Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Associate Senior District Director
  • CEA Registration No. R014579G

  • Agency License No. L3008899K

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Where Ryan Operates

  • North (D25-28)

  • West (D22-24)

  • Serangoon / Thomson (D19-20)

  • East Coast (D15-16)

  • Balestier / Geylang (D12-14)

  • City & South West (D01-08)

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About Ryan

"It is not how fast you become successful, it is how fast you pick yourself up when you fall."

That is my belief which I always tell my associates.
Real estate is my life and I have this strong belief that in order to own multiple properties, we need to start planning now and take action as soon as we are ready. There is no best or worst time to buy or sell, there is only good or poor planning. I began my career in 2008 as a part time agent. Back then, I was working as a full time process engineer. The only strength I had was the ability to resolve issues, which I was trained to do. As a part time agent, I focused only on HDB transactions and my problem solving skills allowed me to assist my clients to overcome difficult problems such as funding, timeline, emotional and logistical issues. I am able to analyze and break down the problems into smaller portion and resolve them one at a time. In 2010, I rejected a promotion and quit my full time job. I made a decision to join the real estate still focusing on mainly public sector (HDB) for another 2 years while learning to transact landed properties. In 2012, I started to penetrate into the private residential sector, dealing with both resale and New Launches. My path was never smooth sailing. Like many entrepreneurs, we faced obstacles and set back along the way. I started team building the moment I turned full time, I struggled to strike a balance between family, personal sales and recruitment. In 2012, my first precious daughter was born. I had difficulty trying to manage my family time, personal sales and team building. While I constantly tried to add value to my clients, it become challenging for me to spend enough time to guide my associates, especially without a proper training system. Eventually my team felt neglected and my associates started to leave me one after another. My personal sales also take a plunge. It was a big blow to me. I started to lost faith in real estate and I decided to set up a business. However, it was the beginning of my nightmare, just within a mere 2 years, I lost all my savings and piled up a huge amount to debt, causing my family to suffer, we do not know what to do, our world seemed to collapse. At that time, I had my 2nd precious son and what keeps me going are my strong family's support. I decided to come back to real estate industry, joining the biggest team in Singapore 'Propnex Powerful Negotiators'. What so special about the team is the selfless sharing culture and the amazing training system that are in place. That really spark the fire within me. Initially, I was still worried about my vast experiences in the industry, to many people, it was consider not focus. However, I got to learn about the terms such as asset progression, restructuring and property planning. Instead of not being focus, my numerous experiences in both public and private sectors, my experiences gained during business building have ended up becoming my strength! I am able to add impeccable value to my clients by restructuring their real estate portfolio, be it public or private sector, in their best suited financial condition. I know where to source for funds and with property planning, their assets start to grow progressively. Soon, my personal sales grew, my team size expanded and the overall team sales increased tremendously ever since and it is still growing till date. I no longer need to worry about the lack of training opportunities for my associates. They are trained systematically in their both their skill sets and mindsets. During the darkest days of my life, I am thankful that I had many caring and supportive team mates who are there to walk me through the difficult times. I told myself if I am am to survive this, I will go around to help many other real estate colleagues who are struggling out there. I also had a strongly believe that by helping families to grow their assets (of course in a safe manner), it is one of the methods to help family preserve and grow their wealth. I understand the how it feels and stress as parents if they are unable to provide for the family. This is how my believe comes about: "It is not how fast you become successful, it is how fast you pick yourself up when you fall." To end it off: "Do not build your wealth based on fame, build it based on love". When you know you are saving, investing and building your wealth, it is for the good of your loved ones. Achievements: Recent awards: 2021 OCTOBER TOP ASSOCIATE GROUP DIVISION DIRECTOR 8th Position 5-YEAR PROPNEX AMBASSADOR 2021 2021 PAC TOP PRODUCER 122nd Position 2020 3RD QUARTER TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD 60th Position 2020 OCTOBER TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD 9th Position 2020 SEPTEMBER TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD 10th Position 2020 FEBRUARY TOP COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL TRANSACTOR 5th Position 2020 FEBRUARY TOP RENTAL TRANSACTOR 3rd Position 2020 FEBRUARY SUPER PLATINUM ACHIEVER 4th Position 2020 MYC TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD 466th Position Past Awards: 2019 PAC TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD (106th position) 2018 3QC TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD (24th position) 2018 SEPTEMBER TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD (7th position) 2018 2QC TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD (96th position) 2018 JUNE TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD (20th position) 2018 MARCH PLATINUM ACHIEVER (10th position) 2017 DECEMBER PLATINUM ACHIEVER (12th position) 2017 DECEMBER TOP PROJECT SALESPERSON (4th position) 2017 3QC TOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCER AWARD (258th position) 2014 1QC TOP BRANCH DIRECTORS (10th position) 2014 1QC TOP PRODUCERS (53rd position) 2014 FEBRUARY MONTHLY TOP PRODUCERS (16th position) 2013 3QC TOP BRANCH DIRECTORS (10th position) 2013 3QC PROPNEX PNG TOP MANAGER (9th position) 2013 3QC PROPNEX PNG TOP MANAGER (Champion) 2008 PROPNEX TOP TRAINEE
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Rental

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Sales

  • Commercial Property

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