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Ken Ng

CEA Registration No. R022884F
Agency License No. L3008022J
14 years with PropertyGuru

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About Ken

★ Ken Ng currently is the ADVISORY BEANCH DISTRICT DIRECTOR of “Powerful Negotiators”@ PropNex Realty Pte Ltd and also a monthly Trainer of PropNex 'CREST' course, “Powerful Negotiators” team 'Power-Up-Plus'(PUP) & 'Secret Selling Technique'(SST) course. He was formerly from the CAR (Automobile) industry for more than 20 yrs. He currently leads a team of about 200 associates. He has received numerous awards in the real estate industry.

In 2008, 2009 & 2010, three years in-a-row, ken achieved the overall TOP No.1 Individual Producer in his ex-real estate agency* as well as the Top Producers’ “Platinum Award” of Singapore Institute of Estate Agent (IEA) in 2009, and not limited to his individual success, he also led his team to the champion title for winning the 2010 TOP No. 1 Division Director.

In June 2011, Ken’s vision was proven right as the move paid off handsomely for him and his team of associates, as ken bring together his team of associates joined “Powerful Negotiators” team@PropNex from his ex-agency*. With the NEW team culture, synergy & “Real-Time” system which provides his associates access to real-time market data, it helps his agent to be more professional and effective when dealing with their clients as they have critical market information at their finger tips. Within 6 months in the same year, he achieved PropNex’ TOP No.26 Individual Producer in 2011, and led his team for winning the PropNex’ TOP No. 5 Division Director.

In 2012, PropNex 1Q Convention @ Kallang Theatre- “Conversation With CEO” Ken was openly sharing about his Positive attitude towards striving the best for clients. In the same year of 2012, he achieved PropNex TOP No. 4 Individual Producer and also led the team for winning PropNex’ TOP No. 5 Associates Division Director. He also was being appointed by Kelvin Fong (team-leader) as one of the “Powerful Negotiators” team trainer for one of the teams’ monthly signature course: “Secret Selling Technique”(SST). In January 2013, Ken was promoted to Group Division Director, and again he achieved PropNex TOP No. 6 Individual Producer and also winning PropNex’ TOP No. 2 Group Division Director among 5,400+ agent in 2013. Year 2014, he again achieved Propnex TOP No.14 Producer, but also, he achieved PropNex' CHAMPION No.1 Group Division Director. In Jan 2015, Ken promoted to District Director, and again he achieved Propnex TOP No.31 & TOP No.95 Producer and CHAMPION No.1 District Director on both 2015 & subsequent 2016 year.

Ken is equipped with diverse knowledge & experience to handle all of the real-estate properties ranging from- all types of Pte Residences(Landed/Condo), HDB, Commercial & Industrial and also Investment, therefore, he strive to provide a “One-Stop-Service” to help his clients pertaining all sort of properties matters with his team of professional whom he mentor personally.

Ken is an Investor, entrepreneur and also a property consultant for investor interested in investing in Singapore properties. He is known to help his clients minimise the risks by leveraging on the best suitable loans plan. His expertise in analysing the market in different sector such as Residences, Commercial & Industrial, and the property investments has also constantly translated huge profits for his investors. As a very experienced and expert consultant, Ken’s advice is highly sought-after by property investors as he is known to give unbiased advice to his clients.

Ken is focusing not just his own sales but also team-building now. Ken has helped many new, as well as experienced agents to achieve breakthroughs in their personal benchmark and advance to higher level in terms of sales & expertise. He has been highly commended for his Positive mindset, personally guidance to his agent, no shortcuts, and non-fancy but practical sales-techniques, and ability to motivate, inspire & influence people positively have been the catalyst to the improvement of personal productivity & confidence of many of his agent. His would like to grow his team bigger with different agent/expertise in Pte, Landed, HDB, Commercial & Industrial and Investment, so that by open sharing, cohesive teamwork and synergy, everyone will grow faster and stronger.

Ken believe that property agents have since move to a new era, today they don’t just sell houses & provide professional advice, they should also built trust and relationships through properties transaction in people’s live, and help those in need and in one way or other, help make Singapore a better place to live, play, learn and work.

*previous real estate agency = Global Real Estate (Asia) Pte Ltd

Powerful Negotiators Group
"The Largest Team In Singapore"

►► website: www.w*****

★ TRAINER (ACTA certified)

- 2016 (Yearly) PropNex TOP No. 95 Producer
- 2016 (November) PropNex PLATINUM AWARD Achievers
- 2015 (Yearly) PropNex TOP No. 31 Producer
- 2015 (Jan) Promoted to: Asso. DISTRICT DIRECTOR
- 2014 IEA (Singapore) "GOLD Award"
- 2014 (Yearly) Top No.14 Producer
- 2014 (3Q) PropNex TOP No.4 Producer
- 2014 (2Q) PropNex "Ambassador" Award
- 2014 (1Q) PropNex TOP No.5 New Project Salesperson
- 2013 (Yearly) PropNex TOP No.6 Producer
- 2013 (3Q) PropNex TOP No.7 Producer
- 2013 (Feb) Promoted to: GROUP DIVISION DIRECTOR
- 2012 (Yearly) PropNex TOP No.4 Producer
- 2012 (3Q) PropNex TOP No.10 Producer
- 2012 (1Q) PropNex TOP No.2 Producer
- 2012 (1Q) PropNex Convention - "Conversation with CEO"
- 2011 (Yearly) PropNex TOP No.26 Producer (Joined: June 2011)
- 2010 (Yearly) Global Real Estate* TOP No.1 Producer
- 2009 (Yearly) Global Real Estate* TOP No.1 Producer
- 2008 (Yearly) Global Real Estate* TOP No.1 Producer
- 2008 IEA (Singapore) "PLATINUM Award"

- 2016 (Yearly) PropNex CHAMPION No.1 Group District Director
- 2015 (Yearly) Propnex CHAMPION No.1 District Director
- 2014 (Yearly) PropNex CHAMPION No.1 Group Division Director
- 2013 (Yearly) PropNex TOP No.2 Group Division Director
- 2012 (Yearly) PropNex TOP No.5 Associate Division Director
- 2010 Global Real Estate* CHAMPION No.1 Division Director

- 2016 (Yearly) CHAMPION Group District Director
- 2016 (Mid-year) CHAMPION Group District Director
- 2015 (Yearly) 1st Runner-Up District Director
- 2015 (Mid-year) CHAMPION No.1 District Director
- 2014 (Yearly) TOP No.5 Producer
- 2014 (Yearly) CHAMPION No.1 Group Division Director
- 2014 (October) "HONOR AWARD" winner**
- 2014 (June) "HONORS AWARD" winner**
- 2014 (Mid-year) TOP No.5 Producer
- 2014 (Mid-year) CHAMPION No.1 Group Division Director
- 2013 (Yearly) TOP No.3 Producer
- 2013 (Yearly) TOP No.2 Group Division Director
- 2013 (Mid-year) TOP No.2 Producer
- 2013 (Mid-year) TOP No.2 Group Division Director
- 2012 (Yearly) TOP No.4 Producer
- 2012 (Yearly) TOP No.1 Associate Division Director
- 2012 "Powerful Negotiators" Speaker (Power Of Sharing)
- 2012 "Powerful Negotiators" Team's Trainer ("SST" course)
- 2011 (Yearly) TOP No.4 Producer (Joined: June 2011)
- 2011 "Powerful Negotiators" Speaker (Success Breed Success)

**HONOR award = Produce more then $100k in single month
*Global Real Estate was my previous Real Estate Agencies before I joined PropNex in: June 2011

Specialities & Services
  • Apartment Rental
  • Apartment Sales
  • Landed House Rental
  • Landed House Sales
  • HDB Rental
  • HDB Sales
  • Commercial Property
  • Mortgage Advisory
  • Official Valuations

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