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Your passionate Retirement Consultant in PropNex (Singapore Largest Real Estate Listed Agency).
Dear Valued Clients, Some background about myself. I used to own HDB flat with my wife. Then we asked ourselves these QUESTIONS:- (a) Will this HDB be our retirement home? (b) If we fully paid for this HDB, Can we really retire comfortably? (c) What if one day we are in need of money, can we cash out immediately at a very good price? (d) How much will we need when we retired at the age of 65 years old and if live until the age of 87 years old? (d) Will $2,000 per month retirement amount be enough for 22 years or more? That will be at least half a million (0.5mil) needed per person. (e) If we sell our HDB at today price, can we buy back later at a cheaper price? (f) Are we able to be financially free at the age of 50, 60 or 65? Then we realised that the money struck in the house is Just NUMBERS! Why owners are cashing out in today's market and build their retirement income? and that is why I and my wife decided to start planning and to build our retirement fund. On another note, we also asked ourselves why are we working so hard in life? Don't you think we should learn to enjoy life..., with family, children and our friends.... Therefore, to address the above, we need to have strategic planning for our retirement plan! How did we do it? We managed to purchase a private condo. The cash outlay is only 5% of the purchasing price and the next 20% can be used from our CPF. Is it a burden to own private property? I realised that our monthly mortgage loan for the private investment property can be financed by the monthly rental fee. Then we see the opportunity that our private condo has appreciated more than $200K few years after that. We sold and cash out. We realised the importance and took advantage of the potential upside properties with "Build-In Profit". This is very important especially when we started using the 7 strategies rules. Currently, we owned 2 private properties which are still under construction and yet to TOP. And we are also staying at another private condo at the same time enjoying life with our family and love ones. How are we able to do the above? After selling our HDB and the private condo, other than the cash outlay for purchasing of the new launches, we have also set aside reserve fund in case of raining days as a safety net. I have shared how I started to build my retirement fund. I have also helped not just my friends but also my valuable clients and I see how they benefited from it and that made me passionate about using real estate as a retirement plan. I love to share my strategy and to help you build your retirement plan too. Would you want to be worrying free about money for your retirement? Would you prefer to get your money to work harder for you? How do you leverage on other people money (OPM) and start to build your retirement plan? Call me and let's have a no-obligation chat today. David Soh (PropNex) Associate Group Director https://wa.me/6590669589 davidppty@gmail.com https://david.com.sg
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