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Where Harvey Operates

About Harvey

Hi There! I’m Harvey Woon from ERA!

Just a short introduction about myself here! Real Estate has been in my blood for over 10 years now since I picked up interest in it and studied the course as my main University Curriculum in NUS.
After graduation with distinction, I went on to the Property Tax Division within IRAS for 3 years doing residential taxes before joining my current line. I for one don’t aspire to be an agent. I don’t want to be that tour guide who brings you to house after house. Instead, I aspire to be a consultant, one who looks at your property matters with the big picture in mind and tailor a solution that best fits your current and future property needs. I believe that the era of glib tongues to seal the deal is way over, and clients are now looking for real proper advice as property transactions are too expensive to make a wrong foot in. I Clock in 7 days a week every single year (less holidays) for work, and spend my precious off days travelling the world! During my free time, I love to relax, rejuvenate and recharge by playing badminton, floorball and also board games. I'm an avid animal lover, and would love to meet your pets if you have these furry friends! Sincerely looking forward to the chance of working alongside you! Real Estate B.Sc Honours( Distinction) 2014 Member of SEAA Awards: 2018 Aug: ERA Million Dollar Club 2019 Feb: ERA Overall Top 61th Achiever 2019 May: ERA Overall Top 56th Achiever 2019 Q3: ERA Overall Top 91st Achiever Year 2019: 2019 Overall Top 273rd Achiever 2020 Jan: ERA Overall Top 11th Achiever 2020 Mar: ERA Overall Top 6th Achiever 2020 May: ERA Overall Top 13th Achiever 2020 Q2: ERA Overall Top 28th Achiever 2020 Q3: ERA Overall Top 252nd Achiever 2021 Jan: ERA Overall Top 32nd Achiever Year 2019: 2019 Overall Top 273rd Achiever Year 2020: 2019 Overall Top 187th Achiever One Alliance Top 5 Achiever Feb 2019 One Allaince Top 9th Achiever May 2019 One Allaince Top 49th Achiever September 2019 One Allaince Top 27th Achiever September 2019 One Alliance Top 1 Achiever Jan 2020 One Alliance Top 1 Resale Achieve Jan 2020 One Alliance Top 24th Achiever Feb 2020 One Alliance Top 1 Achiever Mar 2020 One Alliance Top 1 Project Achiever Mar 2020 One Alliance Top 1 Project Transactor Mar 2020 One Allaince Top 1 Achiever Jan 2021 One Allaince Top 4 Achiever Feb 2021
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Rental

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Rental

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Rental

  • HDB Sales

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