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James Goh J.B.

ERA GROUP Division Director
  • CEA Registration No. R026752C

  • Agency License No. L3002382K

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My Professionalism is your Satisfaction !


Answer: that is NOT true. this is because these agents are highly likely not to act in your best interest to get the highest possible selling price for you. Question: IF I SIGN AN EXCLUSIVE WITH AN AGENT AND HE/SHE IS UNABLE TO SELL OFF MY PROPERTY AFTER 2 OR 3 MONTHS, THEN I AM BEING BOUNDED BY THE EXCLUSIVE AND I CANNOT GET ANOTHER AGENT TO SELL MY PROPERTY FOR ME. Answer: Well, that is correct but you have the option to sack your exclusive agent anytime if he/she is not doing the job properly and professionally. Question: IF I DON'T SIGN ANY EXCLUSIVE WITH ANY AGENT, I CAN SAVE ON THE COMMISSION BY SELLING MY PROPERTY MYSELF ! Answer: that is not true. this is because majority of buyers are brought in individually by an agent. Since the agent is not your exclusive agent, he/she will act in the interests of his/her buyer to get more savings (reduce your selling price) for the buyer. So, there is no one to protect your interest and negotiate for a better price for you. Moreover, an exclusive agent will know how to market your property effectively and to the right suitable buyer. he/she will be experienced enough to give you the appropriate advice whenever you have doubts. Question: SELLING A PROPERTY IS EASY JOB. I CAN ADVERTISE AND WAIT FOR CALLS BY BUYERS TO VIEW MY PROPERTY. Answer: half correct. but selling a property is NEVER AN EASY JOB. it requires experience, and a lot of time and effort. An exclusive agent will undertake all the stress of selling your property, from doing valuation to marketing to conducting viewings to negotiation of price to coordinate smooth move-in and move-out at the end of a 3 month to 6 month process of selling and buying a flat. You wouldn't want buyers to come and view your flat everyday, causing your family and you inconvenience and you almost never know which buyer is truely serious in buying your flat or are they just 'shopping'? or is the buyer financially strong enough to buy your flat ? Bank loan approved? If you have appointed me to sell exclusively for you, you are assured that I will be COMMITTED to sell your property for you. You can be assured of maximum exposure as I will market your property online and on papers too. Selling will be hassle-free and I will arrange everything for you. I can liase with bankers about your housing loans and I have lawyers to take care of your sales/purchase transaction in the legal aspect. What is the most important? You can transfer the stress of selling to me and have fun pressurizing me to sell faster and higher for you. After a hard day work in your office, are you sure you want to come home and continue to stress yourself about your property-selling woes? Learn to enjoy life, appoint me as your exclusive selling property agent, leave your stress of selling and buying property to me ! Question: WHY MUST I APPOINT YOU? Answer: This is because you are paying commission and I will be committed from 3 to 6 months exclusively to you to ensure the entire smooth process of selling and taking over another flat. (if you take the commission and divided by the number of months taken for the whole selling and buying process to complete, your average monthly commission payable is actually not that expensive) My Professionalism is your Satisfaction. Don't believe? Try me! Call JAMES GOH J.B. HP 92299922  to free yourself of selling and buying property stress, NOW... ... I personally have been a Real Estate Property Agent Since Year 2002. Over the years, I have seen market prices going up and down many times and had faced and solved many unpredictable problems that arises un-expectablely during my accumulative vast experience in selling COUNTLESS properties. I am perfectly well-versed in HDB Properties, Private Properties, HDB Contra Cases, Properties involving bridging loans/short term loans, bankrupt cases, divorce cases, all financial matters, all time arrangement matters, all moving in/moving out matters, simply ANYTHING u could think of. I have also dedicated & pledge myself to service & help all my clients/customers that is within my means & capability. I strongly believe my long years of Real Estate Experience will be sufficient enough to assist any seller or buyer in selling or buying a property. Feel free anytime to call me for a Non-Obligatory Appointment :) Cheers From 吴剑彪 JAMES GOH J.B.  92299922  ERA Singapore ERA Affinity Division ERA GROUP Division Director ERA Property Navigators Cert-inCEHA CEA REG No R026752C www.erapropertynavigators.com Email - jamesgoh@era.com.sg RES License Course & SST Training Course BOTH FULLY REFUNDABLE Condo Project Leads, Sellers & Landlords Leads / Clients will be PROVIDED New / Exp / Part / Full Time Agt 1-1 CUSTOMIZED Coaching/Training REQUIREMENTS Minimum of 4 GCE 'O' Levels Credit Passes OR EQUIVALENT OR WPLN MIN LEVEL 5 Only Singaporeans Or Permanent Residents Holders who are 21 years old & above may apply New / Experienced Real Estate Agents Are Welcome Part Time / Full Time Real Estate Agents Are Welcome Sellers & Landlords Leads / Clients will be PROVIDED COMPANY OVERVIEW WE ARE ERA's No.1 Team & WE ARE THE LARGEST TEAM IN ERA New & Experienced Agents All Welcome Sellers & Landlords Leads / Clients will be PROVIDED POWERFUL Trainings & System HELP INCREASE your Sales Income Listings, Prospects, Forum, Researches, Marketing, READY Leads, Knowledge, Projects FULL SUPPORT will be at your Mobile Hp or PC will be PROVIDED Various Multiple Property Accounts data, knowledge & marketing tools will be PROVIDED *********************************************************************************************************** I personally have worked many kinds of jobs before - factory worker, waiter, bartender, shop assistant, sales promoter, hotel captain, pianist, etc The income I earned from these jobs ranges from $1000 to $5000 per month However, I realised that these jobs have a lot of common problems - Unjustified Income, Fixed Working Boring Hours, Serious Necessity to please your Direct Superior who hold control and heavily affect your job advancement, Retrenchment Risk, Slow and Controlled Income Increment Annually, etc. The worst problem of all is the profit savings margin per month was always low thus I was always poor. Therefore, I decided to be my own boss in full control of my own destiny, and if possible low capital injection requirement. I gave serious thoughts and consideration and finally concluded that a career of being a real estate agent would be able satisfy all my needs and creating a very prospectful prosperous career for myself. All I need for capital is name card printing costs and basic real estate training course fees to start my real estate career as a Real Estate / Property Agents. I gave myself 1 year time / chance for me to learn the basics of real estate and I put in 100% effort and I succeeded in my real estate career thus earning ever-growing impressive commission and overriding income from both personal sales and passive team commission overriding income since Year 2002. Feel free anytime to call me for a Non-Obligatory Appointment :) Cheers From 吴剑彪 JAMES GOH J.B.  92299922  ERA Singapore ERA Affinity Division ERA Division Director ERA Property Navigators Cert-inCEHA CEA REG No R026752C www.erapropertynavigators.com Email - jamesgoh@era.com.sg
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