• Christopher Chitty
  • 24 February 2016

TEE Land has completed 12 projects in Singapore and five projects in Thailand to date. With an intent to expand further into the ASEAN market, they are making a name for themselves as a serious boutique developer with an eye for interesting projects in well-established locations.

Project Name: 183 LONGHAUS

Address: Upper Thomson Road

Type: Mixed development

Site area: approx. 16,953 sqft

Tenure: Freehold

District: 20

Configuration: 40 residential units, 10 commercial units in a 5-storey building

Unit types: 22, 2-bedroom units (538, 570, 689, 797 sqft)

2, 3-bedroom units (775 sqft)

2, 4-bedroom units (936 sqft)

14, 3-bedroom penthouse units (947, 958, 980, 1,076, 1,109, 1,152, 1,184 sqft)

5, restaurant units (441, 1,119, 1,141, 1,679, 1,808 sqft)

5, retail units (710, 732, 1,087, 1,119, 1,442 sqft)

(Unit types are represented exactly as from www.183longhaus.com.sg)

Parking lots: 27 residential basement lots, 13 residential mechanized lots, 9 commercial basement lots, 2 handicap lots, 2 motorcycle lots

Expected TOP: October 2020

Project Details

With 22 units, the 2-bedroom unit types make the majority of total apartments in 183 LONGHAUS. At the showflat, one 2-bedroom unit at 570 sqft is available for viewing. This unit size is one of the bigger 2-bedrooms available.

The smallest is at 538 sqft, which given that it is a boutique development, is bigger than what constitutes a shoebox apartment.

This particular showunit is of a middle size, where the 2-bedroom units are concerned though it does set a precedent for what to expect with the smaller and bigger units.

The door to the main entrance does not open up into the kitchen like most developments but once you enter, the common bathroom is on your left. While this layout is largely unconventional, having the bathroom (and toilet) located behind a pillar and away from the cooking area isn’t a bad idea.

Source: TEE Land

Source: TEE Land

It’s more hygienic than having the toilet near the kitchen and provides the resident with a bit more privacy. The bathroom is rather large and on par with some en suite bathrooms in master bedrooms in other developments. The wet area is spacious and comes with a rain shower installed.

Even the passageway leading to the living area is quite wide; about four shoulder length width.

While the actual unit comes bare without the wallpaper and designed mantelpieces, the showunit makes the most of its size to illustrate possible uses of the space available.

183 Longhaus living area with high ceiling

183 Longhaus living area with high ceiling

The floor tiles that are in the bathroom and living area are homogeneous though with a marble-like luminescence. These catch and reflect the lights, brightening up the unit even more.

The large windows also admit a lot of light and their double-glazed nature insulates the resident totally from the noise of traffic outside. With that said, traffic noise can hardly be heard when in the showflat where its entrance is regular glass.

The living area of which the large windows are adjacent to, shares its space with the kitchen and the dining table. Yet, it still manages to be both spacious and comfortable for a family of three living in the apartment.

Living area with open kitchen

Living area with open kitchen

The kitchen cabinets and drawers are anti-slam and though white on the outside, the interiors sport darker brown wood which acts as a nice contrast as well as improving the overall aesthetic.

The standard fare of kitchen appliances – fridge, oven, cooker – come with the units. These are Teka branded, except for the sink which is by Rodi. Given that cooking space will be limited, the sink comes with a cover that acts as concealment for the basin when not in use. It doubles up as a chopping board too.

The tap is built into the sink and is retrieved by pulling it out from its holding place to which it is connected to the piping. There aren’t many developments that utilise space saving appliances which makes this an excellent addition by TEE Land.

Other appliances that come with the units are the washing machine/dryer. This is placed in the yard space, next to the kitchen. A platform will be built above where the machine is for residents to place their laundry basket and cleaning fluids on. The concealed fuse box is also located in here.

Living area and dining table

Living area and dining table

Usually, when the kitchen shares space with the living room, things get a little cramped. But in this showunit, the space allocation is just nice. There’s a lot of room to move around while cooking, even if the cooking space itself is limited.

There’s even a cosy corner for a three-seater or a small L-shape couch. The distance to the wall where most people would mount a television is of a good viewing distance. While the dining table in the showunit is next to the living area, it does not intrude upon the space and instead makes TV-watching during dinnertime a snug affair.

Good amount of space to move around in

Good amount of space to move around in

Speaking of snug, the two bedrooms are of the same size though with different ID (interior design) treatments to show the scope of customisation possible.

The first bedroom sports a furniture deck with the wardrobe built in as part of its frame. Ceiling height for the bedrooms are 2.9m which is helpful in making the unit feel spacious.

Common bedroom

Common bedroom

For a bedroom, it allows the owner to build a deck – though not very high – if they need to integrate working space into the room as well. This first bedroom offers a glimpse of that, with the single bed on a deck built above the wardrobe and a long computer table for a laptop on the opposite wall.

The layout is functional even if it does not leave space for too big a table. Still, for one person staying in the room, smart interior designing can turn the room into something decent as shown with the ID treatment.

Common bedroom

Common bedroom

The second bedroom however, has a queen size bed sitting low on the ground in a more conventional layout. Both bedrooms are outfitted with laminate flooring. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this design is the bay window installed on the side with a work table platform built into it.

All units come with bay windows built into the master bedroom and living area. For boutique developments, let alone projects launched now, bay windows are uncommon.

Second bedroom

Second bedroom

However, while bay windows have a tendency to eat up space, in the showunit (and thanks to good ID treatment), they appear unobtrusive. Ultimately, how they enhance the unit is reliant completely on the resident’s renovation/furnishing criteria.

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As a major trunk road linking the Central Business District (CBD) with the northern suburban areas, Thomson Road has been – in some circles – considered the centre of Singapore.

And if so, then 183 LONGHAUS, an upcoming mixed development by boutique developer TEE Land, takes advantage of this by being situated along the busy Upper Thomson Road, surrounded by a plethora of amenities.

Behind 183 LONGHAUS, is the MacRitchie Reservoir and while the pathway is currently obscured by the construction of the new MRT line, it is still a favourite retreat for nature lovers. That it lies a mere 10 minute walk from the development ought to be a pleasant treat for future residents.

Upper Thomson Road

Upper Thomson Road

Future residents of 183 LONGHAUS will live in a special little location. It is one of the last pockets of freehold land in a rich area surrounded by modern amenities with the beauty of a natural environment languishing some ways behind.

Travel-wise, Upper Thomson Road snakes southward toward the PIE (Pan-Island Expressway) via Lornie Road. Further south leads to Bukit Timah Road, Farrer Road, Orchard and the AYE (Ayer-Rajah Expressway). North leads to the SLE (Seletar Expressway), Mandai and Woodlands.

Thomson Imperial Court bus stop

Thomson Imperial Court bus stop

Taking the Yio Chu Kang arterial road via northward Upper Thomson Road leads east toward the TPE (Tampines Expressway) which is also connected to the KPE (Keppel Expressway). These highways are roughly a five minute drive to get to, provided traffic is smooth.

Getting to Hougang, Tampines, Eunos and even Bedok via these roads may be a bit of a drive, but it’s convenient enough to access from 183 LONGHAUS if traffic is good.

For non-drivers, getting to 183 LONGHAUS via public transport is a bit of a slog at the moment. The closest MRT station – Marymount – is roughly a 10 minute walk, likely more, given that since traffic is usually very high, the traffic stops take a bit longer to switch to pedestrian crossing.

Also, as there is no shelter from Marymount to 183 LONGHAUS, either the scorching sun or the rain can slow or impede your walk.

183 LONGHAUS showflat

183 LONGHAUS showflat

And though 183 LONGHAUS is one stop from the closest bus stop to Marymount, it is also a three minute walk once you’re there, negating the need to take a bus.

The direction from Marymount may be a little confusing for first-timers to the area. From the station, take the exit that leads you to Marymount Lane. Upon exiting the station on street level, walk around to where the fire station is facing you from across the road. Instead of crossing however, follow the pedestrian path to the right, past Shunfu estate.

Walk toward the SPC centre and go across the zebra-crossing toward the traffic stop. Cross the road straight ahead toward Upper Thomson Road and follow the path right, past the construction site.

183 LONGHAUS is a three minute walk from here.

183 LONGHAUS 3D model

183 LONGHAUS 3D model

The upcoming MRT line will ease transportation, especially the Thomson MRT station which is closer to 183 LONGHAUS. Situated alongside the Church of the Holy Spirit, the station is about two bus stops down. The station is one of the many new additions to this narrow two way road that is under construction. It is expected to be ready sometime in 2020, and in the same year as when 183 LONGHAUS TOPS.

Walking will take about 10 minutes – once again due to the large number of traffic stops in this entire area. A bus ride however, is about half that duration, not including waiting time.

Church of the Holy Spirit and site of new Thomson MRT station

Church of the Holy Spirit and site of new Thomson MRT station

When in a rush, the traffic stops are likely to frustrate but take them out of the equation and you’ll find both sides of Upper Thomson Road filled to the brim with cafes, bistros, restaurants, hawker centres and even a karaoke/pool bar. Getting to and fro isn’t particularly long, just slowed by the constant traffic.

But with this many distractions located within walking distance to 183 LONGHAUS, residents are unlikely to have a want for anything.

Karaoke and pool bar at Jalan Todak

Karaoke and pool bar at Jalan Todak

Even its heartland mall – Thomson Plaza – has its fair share of retail shops, including a FairPrice grocery store, Challenger, V.Hive, Watsons and Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa.

Thomson Plaza is also about a 10 minute walk from 183 LONGHAUS, along the same side of the street. Fortunately, across the road from 183 LONGHAUS is Thomson Imperial- another mixed development with a Sheng Siong supermarket so residents can just cross the road instead of walking down.

Sheng Siong supermarket at Thomson Imperial, across the road from 183 LONGHAUS

Sheng Siong supermarket at Thomson Imperial, across the road from 183 LONGHAUS

To the left of the development and just after the Shell Petrol Station, are a stretch of shop houses with several small restaurants and bistros like Pacamara, Fat Boys and Pasta J of which the Bourdain Pasta dish is very tasty.

183 LONGHAUS will have five restaurants on the street level and five retail shops in the basement.

With this many eateries surrounding the development however, there’s a large variety of food options that residents of this freehold development can choose from.

Closest eateries to 183 Longhaus

Closest eateries to 183 Longhaus

Bishan is relatively close to 183 LONGHAUS from Marymount MRT station. From Marymount MRT, you can walk to Junction 8 though it will be quite a bit of a trek and unnecessary as Marymount and Bishan is just one train station apart on the same Circle Line.

When the Upper Thomson MRT station is up along the upcoming the Thomson-East Line (TEL), the way to Bishan will be one stop to Caldecott Interchange, then two stops east to Bishan.

There are several schools, within the 1 to 2km radius from 183 LONGHAUS. These schools are:

  • Ai Tong School
  • Kheng Cheng School
  • Catholic High
  • Marymount Convent School
  • Guangyang Primary School

Note that while the distance satisfies the minimum and maximum distance to qualify children for admission into these schools, the actual travelling distance by car or public transport may be longer, due to traffic and other factors. It’s a small concern however, given how well 183 Longhaus is connected to the important areas around it.

As a freehold boutique development surrounded as it is by numerous amenities and future transport options, the spotlight is shining brightly on the site that will become 183 LONGHAUS.

But while its location and freehold status certainly puts it into the crosshairs of interested parties, it is the delivery of its units that will determine the overall success of TEE Land’s latest venture.

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With an intent to begin construction sometime in June 2016 with an expected TOP of 2019, other than promising indicators of interest, there are no sales as of yet.

As it is, the psf is still being decided, with TEE Land CEO, Jonathan Phua, saying that, “the units will be priced competitively within market expectations and at an affordable quantum.”

What is available are indicative prices. 2-bedrooms start around $900K, 3-bedrooms are $1.2m onwards and 4-bedrooms are $1.5m and above.

183 LONGHAUS’ closest competitor would be Thomson Imperial Court across the road. Units there are much bigger though having achieved TOP in 1999, their initial quantums will be far lower that what 183 LONGHAUS can offer without suffering a loss.

Interestingly, the latest transaction price in Thomson Imperial Court for a 2,142 sqft resale unit in July 2015 was at $1.65m.

4-bedroom units in 183 LONGHAUS – the largest of the residential component – are 936 sqft with an indicative price of $1.5m and above.

While any comparisons between the two would be unfair, this pricing shows that early indicative prices for 183 LONGHAUS are still within current market expectations.


Rental for units at Thomson Imperial Court is around $3,000 to $3,600. For 183 LONGHAUS, a monthly rent of $3,600 over a 12 month period of a unit with a quantum of $900,000 puts median rental yield at 4.8%.

183 LONGHAUS’ arrival on Upper Thomson Road as well as the upcoming MRT station and new TEL line will go a long way toward increasing the value of the land.

And since the site which 183 LONGHAUS will be built on is one of the last plots of freehold land in Thomson, there is strong potential for 183 LONGHAUS to appreciate further. The numerous

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As the first new property to launch a showflat in 2016, TEE Land has garnered incredible momentum with 183 LONGHAUS.

If its high interest is any indication, then purchasing one of any of the 40 units will be akin to the early bird getting the worm and once the flood gates are thrown open, then may the odds be in the favour of the buyers.

And while much of what is said can be considered hyperbole, as there isn’t a physical presence other than the showflat yet, there’s no denying that 183 LONGHAUS is primed for success. The usual checkpoints of what will make or break a new development are all ticked in the positive here.

More eateries along Upper Thomson Road

More eateries along Upper Thomson Road

Walking distance to amenities? Check. Walking distance to future MRT station? Check. Closeness to major highways? Check. Close to nature? Check again.

The only thing it falters in are the schools that are a little of a travelling distance away. But with an MRT line so close by, it will make travelling easier. The important thing here is that where the actual radius is concerned, the schools are within the 1 to 2km range from 183 Longhaus.

Schools aside, there’s much to love about Upper Thomson’s extremely vibrant area. It’s within walking distance to MacRitchie Reservoir and the nature trail there. And the food options alone here will confuse your brain and stomach. You can’t throw a stone here without hitting an eatery of some sort.

There’s also a large mall –Thomson Plaza – that even without a cinema, is well-stocked. It’s not Orchard Road but since almost every single shopping mall in Singapore is exactly the same with the same brands and franchises, you’re not going to miss much by avoiding Orchard.

And with Junction 8 being one train stop down, there’s a cinema you can get to without having to travel to town.

Upper Thomson Road

Upper Thomson Road

And while it is hard to judge the overall quality of units in the development on just one showunit, that showunit was rather nice. Some smart design choices like the large windows and the rather cool Rodi sinks makes 183 LONGHAUS stand out a little more than just for its good location. While bay windows may be a confusing and questionable addition, they’re firmly in the camp of ‘love it or not’.

But this is a small issue. 183 LONGHAUS has more positives than negatives.

Provided that the average psf is within market expectations, it is likely that 100% occupancy will be achieved within a relatively short period of time.

And with strong interest in the project, it seems that consumers are merely waiting for TEE Land to open the flood gates.

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