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Can any property guru explain to me what is plot ratio?

What is the purpose of a plot ratio in buying a Condo or a Semi-D house?

Posted by Anwarp P on Sep 6, 2009 in Home Buying | 38378 Views

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Joseph Goh
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Answer Posted on Sep 7, 2009
Hi Anwarp P,

I hope the following helps:

Definition of Gross Floor Area

3.1 All covered floor areas of a building, except otherwise exempted, and uncovered areas for commercial uses are deemed the gross floor area of the building for purposes of plot ratio control and development charge. The gross floor area is the total area of the covered floor space measured between the centre line of party walls, including the thickness of external walls but excluding voids. Accessibility and usability are not criteria for exclusion from GFA.

3.2 URA reserves the right to decide on GFA matters based on the specific design of a development proposal on a case-by-case basis.

Basic information required for computing gross floor area

4.1 Site Area

The site area is the area of a development plot measured between the survey boundary lines. The boundary line defines the legal ownership of the property or development site. The development plot could either sit on a full lot or on a part lot. If there are areas within the development site to be vested to the State, for example for road widening or drainage purposes, these areas can be included as part of the development site for plot ratio calculation. Once these areas are vested to the state, they cannot be used for plot ratio calculation, subsequently.

4.2 Plot Ratio

The plot ratio of a site is defined as the ratio of the gross floor area of a building(s) to its site area.

4.2.1 Proposed plot ratio

The proposed plot ratio as declared by the qualified persons in the EDAform/application form. Generally, this plot ratio is not allowed to exceed the current Master Plan plot ratio.

4.2.2 Allowable plot ratio

The allowable plot ratio is the prescribed plot ratio in the current Master Plan.

4.2.3 Computation of plot ratio

Plot ratio = Gross Floor Area / Site Area

Building Height Plan

Areas with special height controls are depicted on the plan.

Areas without special height controls are subject to prevailing development control guidelines. For example, residential development will follow the GPR / Storey Height Typology for flats and condominium as shown in Table 1. For other land uses without stipulated building height controls, the permissible height will be subject to evaluation.

View Building Height Plan
Table 1: Standard GPR/Storey Height Typology for Residential Developments

Gross Plot Ratio Storey Height Control
1.4 5
1.6 12
2.1 24
2.8 36

Consideration on set-back if rebuilding the site.

Plot Ratio is relevant for Semi-D Hse and enbloc for old estate residential condo according with the revise Master Plan.

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Reply from Anwarp P - Sep 9, 2009
Can't you give your answer in a layman term where normal people can easily undersatnd.

Your answer is too technical & very confusing!

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