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Nin Residence

For Rent - S$ 3.2k
2 bedroom(s)
Partially Furnished | 905 sqft
Listed by Kevin Soh Lee Wee 苏立伟

561 Hougang...
For Rent - S$ 2.6k
HDB Apartment
Pinnacle @ Duxton
For Sale - S$ 850k
HDB Apartment

Hallmark Residences

Tanglin / Holland
Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

The Laurels
Orchard / River...
Newton / Novena
Victoria One -...
AUD 520,000
Live like a star...
SGD 85,000

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Ivan Ng
Ivan Ng
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Q: Hypothetically, if I own a private property that is nearing 99...

Posted by Anonymous - Dec 22, 2014  |  2 Answers  |  Category: Condo Questions
A: Hi, In theory, yes the land will revert to the government at the end of 99 years lease, and you have zero compensation. In theory, yes at the tail-end of...
Ivan Ng
Ivan Ng
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Q: I wish to rent out the 2 common rooms & 1 master bedroom on the 2nd...

Posted by Anonymous - Dec 22, 2014  |  1 Answer  |  Category: Renting Property
A: Hi, May I know which block are you referring to? Will be glad to share with you more, and I do have some working professionals (buona vista & Tuas)...
Ivan Ng
Ivan Ng
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Q: I'll be turning 35 in year 2015 and i am getting a flat with the...

Posted by Anonymous - Dec 22, 2014  |  1 Answer  |  Category: HDB Questions
A: Hi, Yes, subletting of rooms require no prior approval, only that you have to be physically occupying the unit as well. Thanks and hope it clarifies....