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Dear Friends,

Many people dream of owning multiple assets & being wealthy.
But it stops there… Strangely they are willing to put in so many hours into their work or business and yet they are not spending their hard earned money to grow their wealth and assets. Nothing is impossible! CHEAP IS NEVER THE REASON TO BUY! VALUE IS… Measuring potential upside is not based on 'hope' or 'believe', or even on what are the future planned developments for that area. Allow me to share with you how potential upside can be determined based on facts using the information available to me at the time of purchase. I am confident that after my sharing, you will be convinced that we have a unique and prudent method, based on facts. Go for properties with high potential upside & least risk. Something you can be certain of. Would you want to risk buying from someone that does not even show you any measurable data & stress test? CHOICE IS YOURS! Questions that some of my buyers would ask: · Can I pay lower installments despite owning 2 properties? · Which are the undervalued properties in today's market with the highest potential upside? · How to use various financing strategies to structure my property loan · How to save on ABSD cost? · How to determine the right entry price to pay? · How to determine the right exit strategy? · There are so many properties in the market how do I know that I’m buying the right property? · How do I maintain affordability even if Interest Rates rise? · How to restructure my current property portfolio to achieve my property objectives, including achieving higher yield and capital appreciation? · Why is housing loan a "Save as you earn program”? · Why is mortgage repayment not a loss? · How to have contingency fund and yet enjoy the luxury of holding multiple properties? · How to optimise my loan leverage and what are the other financing strategies that can be utilised? · How do the latest government property measures affect me in my particular circumstances? It is always prudent to hear an expert's advice on the above matters when considering a purchase. Why? Because only those who have transacted and restructured on many properties before will possess the insights, knowledge, practical experience and expertise to give you the proper advice and guide you through the process that is invaluable for you to make an informed decision on the right property to buy! ***************************************************************************************************************************************************** Selling is not about letting go at the highest price. If we hold on to this mentality we'll always be waiting for the next highest price. Instead, focusing on knowing when it is most beneficial & most advantageous for you to sell is key. Questions that some of my sellers would ask: · What would be my cash flow situation if I cashed out now? · Is there something out there with better potential upside than what I'm currently holding on? · Is there possibility of multiplying my cashed out money into two or more properties? · What are the 9 exit strategies that I should consider? For those who are wondering whether this is the right time for you to sell your property, I will share with you on the factors that the experts use to assess whether you should be restructuring your property portfolio to higher-yielding properties, including whether your property has reached its peak price. I will also recommend to you what are the higher-yielding properties that you should consider in today's market. As for my track record, I have personally handled more than 200 property transactions and restructuring of portfolios, and consistently won many awards. I have assisted some of my clients to pocket a neat 6-figure sum by advising them on the above matters. Many of my clients have given me referrals which attest to their continued trust and confidence in me. Be it to upgrade better living for family and your own stay or thinking of investing, my advice is always hear a proper plan before you commit. BUYING CHEAP MAY NOT BE BUYING RIGHT, BUYING WITH VALUE IS! Allow me to show you how you can use the techniques that I have mentioned above to invest safely in property in Singapore with the highest potential upside, and I believe it will turn out to be one of your best investments! Feel free to contact me @ 96629789  to find out more to starting on a fulfilling client relationship with you to grow your asset & wealth with you! Thank you!
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