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Where Jordan Operates

About Jordan

JN Consulting - Innovating Strategies, Achieving Success

Jordan holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and a master’s degree in International Marketing.
Formerly a Business Leader with the world's Top Consumer Electronics Brands, his past work experiences in the APAC region and educational journey nurtured him to be a consultant and also provided him with the skill sets required to perform and excel under intense and demanding work environment. Jordan's interests in the real estate industry began with investing in overseas properties where he joined a consortium to build a hotel in Myanmar. Along with that, he bought an EC to invest locally. Although the Overseas investment was less than ideal, Jordan learnt what it means to invests in property and the associated risks that comes with the returns. He later invested in landed property development and made profit in less than 6 months. The knowledge accumulated through these experiences helped him become savvy and astute when it comes to property investment. Jordan is also an avid learner and believes in learning though experience. His approach is to advise fellow investors on ways to minimize risk in their investments and provide various strategic options catered to their needs. What sets Jordan’s professional services apart is his personal approach catered to the individual. Jordan believes customer needs is important and he offers sincerity in building relationships. Coupled with strong work ethic, Jordan’s client base is built upon referrals by clients who have been satisfied with his work. His ability to add value and render complete professional real estate consulting services to clients has led them to entrust him with making major decisions and recommend friends and relatives to him. Jordan works with a network of mortgage specialists, solicitors and contractors who can help his clients throughout their entire real estate journey. With passion, experience, and a strong support group behind him, Jordan specializes in residential properties as well as Shophouses; a rare asset class that has intricate designs, with rich heritage. Call Jordan at 90098981 today for a get to know session. http://www.ksngjordan.com
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Rental

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Sales

  • Commercial Property

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