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Is Bee Yeo a well established property agent?
She has been with ERA since 2010 and she is a Branch Division Director.
She is dealing with both residential and commercial properties. She is also a Japanese speaking property agent with vast experience serving Japanese corporate customers in their business and residential needs. When you engaged her service, you are tapping into the valuable resources of her premium team which is Preeminent Group (Top Division of the Year for many years) and the vast network of ERA agents and co-broke agents from other real estate agencies. She has been awarded ERA Singapore Multi Million Dollar Club member in recognition of her outstanding track record. Why should you engage Bee Yeo as your property agent? Have a discussion first! Do feel free to contact her for any discussion in English, Chinese or Japanese. Achievements BSc (Honours) National University of Singapore JLPT Level 1(highest level) in Japanese Language Cert-in-CES (real estate) ERA Multi Million Dollar Club Agent award Websites: www.b***** www.s***** PREEMINENT GROUP - #1 Fastest Growing Group in ERA #1 PRIVATE PROPERTY GROUP in ERA " Engage 1 & Get More than 2300 Agents from the #1 Champion Team in ERA to Serve You!" Are you looking for a japanese speaking property agent? 初めまして。シンガポール生まれ育ちのビーヨーと申します。日系会社勤務および日本滞在したことがございました。ローカル商習慣を熟知したうえ日本人とのお付き合いが長いため日本人の目線からアドバイスができます。シンガポールで不動産の賃貸から売買まで、手厚いサポートさせて頂きますので、ご安心任せてください。物件の内見のアレンジからビュイング、仮契約書、本契約書の作成、電気、ガス、水道、インターネットなど各種の相談、部屋鍵のお渡しおよび家具リストの作成までいろなサービスを行います。お気軽に日本語で取り合わせてください。宜しくお願いします。 日本人客担当者:Bee Yeo (ビー . ヨー) Are you looking for a chinese speaking property agent? 感谢您登入我的网站。我是一名专业房地产经纪。无论是购买、出售、出租或投资住宅、商业或工业地产,我都能提供一流的服务。 我精通英语、华语和日语。欢迎您与我联络。 房屋经纪:姚小姐
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Rental

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Rental

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Rental

  • HDB Sales

  • Commercial Property

  • Mortgage Advisory

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