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Ivan Ng
Hi Mr. Tim,

Its the newest project in the area, with the largest land plot, comprehensive facilities and 3 conservation houses. In my opinion, Parc Sophia is more of a boutique project where the resale buyer pool is typically smaller, whereas 8@Mount Sophia is already a 10 year old condo. There are also some layout differences which I be happy to share more. For resale demand next time, if one is to consider the Sophia locality, Sophia Hills will definitely be shortlisted. I have done some analysis for my clients who bought here and will be happy to share more. More importantly, your requirements and plans are most important to know whether its a good fit.

May I have more info and requirements about your plans so to make better recommendations? Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans.

Warm Regards,
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Mega Simon
send me n email i will share with you how we analysis the project.
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Aeryn Lai
hi Tim,

I understand your concern about the price point of Sophia Hills. As i also market 8 @ Mount Sophia since day one it obtained TOP till now and Sophia hills as well. Though they are in same area but both come with great difference.

8 @ Mount sophia smallest 1 Bedroom size is 861sqft. Whereas Sophia Hills 1 Brm is only 506sqft. Depending on individual, 8 @ Mount sophia 1brm come with enclose kitchen which is very rare nowadays. But the transaction price is from 1.2mil average and at this price you are facing Suites @ Orchard. At 1.3mil, you can get a 2Brm at Sophia Hills.

Sophia Hills is smaller in term of size but i recommended few buyers to view the units and layout, they commented actually is not as small as they think.

Don't get me wrong. The location i believe both developments can command good rental as my landlords in 8 @ Mount Sophia are enjoy realistic rental return without long vacant period. Sophia Hills will be enjoy the demand perhaps even better!

As for Parc Sophia or boutique developments, i can't do a comparison with condo like Sophia Hills or 8 @ Mount Sophia as demand for boutique development is usually lukewarm.

Hope to answer your question.

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