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About Bryan

Hi everyone, my name is Bryan.
I was staying in HDB BTO since year 2003. This year is also the year where Outbreak of SARS in Singapore. This year 2003, was also the year that I married to a beautiful young lady and then few years later, come with 2 adorable daughters. Since the birth of our eldest daughter, our priority is to taking good care, educating and nurturing our children. As times goes by, we dare not spend much on luxury items, such as yearly travelling, dine in restaurant weekly and items that good to have. Our expenses mainly on children enrichment programme such as piano & abacus class which we both strongly believe by activate right and left brain for a child since young will enhance their foundation in learning. During my past career in corporate, I had many opportunities in visiting many countries for works such as Asia, Europe, Pacific and America. Other than works during business trip. If have any free time, I always like sight seeing on the building structure in those countries and also exploring on residential price tag. The residential(especially in China) price rise tremendously after few years revisiting. Since then, I started exploring how people built their wealth through property. Read many article, bought many books, attended many seminar, be it English or Chinese which relevant to property related matter and grab the essence of it. By that time, I am no longer feel still happily staying in my BTO HDB without worrying monthly installment since fully paid. As I realise I make a 'big' mistake for continuing staying in my existing home.(financially). I started to 'take action'. Note: This is the crucial part as many knew it but didn't act on it. After careful planning and I finally get my first private condo in year 2016. During that time, the unit that I bought was one of the highest in term of psf pricing. However, I still make decision to proceed. Look back from now, I am happy with the decision and action that I took. Today I am sitting on few hundred thousands of profits and the property investment journey is still continuing...... If you would like to find out how I did it, you may give me a call for a sharing discussion. What you need to do is to treat me a cup of coffee
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