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About Myra

Plenty out there are skipping vital steps when choosing their next home.
These mistakes you might be making unknowingly could be the start of a bad domino effect for the next 30 years. Buy now with your final dream home in mind. Think of your purpose to choose your path. This will ensure your property portfolio is in line with your purpose - serving your families needs now and in the future. Hi, I'm Myra from MJP (Myra Jalil Properties). With systems and steps in place for you to replicate, rest assured you are led to your dream home with ease. Equipped with the numbers and analysis, let me map out your next 15-20 years to an early retirement. Call me 97383705 today to gain access to multiple FREE ebooks ranging from HDB Handbook, Sellers Manual and Upgraders Guide. Dream big, start small..
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Rental

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Rental

  • HDB Sales

  • Mortgage Advisory

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