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About Jack

Hi my name is Jack Ooi, I am a Luxury Condo Advisor with 10 years of experience.
My team and I specialise in Core Central Region for the last 10 years, serving home buyers, sellers, and investors with our proven and unique frameworks, like "CCR Resale Buyer Framework", "High Ticket New Projects Frameworks" and "High Ticket Property Closing System". Our frameworks, which is backed by latest tech and big data, as well as years of research, allow us to serve our buyer/investor/seller more effectively and efficiently, helping them achieve their real estate objective in the most cost-effective manner. Our service include: - Consultation to identify needs and objective, and propose the most suitable solution - Cover the widest range of properties in CCR (150+ projects) and One Stop Solution for home buyer/investor - Sell your CCR property faster and above valuation, with High Ticket Property Closing System - Value added services (Work with trusted team of experts) like mortgage and legal advise, financial planning, interior design, moving and relocation, family office, real estate research and education seminar etc - Specialise in serving both local and foreigners for Singapore properties You will find that we are different from other traditional property agents, as we pride ourself and position ourself as your Trusted Advisor, instead of salesperson or property agent. Looking forward to add value to you! Jack Ooi Your Trusted Advisor For Luxury Condo  +65 96563725  jackooi2020@gmail.com www.luxurycondosingapore.com
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  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Sales

  • Relocation Services

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