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Where Lionel Operates

About Lionel

My name is Lionel Chew from ERA, Preeminent Group. Living in Japan for 7 years have shown me the highest standard of customer service. With that experience in mind, I would like to help my clients in their real estate needs. Be it selling, renting or accumulating wealth through asset progression, I believe that my role is to provide my clients with the best solution and crystal clear plan to guide them to their goal. Achievements: 2021 Feb Star Achiever ERA 2021 March Star Achiever ERA 2021 April Star Achiever ERA 2021 May Star Achiever ERA 2021 July Star Achiever ERA 2021 August Star Achiever ERA 2021 October Star Achiever ERA 2021 Sept Diamond Achiever ERA 2021 Sept 54th position Centurion Preeminent 2021 Oct 61th position Preeminent 2020 Aug Star Achiever ERA 2020 Top 500 Achiever Preeminent 2019 Q1 43rd position ERA 2019 255th position Preeminent 2019 March Top 100 ERA 2019 March 12th position Preeminent 2019 November Star Achiever ERA 2018 Top 300 Preeminent 2018 Top 100 Feb Preeminent 2018 Top 100 March Preeminent 2018 Top 100 August Preeminent 2017 Top 100 Preeminent 2017 July Top 100 Preeminent 2017 Top 100 Q1 Preeminent 2017 Top 100 October Preeminent 2017 Top 200 Achiever Preeminent Lionel Chew Senior Marketing Director Preeminent Group +65 88695589
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Rental

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Rental

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Rental

  • HDB Sales

  • Commercial Property

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