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DEANS – A brand name established since 1982

Pearly Teoh - more than 10 years’ experience in corporate leasing, sale of private residential properties and property management for absentee landlords


Dear Pearly,
I am leaving Singapore (again).
I wanted to let you know that you have been invaluable helping me navigate the nuances of finding and making Singapore my home. From Dover Rise to Sky Suites in CBD and most recently this amazing duplex at Mandarin Gardens overlooking the straits beyond the ECP, you really have helped make Singapore a place I can call home. My friends in the tech industry swear that you are the best agent in the country. I was skeptical at first, but we all agree, after working with you, that you are probably the best advocate to be found anywhere in the world. This is not hyperbole, my peers and I come from all over the planet and we all agree you are the best. I remember when a contractor was doing a poor job and arguing with me. I gave you a call and within 2 minutes, the whole crew were apologizing and making things right. I don't know what you said, but the look of shame and embarrassment in the eyes of the boss kind of made me feel bad for him and glad I was not on his end of the call. Only my own mother could make me look that way :) You set things right, and right away! You were a tough negotiator for me at Dover, at Sky Suites and here at Mandarin Gardens. You have saved me many thousands of dollars. You are tenacious, capable, honest and really fight for your clients. You get stuff done and do it with the kind of professional finesse that is rare today. You are the first person I recommend when my friends relocate to Singapore, and I am thankful for my peers that recommended I work with you to help me to come to Singapore. I am headed to Penang for at least a year. I really wish you could be my advocate wherever I go, but there is only so much Pearly to go around in the world! I hope if I become homesick for Singapore and return, you are still available to advocate for me another time. Over the last six years, my jobs have changed, my homes have changed, but you have been a constant and reliable ally the entire time and have never let me down. If I never return and you never hear from me again, I want you to know I wish you the very best in life. You have earned it and deserve it! Kindest regards, -- Justin ********************************************************** ''We have sold our Property in Eunos through Pearly 3 years ago. Pearly was instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of selling a property and managing our queries, doubts and at times unusual questions during the process with impeccable manners, humour and ease. She is kind and professional, making us feel special by understanding and addressing our needs while being firm, direct and to the point with both ourselves and the buyers. We believe it is this honesty that ensured she could sell the property within the timelines and price we hoped for, while also managing to secure a short term rent to support us during our relocation. We recently recommended Pearly to our friends as well and are happy to recommend her services now.” Erica Prada ********************************************************** From our experience of working with several realtors, none can match Pearly when it comes to getting the job done. Since then, we have worked with her on several projects over the last few years (selling, buying, renting and maintaining our rental units). Pearly has always been efficient and detailed and this gave us peace of mind. On top of that, she is always fair to all parties involved. This speaks volumes of her work ethic. For this, we trust her 100% and have been recommending her to anyone looking for a realtor. Jon and Denise ********************************************************** We met Pearly when she represented my tenant. In that capacity she was extremely helpful. We decided to engage her as our own agent when we wanted to sell the unit with the existing tenancy. She’s experienced, resourceful and patient. She took care to minimize the disruption to the tenant while marketing the unit and kept them happy at the same time. Overall a helpful and positive person, I would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Pearly’s services to anyone. Mr KF Yap
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