By Mr PropwiseNov 12, 2010
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With the opening of the two casinos and luxury home prices hitting new highs, there’s been a lot of talk about Singapore becoming the Monaco of the East, or a playground for the super rich.

I thought it would be fun to look at the priciest homes on the market, to see whether any had the price tag and cache to be ranked as one of the world's most exclusive. I used PropertyGuru to filter out the most expensive homes on the market (the prices below are the asking prices).

My findings? Amongst the top ten, all are landed properties and all but one are Good Class Bungalows. And unless you’re a multi-millionaire, you can’t afford one.

Here are the top 10 most expensive homes in Singapore in ascending order (from the least expensive to the priciest):

10) The “cheapest” property on our list is a S$48 million Good Class Bungalow situated along Victoria Park Road. Sitting on 32,088 square feet of freehold land (or S$1,496 per square foot), it has an aged two storey colonial style house with 8 bedrooms, a newly renovated two and a half storey house also with 8 bedrooms, and an outhouse for your staff with 2 maids rooms and a driver’s room. This is better than a buy one get one free deal!

9) For “just” S$48.5 million, you get a stately looking Good Class Bungalow in the Queen Astrid Park area sitting on a massive 40,500 square feet of land (or S$1,198 per square foot). You get 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms in this two storey house (enough to house all your visiting friends and relatives from abroad), two swimming pools and a garden. Entrepreneurial types can subdivide the plot of land into two GCBs.

8) In eighth place we have a buy one get one free deal. For S$50.5 million, you get a 32,088 square foot piece of freehold land (or S$1,573 per square foot) located in Victoria Park and zoned as a Good Class Bungalow. Sitting on this land are two bungalows, each 8,000 square feet in size. One has 5+1 bedrooms and the other 4+1 bedrooms.

7) Going for S$52 million, in seventh place we have a tropical style 22,000 square foot Good Class Bungalow located in Bishopsgate, which has 5+1+1 bedrooms, a lovely “matured” garden and swimming pool.

6) Located in the Holland area, this Good Class Bungalow in sixth place is going for S$53 million. It sits on 32,000 square feet of land (or S$1,656 per square foot) and has 5 bedrooms and 16,000 square feet of built up area. The listing doesn’t say much more – if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

5) In fifth place we have a S$55 million dollar colonial style Good Class Bungalow along Leedon Road sitting on 43,927 square feet (or S$1,252 per square foot) of freehold land. You get a relatively small house for your money, with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms being squeezed into “only” 6,000 square feet of built up area. But this is compensated by having a huge garden and your own swimming pool.

4) In fourth place is a S$58 million dollar Good Class Bungalow located in the exclusive enclave of Leedon Park. Situated on 42,000 square feet of land (or S$1,381 per square foot), this 6 bedroom house (17,000 square feet of built up area) has its own lap pool and baby pool. It’s being sold with vacant possession, so if you can cough up the money, you can move in right away.

3) In third place at S$60 million we have a brand new detached house with full sea view in Sentosa. Advertised as the largest landed property you can own on the resort island, this 6 bedroom house sits on 20,000 square feet of 99-year leasehold land (or S$3,158 per square foot) and has a built up area of 19,000 square feet.

2) Coming in second is a S$73 million dollar Good Class Bungalow in Leedon Park. Sitting on 41,852 square feet of freehold land (or S$1,744 per square foot), the house has 16,500 square feet of built up area, which contains 6+1 bedrooms, a wide frontage with two automatic gates, a garage and a swimming pool.

1) And in first place (drumroll please)…For a cool S$90 million, you can pick up a 20,000 square foot Good Class Bungalow sitting on 45,000 square feet of freehold land (or S$2,000 per square foot). Situated along Nassim Road, it is within walking distance to the bustling Orchard Road shopping district. This massive house has 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, and is advertised as being “priced to sell” – to billionaires, that is.

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Reader Comments (13 comments)

Raymond Lee - Dec 2, 2010
Hi Guys! say what you like..the bottom line is "willing buyer willing seller" and as Donald Trump said "everything is for sale with a price"
Mr. Propwise - Nov 26, 2010
Hi all, thanks for your comments. Indeed this list is not the list of the most valuable homes in Singapore, but only the priciest of those that are up for sale right now. Albert - that's a very interesting list you came up with! Where did you get the information from? The only problem is, even if you had the money to buy, those homes are not for sale...
jessy lee - Nov 25, 2010
i think its not the most expensive houses in the market today, some of the houses in the country are way more expensive than them
allan wong - Nov 19, 2010
the feature of the houses is not worthy for its price,
benedict tan - Nov 19, 2010
i agree with Ann Li, only item #9 seems to be more attractive, the rest, its just... i dunno, its juz a price.,,
Ann Li - Nov 16, 2010
among the list, i think #9 is worth buying for. y? coz for $48.5m you own that huge land plot with GCB, add the 10 rooms and 9 baths that incorporate on two-storey house, your $48.5m is worthy. and if your a little creative and artistic, you can landscape the front and backyard, maybe with an amazing garden or a lovely fish pond.
jerome wong - Nov 16, 2010
i agree with you Mr. Lim, and the list is just the most expensive houses in singapore which is currently for sale. how about mr. Propwise if you can feature the 10 most expensive houses in singapore currently owned by super-rich people
helena sue - Nov 16, 2010
can the gov. intervene and cut the price or subsidize even a small amount so we, ordinary people, can also own it..
mohammed wee - Nov 16, 2010
no doubt, GCBs are exlusively for super rich people. ordinary people have no rights owning of them.
frenzy sy - Nov 16, 2010
its better if there's a picture of the house, so everybody can imagine how it look likes.
gerald uy - Nov 16, 2010
i dont think your S$90 million is worthy for the most expensive house in singapore, no unique features, just an ordinary GCB with so many windows.
TDK - Nov 16, 2010
a real playgroud for the super- ultra-rich individuals.
Albert Lim - Nov 15, 2010
Hi Mr Prowise, the 10 most expensive Land-Title landed property may not be the most expensive in S'pore b'cos all those you shown are on selling lists. The actual most expensive Land-Title landed properties in S'pore which i know but not on the selling lists are at Nassim Rd own by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei which measure 110000sqft worth S$120 million, Mr Oei Hong Leong who own a GCB at Gallop Rd measure 115000sqft is worth S$115 million & Mr Gwee who own a 112000sqft GCB at Steven Rd is understand to be worth S$114 million.

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