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We would like to inform you of a key update around listing creation on PropertyGuru, effective 14 August 2017.
Racial Preference Detection in Listing Description
As one of the leading business centers of the world, Singapore has always prided itself in being a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society where property related opportunities are open to all.

As such, PropertyGuru supports the Singapore government’s initiative to ensure that race should not be a consideration for those looking to rent or buy a home.

To support you in this endeavor, effective today, 14th August 2017, we have rolled out a keyword detection feature in the listing creation process (both Web and App). This keyword detection feature has been implemented on Listing Description field for non-HDB listings.

With the launch of this feature, agents will be prompted on racial discriminatory wordings detected, and will need to remove them before proceeding, as indicated in the below scenario:
Please see below screenshots of keyword detection feature alert for Listing Creation Interface for AgentNet App, iPhone and Android respectively:

iOS sample of Keyword Detection

Android sample of Keyword Detection

Read more about our Racial Preference Indication Policy here, and if you have any queries, please refer to our FAQs below. Alternatively, contact your Account Manager or call our Customer Care at 6238 5971.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of listing does the keyword detection work on?
The keyword detection works on all non HDB listings, including commercial ones.
Why is PropertyGuru instituting this keyword detection feature?
PropertyGuru is committed to support the Singapore government’s initiative to ensure that Race is should not be in consideration while buying and renting properties. This feature is instituted to support agents committed to the government initiative right from the listing creation process itself.
Will the feature work when Agents want to edit a currently active listing?
Yes, it will work when an agent attempts to edit a currently live listing
What should I do if racial preference is something that my seller client insists on indicating?
Please note that it is not advisable to have any listings indicating Racial preference. Agents are best advised to remove any such keywords from any email, listing or written communication.
What should I do if the listing/property is subject to Ethnic Integration Policy for HDBs, hence I need to indicate racial requirements?
There is a special provision to indicate that the property is an HDB and hence subject to Ethnic Integration Policy, such listings will be exempt from the keyword detection process.
I have several currently live listings that indicate racial preference. What should I do?
It’s best to edit and remove the keywords which indicate any racial preference from any currently live listings which may contain them.
What if I do not manage to change my currently live listings which contain race preference indication keywords?
Live listings where racial preference keyword are mentioned can be picked up by our moderation team. The moderation team will then remove the specific keywords and intimate the agent of the action.
Is there a deadline to change my live listings which include racial preference related keywords?
There is no fixed deadline mandated from PropertyGuru. However you are advised to edit your listings as soon as possible, to avoid being detected by the moderation team
For what all categories of property listings is this rule applicable?
Note that this rule is applicable for all listings for properties located in Singapore. Properties across categories, districts and either for rent or for purchase. The only exception is HDBs, which are subject to Ethnic Integration Policy.
What sort of keywords will be picked up by the keyword detection feature?
Please note that listings indicating either preference for or discrimination against members of any particular race will be detected by our system. We cannot share the exact list and reserve the right to modify this list on an ongoing basis.   
What should I do if I get a message alert that racial preference keywords are detected and I cannot proceed to the next step?
You can simply go through the listing description text again and remove the keywords related to racial preference. Once you remove the keywords in question, you will be automatically be allowed to proceed to the next step. Please call on our Customer Care hotline at 6238 5971 in case of any queries.

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