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Where Agnes Operates

About Agnes


We have been engaging Agnes Chua for more than a decade.
Since the day we met her, we have not approached any other agents for properties matters. Agnes Chua manages our property portfolio for buying/selling/renting. Throughout the years, she has provided property consultancy services for our HDB (West Coast / Geylang) and Private Property (West Bay / Bishan Park). Agnes Chua is a highly efficient and responsive property agent. A chance encounter with Agnes led to rental opportunities for my HDB flat in West Coast. Throughout the years, she has displayed high levels of professionalism and took great efforts in comprehending our needs. With her sound advice, we have upgraded from HDB to Private Property since. The entire process was done smoothly and hassle-free. Agnes Chua constantly looks out for our interest and negotiates only the best deal for us. We are very glad about our property investment portfolio till date. In the near future, we are planning for an upgrade to landed property and source for investment opportunities in commercial properties. We will definitely engage Agnes Chua for her expert advice. We have developed a strong and robust working relationship with Agnes Chua and has entrusted her with all our property-related matters, giving us peace of mind. ~ David Thena and Sarah (Seller / Buyer / Landlord ) HDB - West Coast / Geylang) Pte - West Bay / Bishan Park) 我和我太太在2007年非常紧密的在寻找 新加坡优质地点 9,10邮区的房地产投资项目. 由于我们居住在印度尼西亚,所以需要一位值得我们信赖和诚实的房屋经纪。 非常幸运的我们遇到了蔡小姐,她非常有耐性 和 专业的服务态度深深的让我们留下好印象。 蔡小姐 非常勤劳的带我们看房子,也讲解关于购买新加坡房产的事项,步骤 和法律条例,从不强迫或施压我们急急购买。 蔡小姐 用心聆听我们生为外国公民购买海外房地产的担忧和顾虑,她的一一讲解让我们无后顾之忧。 这些年来,蔡小姐都在打理我们的新加坡产业无论买、卖,出租, 我们也乐的在印尼享受含饴弄孙的日子。 今天 ,未来,蔡小姐 都会继续会为我们打理房子因为她认真的看待他的工作和顾客! ~屋主 、房东 (The Trillium / Tribeca / Scotts Square / Reflections at Keppel Bay / Mabelle) 杨先生/杨太 (Translate to English) Back in 2007, we were aggressively looking to invest in Singapore properties at prime District 9 and 10. As we are foreigners from Indonesia and not in Singapore for most of the time, we were actively looking for agents that are trustworthy and reliable. Through a chance encounter, we met a pleasant lady Agnes Chua. She is an extremely patient individual who did not hesitate to bring us around and also confidently articulate to us the procedures of purchasing properties in Singapore. We were impressed by her wealth of knowledge on the Singapore property market. Agnes Chua is an active listener and can empathize with our concerns and advise us on investing in Singapore in the capacity of a foreigner. We felt assured and confident in our engagement with her. Over the years, she has been handling our properties in Singapore for rental, buying and selling activities. Agnes Chua has never failed to deliver and constantly exceeds our expectations because she treats every job and customer seriously. ~ Seller / Buyer / landlord (The Trillium / Tribeca / Scotts Square / Reflections at Keppel Bay / Mabelle) 杨先生/杨太 I welcome any enquiry regarding property matters.. My contact: 9656 2552 - Non obligations discussion !!!
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