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Lincoln Suites

For Rent - S$ 5k
2 bedroom(s)
1033 sqft
Listed by Gwendelene (Wendy) Chew

The Club at Capella
For Rent - S$
Chancery Grove
For Rent - S$ 7.3k

M5 (D09 Freehold) VVIP Preview...

Orchard / River Valley
GPS Alliance

Clermont Residence
Chinatown /...
V on Shenton
Boat Quay /...


SGD 320,672

Rathbone Square
GBP 740,000
Paradiso Nuova
Johor Bahru Malaysia

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Mike Lim
Mike Lim
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Q: 1.What all are the banks giving best and low interest, 2.How much I...

Posted by Mr. Senthurai Muthu - Sep 19, 2014  |  1 Answer  |  Category: Home Buying
A: Evening Muthu, For you to purchase resale HDB unit, you need to be SC, above age of 35, if you are since. How much loan you will be subjected for will be...
Ivan Ng
Ivan Ng
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Q: Hi all, can i check if I am qualify to book an EC if I am currently...

Posted by Ms. Rainbow Lim - Sep 19, 2014  |  1 Answer  |  Category: Home Buying
A: Hi Ms. Lim, May I know did you buy the flat direct from HDB or did you buy a resale flat (with/without grant)? If you bought a resale flat without grant,...
Ivan Ng
Ivan Ng
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Q: Hi, I am not sure about the new regulations, thus would like to...

Posted by Anonymous - Sep 19, 2014  |  3 Answers  |  Category: Home Buying
A: Hi, Regarding the 1st enquiry, I might need a bit more details, is it convenient that we discuss more over email? For downpayment of EC, it is 5% cash...