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125 Pending Road

For Sale - S$ 340k
HDB Apartment
2 bedroom(s)
785 sqft
Listed by Danny Teo 张雅裁

2 Ghim Moh Road
For Sale - S$ 395k
HDB Apartment
84 Whampoa Drive
For Sale - S$ 430k
HDB Apartment

Alex Residences

Alexandra / Commonwealth
Singapore Land Limited

M5 (D09 Freehold)...
Orchard / River...
Commonwealth Towers
Alexandra /...
Call To Enquire

The Lai Thai - Luxury Condotel

other Thailand
SGD 180,000

Seafront Villa @...
other Indonesia
SGD 688K
* Developer...
AUD 402,500

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Zulkarnain Lim
Zulkarnain Lim
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Q: I am looking for a 3 bed room unit at this project, level 5+ and no...

Posted by Siew Kiet Tan - Sep 16, 2014  |  2 Answers  |  Category: Condo Questions
A: Hi Please give me a call to have a short discussion so i can shortlist units for you in this project!:) HP:85112232 Hope to hear from you soon! Zul...
YT Tan
YT Tan
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Q: Is it possible to buy a 2nd-hand 1,200 sq feet freehold condo in...

Posted by Anonymous - Sep 16, 2014  |  7 Answers  |  Category: Condo Questions
A: Good afternoon buyer, Yes it is still possible to purchase a FH 1200 sqft condo in D9 and 10 for up to $2m. Do you mind sharing with me more of your unit...

Q: I want to advertise my rms for rental in your ads, how can I do it?...

Posted by Anonymous - Sep 16, 2014  |  1 Answer  |  Category: Advertising in PropertyGuru
A: Dear User, PropertyGuru accepts listings from agents with a subscription to PropertyGuru. If you are the owner/seller, kindly engage one of our...