Division Director Powerful Negotiators Group / PNG Propnex #1 largest agency in Singapore With 10 years of experience in real estate, various of highly track record working with developers, sellers, buyers & investors have advocate her client's interest her priority Amy is the project I/C for One Eighties Residences, a boutique freehold development of 52 units in District 15. She lead the team to a victory sell out! She's regularly featured in Lian He Wan Bao & Zao Bao sharing her views in property market to the chinese readers, her views are well received credit to her transparency & savvy advise to readers A property investor herself have also assisted many client of hers to become multiple properties owner, all this through prudent financial planning thus creating passive income She is a highly result oriented property agent who ensure a win win negotiation in every transactions, do take a look at her testimonial video She lead a team of savvy agents at Amy Lim & Associates. We have various of specialized agents to assist you in your property matters, we look forward to hear from you Amy Lim can be contactable at 85889088 大家好,我是Amy 想必大家都想在最短的时间内,以最高的价格卖出您的房产 我们建议使用互动式的视频介绍,来吸引潜在客户的浓厚兴趣。 这样即使在实地看房之前,您的潜在客户已对您的房子产生良好的印象! 我们所制作的视频,可以突出优点,以最佳视觉角度来展示您的房子。 这视频可以让您的客户留下深刻印象,并期待前来看房。 以上的营销方式可以更高的价格及更快的速度卖出房产,这一点已获得实战成果的充分证明。   您想借着社交媒体向您的潜在买家推销自己的房产吗?那么,互动式的媒体,就能让您享有全天候的曝光度。   比起传统式的在线图片广告网站,数码视屏能让您的房产获得更高及更广的关注率。 在短短的一个星期内,至少有5400人观看了您的房产介绍视频。 作为出售房产的业主,您因此获得更高的关注率、更多询问以及更多出价。     除了协助客户出售他们的房产、帮助他们即时了解下一个投资良机也同样重要。   选择适当时刻入场购买合适的产业,这其中所赚取的财富可能是您以前所未能预料和想象过的。 只要在购买时,参照经过我们深入分析和统计的数据,丰厚的回报您可以预期得到。 我将与您分享如何辨识下一个投资产业。它将为您带来高达百分之四的租金收益,它也在未来的产业增值上具有巨大潜力。   来自一流专业经纪人的咨询服务能确保您朝着财务自由的方向前进。 请和我保持联系! 我是Amy Read more

Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Rental
  • Apartment Sales
  • Landed House Rental
  • Landed House Sales
  • Mortgage Advisory
  • Official Valuations
  • Relocation Services
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Regions Covered

  • East Coast (D15-16)
  • Newton / Bt. Timah (D11, 21)
  • Orchard / Holland (D09-10)
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HDB Estates Covered


150 Thomson Road

  • S$ 2,480,000
  • 3 2
  • 1130 sqft
  • S$ 2,194.69 psf
  • Condominium
  • Freehold
  • Built: 2002

950 Dunearn Road

  • S$ 2,100,000
  • 4 3
  • 1345 sqft
  • S$ 1,561.34 psf
  • Condominium
  • 99-year Leasehold
  • Built: 2006