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Lake Life EC @ Yuan Ching Road

For Sale - S$ 852.72k
Executive Condominium
2 bedroom(s)
Partially Furnished | 969 sqft
Listed by Jay Kumar

481 Sembawang Drive
For Sale - S$ 365k
HDB Apartment
The Lincoln...
For Rent - S$ 6.8k

Alex Residences

Alexandra / Commonwealth
Singapore Land Limited

The Laurels
Orchard / River...
Highline Residences
Alexandra /...

Appartment for sale buy CHD...

Gurgaon India
CHD GroupCHD...
INR 1,22,00,000

Melbourne landed...
AUD from A$397,000
** FREEHOLD fr...
USD 103K

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Adrian Tan
Adrian Tan
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Q: I just recently started looking for resale flat for own stay (will...

Posted by Anonymous - Oct 20, 2014  |  6 Answers  |  Category: Home Buying
A: Hi Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance. Adrian 86881987 Huttons

Q: How can I post an Ad? I am not an agent.

Posted by Mr. Atirek Sinha - Oct 20, 2014  |  4 Answers  |  Category: Advertising in PropertyGuru
A: Dear User, PropertyGuru accepts listings from agents with a subscription to PropertyGuru. If you are the owner/seller, kindly engage one of our...
Geryl Lim
Geryl Lim
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Q: I am looking a EA unit for this block, prefer corner mid/high...

Posted by Mdm. Teo Eva - Oct 20, 2014  |  3 Answers  |  Category: HDB Questions
A: Hi Eva, Would you consider an EA at block 629 Jurong West Street 65? Owner is very motivated to sell and is a corner unit above #10. Let me know soon....