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The Princeton

For Sale - S$ 1.65m
3 bedroom(s)
Partially Furnished | 1087 sqft
Listed by AAG Emily Lim Bee Kwang

The Sail @ Marina...
For Rent - S$ 4.65k
175B Punggol Field
For Sale - S$ 490k
HDB Apartment

Reflections at Keppel Bay

Harbourfront / Telok Blangah
Keppel Land International Limited

At Very...
Hougang / Punggol...
Call To Enquire
V on Shenton
Boat Quay /...

Athenee Residence

Pathum Wan Thailand
TCC Capital LandTCC...
SGD 4966.88 / Mth

Serdang Malaysia
Super Prime Tier...
other Malaysia
SGD 345,000

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YT Tan
YT Tan
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Q: I am Singapore citizen but my wife is a foreigner not yet a...

Posted by Mr. allan ooi - Sep 14, 2014  |  4 Answers  |  Category: Home Buying
A: Good afternoon Allan, You need to apply for approval from LDU under SLA if you are purchasing with your foreigner wife. But to avoid all the hassle, I...
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan
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Q: Divorce pr. 1 daughter pr with custody eligible to buy resale hdb ?

Posted by Anonymous - Sep 13, 2014  |  3 Answers  |  Category: HDB Questions
A: Hello! Good day to you! I’m Daniel Tan from Huttons. Yes you can purchase a resale HDB unit from the open market, under the Public Scheme. However...
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan
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Q: Hi gurus! Advice me who to pay agent money?seller or...

Posted by Anonymous - Sep 13, 2014  |  5 Answers  |  Category: General Questions
A: Hello! Good day to you! I’m Daniel Tan from Huttons. A very good rule of thought; in typical HDB transaction as long as an agent act or represent your...