Construction never ceases in Singapore and Tampines, despite already being a matured self-sufficient town has yet another community hub to visit. Our Tampines Hub (OTH) as it has been named is expected to have a 30-lane bowling centre, karaoke and a 24/7 gym for Phase 2 in 2017.

Phase 3 is expected to bring a 5,000-seater stadium, dance studios, a performance arts theatre and six rooftop swimming pools. Phase 3 has a due date of by August 2017.

The first phase was completed in end-2016 and its initial offerings are a new community centre, retail, F&B outlets, an 800-seat hawker centre and a badminton hall.

Our Tampines Hub

Source: People’s Association

Already residents can visit the hub and take advantage of some of its more unique activities such as what is being touted as Singapore’s first climbing wall theme park. Adapted from the New Zealand Clip n’ Climb theme park, there are 19 climbing challenges you can choose from regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are.

There’s also a laser tag arena and free weekday movie screenings from 8pm onwards. Snacks like free popcorn and candy floss are also redeemable, but while stocks last. Some of the movies that have been shown are Thor, Rise of the Guardians, Warcraft and Casper.

Other things that are in (or coming to) OTH include culinary classes, dance classes, a 13,000 sqft Family Medical Clinic and Community Health Centre, a 25,000 sqft Eco-Community Garden, a 70, 000 sqft Sports & Recreation Park for futsal, tennis and hockey, an 180,000 sqft regional library, a 110,000 sqft town square, 24/7 supermarket and even a public service centre.

The hub is along Tampines Avenue 5, and about a five-minute walk from the bus interchange.

Tampines Hub


In the future, there will be more greenery planted around the area and covered walkways will be built of up to 400m from the train station as a means of revitalising the town. The covered walkways are also meant to encourage people to be more active by cycling from home to the train station. To facilitate this further, more bicycle racks will be built.

With the OTH representing a new lifestyle hub and an alternative from the three currently reigning malls – Tampines 1, Tampines Mall and Century Mall -, there are now additional avenues of entertainment and recreation, especially for residents that live in the blocks closer to the OTH than the malls.

It is an exciting time to be living in Tampines what with all the new developments popping up in this matured town.