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Where Koh Operates

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I have been a Full-time Property Agent for the Past 20 years.
I am a Very Active Agent in terms of Marketing Efforts and Closing Sales. I cover the North and West Regions. I am Very Active in HDB Resales. But I am Most Active in Woodlands HDB Resales. I actively help my Clients in Selling and Buying Jumbos, Executive, 5-Rooms, 4-Rooms and 3-Room Flats. I will also do Selected HDB Rental and Condo Resale, especially if it is related to my HDB Resales. HOWEVER, I am MOST FOCUSSED IN WOODLANDS JUMBO AND EXECUTIVE FLATS. For the Past 20 Years, I have very actively helped Numerous Clients Sell and Buy Countless Jumbo and Executives Flats. So I believe my DETAILED MARKET KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE WILL SURELY ADD VALUE TO YOU IN TERMS OF MY CONFIDENT JUDGEMENT ON THE RIGHT HOUSE, RIGHT PRICE, RIGHT TIMELINE, RIGHT FINANCING AND RIGHT RENOVATION ADVICE. I will Propose Alternative Solutions to you base on your Situation and Need but I will Advise and Recommend you what I believe is the Best Plan and Proposal for you. DUE TO my many years of experience, I have Encountered Different Difficult Situations and Many Unexpected Problems or Last Minute Changed Requests, some of which are not clearly spelt out in the book ! These are the problems and mistakes I believe many younger or less experienced agents may also likely encounter sooner or later if they do more cases. THEREFORE, I believe my experience will Help You Avoid Similar Problems and Mistakes. BUT in the event unexpected problem or last minute changed request still arises, I also have the knowledge and experience in doing PROBLEM RECOVERY. IN SHORT, I WILL ENSURE YOUR SELLING AND BUYING TRANSACTIONS ARE EXECUTED SMOOTHLY WITH MINIMUM OR NO DISRUPTION TO YOU. IN CONCLUSION, I AM A TIME-TESTED AGENT while many other agents have come and gone after a few years. I have the IN-DEPTH MARKET KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE DUE TO MY MANY YEARS OF FOCUS IN HDB RESALES, ESPECIALLY WOODLANDS FLATS AND IN PARTICULAR JUMBO AND EXECUTIVE FLATS. I have also Numerous Track Records To Show You. I always like to Substantiate Everything That I Say And Claim With Detailed Evidences That You Can Easily Verify because it is very easy for anyone to make Unsubstantiated Claims if sellers or buyers do not bother to verify the claims made. I do all these EXTRA so as to to Prove To You That I Am Really An HONEST, RELIABLE AND CAPABLE AGENT In Hope To Win Your Favor, Trust And Commitment. I am VERY CONFIDENT to be YOUR BEST AGENT to get the JOB DONE EFFECTIVELY. AND if you are a JUMBO OR EXECUTIVE OWNER OR BUYER, DON'T THINK, CALL NOW @ 90054500  . I will come down REALLY FAST to Answer All Your Queries And Discuss With You. NO OBLIGATION AT ALL ! ALSO, if you are a 5-Room, 4-Room or 3-Room OWNER OR BUYER, Please Don't Feel Left Out Just Because Your House Is Slightly Smaller ! I Love Big Houses ! I also Love Smaller Houses !! So I also need you ! DON'T THINK, CALL NOW @ 90054500  . I will also take care of your need equally well. I REALLY HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU ! I REALLY HOPE TO MEET YOU SOON ! THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO FINISH READING ! YOU ARE REALLY GREAT !
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