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Hi investors,
Just want to know more about property investment ?

A client made a return on investment of more than *150% within just 3 years of purchasing.* Which is $471k profit with an outlay of less than $350k.
While the prices of some of the project nearby saw pricing stagnate. Buying a property isn’t all about location, it is about selecting the right property and the right project. Let me know if you are keen for a chat so that I can share with you more. What are the dangers of holding a property for too long? CPF accrued interest? No! That’s not a risk because CPF is after all still your own money. But many didn’t realize that the opportunity costs can accumulate up to millions within 10-15 years. Like for example one client who sold their HDB in 2012 and upgraded to a condo, today is sitting on more than $400,000 of profit but the HDB he sold back then is only worth $50,000 more. Is that a lost incurred by those who didn’t sell? Let me know if you wish to understand which position you are in, I’ll be happy to share more. Kindly whatsapp to Elaine @ 9171 5185  PROPNEX REALTY, HOME OF CHAMPIONS! The largest Listed Real Estate Agency in Singapore ACHIEVEMENTS : PropNex Gold Awards in 2020, 2021, 2022 HSR TOP 100 ACHIEVER FOR YEAR 2011 TO 2015, ORANGETEE TOP 300 ACHIEVER FOR YEAR 2017 TO 2019. I HOPE WITH THE PAST YEARS OF REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE, ACHIEVEMENTS AND TOGETHER WITH THE COMPANY'S INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY WILL BE ABLE TO HELP ALL POTENTIAL INVESTORS, SELLERS, BUYERS, LANDLORDS AND TENANTS WITH THE BEST OF KNOWLEDGE AND ABLE TO ACHIEVE POSITIVE RESULTS ! WINNING FOR LIFE ! TO GOD BE THE GLORY
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