Ang Yang Ming

Ang Yang Ming

Branch Director, PropNex Overall TOP HDB Transactor 2018 (3rd position)
  • CEA Registration No. R009471H

  • Agency License No. L3008022J

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Where Ang Operates

  • West (D22-24)

  • Newton / Bt. Timah (D11, 21)

  • Orchard / Holland (D09-10)

  • City & South West (D01-08)

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About Ang

Hi, thank you for spending your precious time to read about my portfolio.
My name is Ang Yang Ming, you can call me Yang Ming. I am active and TEN years Full Time Certified Real Estate Professional with PropNex Realty Pte Ltd; Power Of CLOSING Division. I am PropNex Ambassador. PropNex Overall Top 88th Achiever in 2014. PropNex Overall Top 103th Achiever in 2015. PropNex Overall Top 38th Achiever in 2016. PropNex Overall Top 59th Achiever in 2017. PropNex Overall Top 69th Achiever in 2018 PropNex Overall Top HDB Transactor 2018. 3rd Position PropNex TOP 50 Producers in Jun and Nov 2015 PropNex TOP 50 Producers in Mar, Jun and Dec 2016 PropNex TOP HDB transactors in Nov and Dec 2015 and Jan 2016 (consecutive for three months) PropNex TOP HDB transactors (Champion) in Mar 2016 PropNex TOP HDB transactors in Feb 2017 (4th position); Jun 2017 (2nd position) PropNex TOP HDB transactors Jan 2018 (Champion) Apr 2018 (3rd position) Jul 2018 (3rd position) Aug 2018 (Champion) Oct 2018 (4th position) PropNex TOP HDB transactors Jan 2019 (5th position) Feb 2019 (2nd position) Mar 2019 (5th position) With years of selling, buying and leasing experiences, my service and invaluable advice will help you make your best real estate decision whether you are a seller, buyer, landlord or tenant. I am capable of advising you on the different kind of scenarios that you may faced in your property transaction. Eg: Divorce case, Bankruptcy case, Selling under administrator, Grant of Probate, Power of Attorney, Selling before getting your BTO flat, Contra, Bridging loans and Housing grants etc. Many satisfied clients are also impressed with my strong negotiation skills. I have help many sellers sell their property higher than market price (with the RIGHT marketing to REACH out to the RIGHT buyers) and buyers to buy at a lower price or even below market value. This is reflected in the testimonials which they wrote in to thank me for my service. I can also provide you with documents proof of my recent transactions that I have done. By engaging me, you can rely on me ensure that your interest at every point of the transaction are well taken care of and with no compromise. I am committed to serve you with dedication, integrity and professionalism. My commitment values to clients: 1. Honesty and Integrity 2. Professional Dedication 3. Positive Attitude 4. Understanding and the ability to match the needs of clients. If you have any questions or require advices on your real estate needs, please call / SMS / Watsapp me at (+65) 97227922  or email me at Thank you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 您好。谢谢您抽出宝贵的时间来阅读我的个人资料。 我姓汪,名扬铭。您可以叫我扬铭。我是一名活跃又全职十年的认证房地产销售人员,任职 PropNex Realty Ptd Ltd, Power Of CLOSING Division. 我是一名 PropNex 大使。 2014 年,总公司 88 名次得奖者。 2015 年,总公司 103 名次得奖者。 2016 年,总公司 38 名次得奖者。 2017 年,总公司 59 名次得奖者。 2018 年,总公司 69 名次得奖者。 2018 年总公司 HDB 交易 (3rd 名次); 2015 年,总公司 前 50 名次得奖者, Jun & Nov。 2016 年,总公司 前 50 名次得奖者, Mar, Jun & Dec。 总公司 前 5 名次 HDB 交易, Nov & Dec 2015 年 和 Jan 2016 年。(蝉联三个月), 冠 军 HDB 交易, Mar 2016 总公司 HDB 交易, Feb 2017 (4th 名次); Jun 2017 (2nd 名次) 总公司 Jan 2018 (冠 军), Apr 2018 (3rd 名次), Jul 2018 (3rd 名次), Aug 2018 (冠 军), Oct 2018 (4th 名次). 总公司 Jan 2019 (5th 名次) 总公司 Feb 2019 (2nd 名次) 总公司 Mar 2019 (5th 名次) 我有多年的销售,买和出租房子的经验。无论您是卖家,买家,房东或是租客,我的服务和珍贵意见一定能够帮助您做出最正确的决定。 我也能够给予您忠告和意见在销售,买或租房子的交易中。如:离婚,破产,行政管理,遗嘱认证,安排授权委托书。在拿新房子之前后卖房子,对敲,过度性贷款和房屋津贴。 许多满意的客户都很欣赏我出色的谈判技巧。我帮过不少卖家售出高与市场价(用对的行销策略找到对的买家),也帮过不少买家买到低价甚至低与市场价的房子。客户为了感谢我,给我写了推荐及表扬信。 我能提供文件证明我最近的交易。 雇佣我的服务,您可以放心及确保您的利益在每一个交易环节都没有被忽略掉。 我承诺贡献我廉正又专业的客户服务给您。 我承诺给予客户的价值观: 1)诚实廉正 2)专业贡献 3)积极的态度 4) 了解及匹配客户的需求 如果您有任何房地产疑问或需求,请电 / 简讯 / WatsApp :(+65) 97227922  或电邮 谢谢。
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Rental

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Rental

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Rental

  • HDB Sales

  • Commercial Property

  • Mortgage Advisory

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