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Hi, Fellow Property Enthusiast,

Real estate has been my passion even before my marriage.
I love space and therefore I like big and beautiful houses. In the 1980s, properties were relatively cheap. My wife and I could have afforded a landed property since we were both graduates, but we did not have a good real estate consultant to advise us then. So, we bought our HDB flat as most young couples do. Things have changed now. In order to raise the quality-bar of the real estate profession, MND (Ministry of National Development) had formed CEA (Council for Estate Agencies) to police and regulate the real estate business. An RES (Real Estate Salesperson) would need to take and pass an examination before he/she can qualify to practise. The EA (Estate Agency) which the RES is working with, conducts regular professional trainings. On top of this, CEA requires the RES to attend several CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Courses every year. This is to ensure that RES keep up to date on new policies, and also to upkeep their professionalism. So, property investors can now be more assured that they are in good hands. After my graduation from NUS, I went to work in the corporate world with a British MNC. This is the typical thing to do in those days, to have a regular job and earn a stable income. I had worked for 3 British MNCs during my time in the corporate world. However, my passion in real estate remains, and in the little pockets of time during weekends, I would visit show galleries, and even resale houses. I love space, and I am glad to have made the decision to buy my current penthouse of 300 sqm. This, I had bought as a new development at a very attractive price, during the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis when the PPI (Property Price Index) was at its lowest. Along the way, I had also bought properties in Malaysia and China (I had worked in China for a total of 6 years). After working so many years in the corporate world, I decided to give myself the chance to pursue my passion in real estate by becoming a RES. With my years of following the property market, I hope to be able to help fellow property enthusiasts to make the best decision on property investment, and to use it as an instrument for asset progression. Property investment is also a form of "forced saving" to hedge against inflation, and for future retirement plans. Being on the ground as a property salesperson, I hope to help clients make, probably, the most important investment decision in their life. My biggest happiness would be to see that their hard-earned money reaps reward in the future. Whilst the public see property salespersons as “agents” interested only in closing deals and making commissions, I aspire to be different. I wish to be an “educator” in facilitating clients to make an informed decision on their property investment, and to see their property asset grow from one property to two, three, etc. Please do call me for a discussion on our common passion. We can meet over coffee, to get to know each other’s passion, and not worry about any obligation towards an “agent”. Edward Meow 98283283  BSc (Chemistry & Mathematics)
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