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Where Preston Operates

  • Orchard / Holland (D09-10)

  • City & South West (D01-08)

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About Preston

Good day Sir/Mdm,

My name is Preston, or you can call me the 'Office Boy' from OrangeTee.
Why the nickname 'Office Boy'? That's what my colleagues in OrangeTee call me since I started doing office space. And well, because I am a young, hungry and eager commercial business space broker. Besides that, I am backed by a group of top producers specializing in commercial spaces. I plan to be one of the top office brokers in my firm, and how do I get there? By providing sound, detailed, precise and accurate advice to clients, and ultimately help you to get the office unit that you need! And thanks to the glorious telephone and Internet, even a young boy like me have over a thousand listings, so well assured that you can find a suitable unit! The definition of 'Office Boy' is someone doing simple and menial task in a corporate environment. Well, so think of finding an office space a simple task - That an 'Office Boy' is fit to do. Hope to be of service to you soon! Preston Tan (The Office Boy) OrangeTee.com Pte Ltd HP: +65 929 717 30 Reg No.: R057867G Estate Agent License No.: L3009250K
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Specialties & Services

  • Commercial Property

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