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Dillon Sit

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Hi, I am Dillon

Having worked in a Real Estate Investment Training Academy, the valuable insights shared by real estate veterans opened my eyes to how property can safely and systematically grow one’s wealth

I saw how real estate veteran investors grew their wealth by following a safe & systematic plan and SHOCKINGLY they did not even use much of their savings.
Thus, I began sharing with ordinary folks that were willing to listen. My clients managed to do it without much impact on their finances and some were even more comfortable than before! Today, I have helped many home owners to successfully grow their wealth by having a beneficial asset progression plan. You can do it too and all I ask is for your listening ear. If you wish to know more, contact me at 93891992  and I will be happy to share with you more :)
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  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Sales

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