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Jerome Tee

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Jerome believes integrity is the key to provide the best for his clients, ensuring every transactions handled by him must be in the best interests of his clients.
Lot of information are transmitted/communicated even before a transaction happen and information are also easily obtained with the technology these day. BUT “Information Overload” or “Imperfect Information” does hinder your decision making. Information Overload is caused by the presence of too much information which leads to difficulty in making the CORRECT decisions. Imperfect Information is a situation in which involved parties have different information to the transaction. Jerome is committed to help his clients make the decisions that are beneficial for their loved one. He love to shares valuable knowledge and advice to his clients so that they are equipped with Perfect Information of the transaction in order to make the CORRECT decisions.
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Rental

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Rental

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Rental

  • HDB Sales

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