Upcoming homes in Punggol

In September 2019, a total of 2,724 BTO flats were launched for sale in Punggol. Prices ranged from $103,000 for a 2-room flat to $423,000 for a 5-room unit.

Residents of the upcoming BTO flats can enjoy excellent sea views as the flats will have unblocked views of the Johor Straits. Punggol is often popular with families with young children.

 Location Launch Date  Address  Flat Type  No. Of Units  Selling Price (Excluding Grants)  Selling Price (Including Grants)
 Punggol Point Cove September 2018 Bound by New Punggol Road  2-Room Flexi   1,260  $109,000  $29,000
 Punggol Point Crown  3-Room Flexi  189  $205,000  $130,000
   4-Room  872  $287,000  $227,000
   5-Room  403  $423,000  $378,000

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Looking ahead, while the supply of new homes in Punggol may seem limited at the moment, HDB is likely to ramp up the supply of BTO flats to meet the anticipated increase in demand from buyers attracted by exciting plans in Punggol.

Likewise, the government is likely to launch more land parcels for sale in Punggol, which will give a boost to the supply of private housing.


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