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328 Sembawang Crescent

For Sale - S$ 460k
HDB Apartment
3 bedroom(s)
Partially Furnished | 1302 sqft
Listed by Max Cheong

183 Bedok North Road
For Sale - S$ 575k
HDB Apartment
103 Pasir Ris...
For Sale - S$ 430k
HDB Apartment

Singa Hills

Eunos / Geylang / Paya Lebar

Newton / Novena
Bedok / Upper...

1Bedroom from only $3xxk -...

Hiap Hoe
AUD $3xxk

Westfield House...
A Luxurious Home...
Muang Chiang Mai...
SGD 1,020,000

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Aaron Chong
Aaron Chong
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Q: I will get my EC soon in late of this year. My question:...

Posted by Mr. MIB MI - Sep 1, 2014  |  1 Answer  |  Category: Home Selling
A: Hi Mr MIB, I don't understand what you mean by you will not receive any profit when selling the 5 room flat? Regards Aaron 97308455...
Aaron Chong
Aaron Chong
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Q: I am in the process of renewing my tenancy agreement. Is it...

Posted by Anonymous - Sep 1, 2014  |  1 Answer  |  Category: Renting Property
A: Hi, practically all the Tenancy Agreement is either 1 or 2 years. And it is easier to keep track of the time too for both the tenant as well as the...
Mike Lim
Mike Lim
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Q: I am considering between purchasing a 31year old 4rm resale flat or...

Posted by Anonymous - Aug 31, 2014  |  1 Answer  |  Category: Home Buying
A: Afternoon, 31 year old unit would like be located within a matured estate, holding bigger area size and located nearer to essential amenities. You can...