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Where Melvin Operates

About Melvin

Welcome to Property Investor Insights.
My name is Melvin Gan. Here I share my thoughts, experiences and insights regarding the Singapore property market. Before I joined the real estate industry, I used to serve as a senior technician in the RSAF – servicing fighter jets for 10 years. During that period, I was also stationed to Cazaux, France for 2 years. When I moved on to the private sector, I had the opportunity to work directly with a true-blue Singaporean property investor. The privately-held company managed the reins of a property portfolio that had more than 150 assets in its stable – which included buildings, shophouses, commercial units and residential units. Over the 4 year period, I shadowed the principal owner – learning the ins and out of managing a Singapore property portfolio that was worth more than S$100 million dollars. I have witnessed challenging buyer-seller negotiations, crafted tenancy agreements, liaised with various government agencies, opened up A&A work tenders worth over $1 million dollars and even attended MCST meetings. You could say – I was a glorified property manager. But the sheer scale of managing these properties greatly enhanced my knowledge on: the Singapore property market the intricacies of negotiation and human psychology learning the decision-making process of buying investment properties understanding a true bonafide investor mindset on a daily basis Since then, I decided to make the leap to become a property agent. I have helped buyers & sellers and landlords & tenants from both the HDB and private property segments. That 4 years working closely with a sharp, successful veteran property investor has left an indelible impression on me. Thanks to that experience, I have a deep understanding of the property investor mindset. I have applied some of those insights when dealing and negotiating on behalf of my clients. To learn more, you can check out the content I share on my FB page & blog. Any queries – feel free to contact me via the form or drop me a WhatsApp message. In my free time, I am an avid runner. I realized physical activities like running helps to relax and clear my mind – giving a clarity that allows me to write my thoughts on property. Before I started running, my lifestyle was not the most healthiest. Running 5km already made me wheeze and breathing very hard. But people do change over time. In the recent 2019 2XU Run, I ran 21km in a period of 2hrs and 8 minutes. It was not a new personal record. But it was an achievement I’m proud of because it was an easy and smooth run.
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