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Hi I’m Dickson,
* I am a Professional Real Estate Consultant who is specialized in Landed Properties in D9/D10/D11/D21/D23/D5.
* With my vast experiences in Banking & Finance (Bsc in Banking & Finance), investment in Private Residential & Commercial Properties, Redevelopment in Landed Properties and Boutique Hotels & Resorts. I am able to assist you to make an informative decision to secure, build your dream house (i.e. A&A or rebuild) and grow your properties portfolio. * We are armed with the most comprehensive Landed Properties Listing in Singapore that will reduce your tedious home searching process. * With my in-depth knowledge in real estate investment and redevelopment. I am able to provide a value-added service for my valued clients and investors to make critical decision. * With patience, a good listening ear and dedicated to provide you with the best service. * I appreciate amazing architectural design, innovation and Research & Development that gives a positive effect to the universal. * I value respect, trust & integrity (诚信) to serve you better. * All Buyers, Sellers and Investors are welcome. * Feel free to contact me for a non-obligation consultation @ +65 9488 4080  (Call 就是發發 是您發您) 嗨,我是迪申, * 我是一名专业的房地产顾问,专门从事 D9/D10/D11/D21/D23/D5 等地的有地房产。 * 凭借我在银行和金融(银行和金融理学士)、私人住宅和商业物业投资、有地物业和精品酒店及度假村的重建方面的经验。我能够帮助您做出信息丰富的决定,以确保、建造您梦想中的房子(即 A&A 或重建)并扩大您的物业组合。 * 我们拥有新加坡最全面的有地房产清单,可以减少您繁琐的房屋搜索过程。 * 凭借我对房地产投资和再开发的深入了解。我能够为我尊贵的客户和投资者提供增值服务以做出关键决策。 * 有耐心,善于倾听,竭诚为您提供最好的服务。 * 我欣赏令人惊叹的建筑设计、创新和研发,它们对普遍产生了积极影响。 * 我重视尊重、信任和诚信,以更好地为您服务。 * 欢迎所有买家、卖家和投资者。 * 请随时联系我进行非义务咨询@ +65 9488 4080  (Call 就是發發 是您發您) *RealStar – The Leading Bungalow Specialist. More than $12 billion worth of transaction! * We Lead you to your Dream House
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