$ 8,300,000

1022 sqft unit for sale in Blk B Kapo Factory Building

1022 sqft unit ...

Playfair Road

1022 sqft

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9 Meyappa Chettiar Road

872 sqft

S$ 2,088,000

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Latest Properties for Rent in Macpherson / Potong Pasir

Sommerville Loft

Sommerville Loft

Sommerville Walk

2056 sqft

S$ 6,288 /mo

The Commerze @ Irving

The Commerze @ ...

1 Irving Place

100 sqft

S$ 968 /mo

Betime Building

Betime Building

246 MacPherson Road

1851 sqft

S$ 4,800 /mo

The Tre Ver

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60 Potong Pasir Avenue 1

506 sqft

S$ 3,500 /mo

Tai Seng Exchange

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1 Tai Seng Avenue

200000 sqft

S$ 960,000 /mo

The Woodleigh Residences

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23 Bidadari Park Drive

667 sqft

S$ 5,500 /mo

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