Agent Packages & Ad Credits Update - Effective 1 Sep, 2019

As Singapore’s #1 property portal with 70%* market share, part of PropertyGuru’s commitment is to continuously deliver quality results and offer increased value to our partner agents...

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SocialCast on Facebook: Targeting the Right Property Seekers for You

Introducing SocialCast on Facebook, a new feature launched on 18 July 2019, designed to help property agents turn their listings into ‘Sponsored’ ads...

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Improved Search Filter for More Exposure on New Projects

Do you feel that new condo projects could use more exposure? With almost 80,000 sale listings on PropertyGuru, it can be difficult for property seekers to view exclusively new projects. Our Gurus have been hard at work and just made an enhancement that drive your new project listings more traffic...

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Being a Trusted Agent with CARE

Now that property agents’ track records can be found online, it is important for agents to get good reviews. The worst nightmare of every property agent would be for property owners/seekers to leave a bad review of them.The best way to earn yourself a good reputation which will also allow you to...

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Striking the Right Balance with Kevin Lim and Gary Lau

How ERA Realty Network (ERA) is gearing up for future growth with their forward-looking training programmes.

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Identify Listing Opportunities with Market Supply Gap

Ever wondered which listing type is high in demand, but low in supply? If only there were a way for agents to identify such market gaps and business opportunities.Introducing Market Supply Gap, a feature on AgentNet that provides you with an overview on the demand and supply of properties in a...

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The Right Way to Respond to Property Seekers

Any salesperson would tell you - it’s extremely important to respond quickly and professionally to your customers. This is even more important for property agents because the items you sell have a huge receipt. So property seekers tend to be a lot more careful and stricter about what they expect...

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Gear up for more eyeballs & bigger savings with GuruDeals for Agents!

Turn Back Time and Save with GuruDeals 2019!Did your property seekers miss out on some great buys after the government introduced an increase in down payments on residential property purchase? Providing PropertyGuru users exclusive private property deals of more than $2.5 million in savings,...

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Picture Perfect Listings: Checked

We would like to thank all our agents for being with us during our move to 100% quality photos!While we acknowledge that this was no easy feat - here at PropertyGuru, we are dedicated to ensuring that our agents are able to put their best foot forward and create awesome listings for property...

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Hey Agent, Are You Future-Ready?

At the recent PropertyGuru Agent Summit 2019: Addressing Tomorrow's Property Seekers' Needs for Greater Success, we had the honour of having some of property's most influential and experienced voices.

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5 Ways ‘Find Agent’ Got Better

There are countless reasons as to why different people contact different agents - but PropertyGuru wants to make choosing the best agent as simple as possible. Which is why we recently rolled out the following improvements on our Find Agent section. Outside building a platform that allows...

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Your Agent Profile got a Facelift

We've added a bunch of new features to enhance your agent profile and improve customer experience. These include larger cover photos, more screen space, your contact details (so customers can contact you easier), and better listings visibility.  Recently your listings got visually enhanced - with...

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3 Ways PropertyGuru Lens Revolutionises Property Sales

Redefining property search as we know it - PropertyGuru recently launched the beta version of our PropertyGuru Lens for iOS. Through the powers of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, PropertyGuru Lens basically transforms your smartphone into a real-world search device.Simply by...

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Spotlight: Capture Attention & Increase your Leads - A New Feature to drive more views for your quality listings!

PropertyGuru is pleased to announce on 25th Feb’19, a new feature Spotlight, that will take your property marketing from the average to extraordinary...

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Give Property Seekers the ‘Look’ They Want

Update to Quality Photos Guide Hard Enforcement DateYou (our valuable agents) spoke and we listened! We heard plenty of feedback on how you need more time to achieve 100% quality photos - especially for agents with multiple listings. Which is why we have moved our Quality Photos Guide hard...

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Open More Doors. 5 Ways with Listing Performance Insights

Giving our property agents an edge - PropertyGuru has developed an enhancement that sits at the footer of every single active listing to provide timely & useful insights for better optimisation...

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Meet Optimus. Designed to drive higher visibility & high-intent leads for you

The property market is always in motion. As market conditions shift and consumer interests drive new demands, property marketing needs to change too...

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Focused on condos? The data you need to know to maximize your listings

 We’re creating a short series of insights for Agents to share how property buyers and renters are using PropertyGuru.  With over 70% of property seekers in Singapore relying on PropertyGuru, a look inside our data can give a strong indication of property trends, help agents optimize their...

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Better Dashboard Design Awaits

Featuring a modern new design, streamlined stats interface and an updated focus on your key business goals; the brand new, mobile-optimized AgentNet dashboard will change the way you understand your business.We’ve eliminated the noise to focus on the key steps to maximize your time online, making...

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Will agents be replaced by robots? Not if you listen to this advice from Agent Summit

Nearly 400 hundred agents joined PropertyGuru for our annual Agent Summit. This year a lineup of attention-grabbing speakers addressed exactly what was on everyone's mind - the real estate industry is facing digital disruption, so where does this leave me? What is my role and how do I stay...

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