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About Bruce

Dear Friends,

When I set out on my property journey more than 13 years ago, I was determined to learn the skills and insights on how to decide on the right property to invest in, not only for my own investments but also for my work as a realtor to assist my clients to build their wealth through property.

Over the years, I have spent a considerable amount of my own money to attend numerous courses and attended many trainings to gain extremely valuable insights on the Singapore property market, as I strongly believe that the best investment is in equipping yourself with knowledge and skills.

In my own personal investments, I started out many years ago owning a 5 room HDB flat in the central region of Singapore. Fast forward 9 years later, after progressing each time to a better property and using the profits earned from the sale of properties, today I and my wife are the proud owners of 2 very good private properties which are extremely limited in supply in Singapore and highly coveted.

How did I manage to achieve these? Contact me and I will be happy to share my experiences. My passion lies in helping others to have a similar succesful property investment journey as me. Seeing my clients succeed to achieve financial freedom and a comfortable life by making shrewd property investment(s) gives me sense of achievement.

My real-life experiences in my own property investment journey and in assisting my clients have confirmed my firm belief in the importance of making right financial decisions. These experiences also shaped how I give real estate advice and the values that guide my work. This is because I believe a real estate decision is ultimately a financial decision.

To achieve financial freedom, I believe a property should be both a home (if you intend to live in it) and an investment. You will be able to get the best of both worlds by being able to live in a property of your choice within your budget and be able to see it appreciate over the years. I have used this strategy for my own property investments. While this sounds like a well-known strategy, knowing which is the right property to buy and at what entry price and at which point to sell at the optimum price requires the real expertise of someone who has done it himself. I have assisted many of my clients to progress to their ideal properties/homes over more than a decade, and formed decades long relationships with them. Many of them even have told me that they will only buy or sell their property through me, and trust in my advice. Many of them have also referred their relatives or friends to me. Such positive responses from my clients gives me further motivation to excel in my work.

I believe property investment should be a crucial part of your plan towards saving for retirement and/or financial freedom.

Buying or selling a property using the right knowledge requires skill and expertise. Over the years, my previous clients have asked, and I have advised them on :
· Can I pay lower instalments despite owning 2 properties?
· Which are the undervalued properties in today's market with the highest potential upside.
· How to use various financing strategies to structure your property loan. · How to save on ABSD cost.
· What is the right entry price to pay?
· How do I maintain affordability even if Interest Rates rise?
· How to restructure my current property portfolio to achieve my property objectives, including achieving higher yield and capital appreciation
· What is the right time and what are the factors to consider if I am considering to cash out on my property and restructure to owning a higher-yielding property?
· How to create a Real Estate Savings Plan
· How to embark on a Save as you earn program
· Create a contingency fund
· Perform a 'stress test' to gauge the affordability of the property in my client's particular circumstances
· How to optimise my loan leverage, and what are the other financing strategies that I can utilise?
· How does the latest government property measures affect me in my particular circumstances?
It is always prudent to hear an expert's advice on the above matters when considering a purchase. Why? Because only those who have transacted and restructured on many properties before will possess the insights, knowledge, practical experience and expertise to give you the proper advice and guide you through the process to make the right decisions.

For those who are wondering whether this is the right time for you to sell your property, I will share with you on the factors that should be used to assess whether you should be restructuring your property portfolio to higher-yielding properties, including whether your property has reached its peak price. I will also recommend to you what are the higher-yielding properties that you should consider in today's market.

As for my track record, I have personally handled more than 300 property transactions and restructuring of portfolios, and consistently won many awards (as you will be able to see on this website). I have assisted some of my clients to pocket a neat 6-figure sum by advising them on the above matters. Many of my clients have given me referrals which attests to their continued trust and confidence in me.

So, please do not hesitate anymore and call me NOW @ 9***** to find out more! I look forward to starting on a fulfilling client relationship with you to create/grow wealth for you.

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